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Next draw

The next draw of the online superenalotto is safe and guaranteed by the Customs and Monopoly Agency. When playing this week? Draws take place every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday at 20.00 and in those days it is possible to play until hours 19.30. Unlike lottery draws, there are no wheels. A set of 90 balls is used to extract the 6 numbers plus the Jolly number, while for the Superstar number there is’ another set. At this point a member of the Commission inserts the balls into the ballot boxes. At 19.30, at the Monopoly headquarters the Commission ensures that the information is on the DVDs locked in the safe.

At this point the extraction program begins. The machine software generates a flow of air in the urn that mixes the balls. The extracted ball is read by the scanner which transmits the data to the PC, then by the Commission auctioneer who records them on a sheet and finally by the announcer. The Presidents sign the document with the table with i 7 numbers (6 + the Jolly number) and the Superstar number, which will then go to the Commission. At this point the superenalotto draw is in the archive. The extraction machine is the same also in the win-all version which is extracted on Wednesday.


If you have won in previous draws, how you pay your lottery winnings online depends on the prizes, but it is in any case safe. Unlike the lottery draws, once the winnings and lottery odds have been verified, the amount of a win up to 5.200 Euro is credited to the gaming account.

If the payout is over 5.200 Euro and less than 52.000 Euro you must present a written folder with some documents. The printout of the Winning Bet Detail receipt showing the code of your bet and the identification code of the gaming account, as well as a valid identity document and the Fiscal Code at the Award Payment Points or Sisal Award Offices.

If instead you have winnings over 52.000 Euro, the winning Bet Detail must be printed with the wagering code (the online ticket) and the identification code of the gaming account, as well as a valid identity document and tax code at the Award Offices with the Sisal sign.

Payment for amounts greater than 5.200 Euro will be authorized following a verification by a special Commission set up by the Monopoly Agency. The winner must send the request for payment of amounts exceeding € 5,200 with a maximum delay of 90 days following the publication of the Official Bulletin. To the prizes claimed from 1st October 2017 a withholding tax of 12% on the part exceeding the amount of € 500 (based on the Law Decree of 24 April 2017 n° 50, converted into law 21 June 2017 n° 96).

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To obtain information, the user must specify the domain name of interest in the WHOIS form, and submit a request, by clicking on the WHOIS button. Intelligence, contained in the WHOIS UANIC database are updated automatically, Besides, subject to manual update with a frequency not exceeding 10 days.

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