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Lottery operator, completely under foreign control, was founded by Florida resident William Francis Flynn. In the early 2000s, the company was temporarily owned by local companies: Saga Communications Ukraine, controlled by the American operator GTECH Corporation, and TRK "New Project", engaged in the creation of advertising and controlled by the people's deputy Sergei Terekhin and his wife.

FROM 2009 of the year UNL is controlled by Olympic Gold Holdings Limited, registered in an offshore zone in the British Virgin Islands.

At the beginning of August 2014 of the year UNL was re-registered by the British company Starbell Investments Limited, the head and founder of which was a citizen of Ukraine Serhiy Pdich. He had close business ties with Sergei Terekhin and Alexander Turchinov.

Already in September 2015 of the year, the lottery operator is owned by Hungarian UNL Holding LLC, the founder of which is also Sergey Pindich.</ref>Operators of the lotteries "Patriot" and "M. FROM. L. " came under sanctions</ref>

December 2015 of the year UNL reported an attempted raider takeover of the company. 10 November 2015 year by the Royal District Court of Zhytomyr (judge Kolupaev V. IN.) the judgment was made in absentia, according to which the plaintiff, Swiss citizen, Peter Rudolph Shetty acquired ownership of the Ukrainian National Lottery enterprise. UNL management claimed, that the decision was made on the basis of forged documents six days after the opening of production. At the same time, the management called Pirsum Services Limited the legal owner of UNL..

"Small" lotteries in Ukraine

Многие игроки называют слишком крупные призы «журавлем в небе» и предпочитают охотиться за «синицами» — мелкими, но стабильными выигрышами.

  • Лото Максима — главный приз 420 000 гривен, it is rarely ripped off, но довольно часто случаются выигрыши в 20, 30, 50 thousand hryvnia.
  • Кено — заявлен джекпот в 5 000 000 гривен, но такую сумму, если мне не изменяет память, срывали один раз за всю историю существования лотереи, намного реальнее выиграть от 100 до 10 000 тысяч гривен.
  • Лото Тройка — самая простая, а потому самая популярная игра. Как видно из названия, you need to guess three numbers (from 0 to 9), Grand Prize - 500 hryvnia.
  • Секунда удачи — необходимо угадать цифры, составляющие «счастливое время» — часы, минуты и секунды. If all categories of numbers are guessed, the winner receives UAH 10,000.

С правилами всех этих игр можно ознакомиться на официальном сайте национальной лотереи Украины (go over), там же и сыграть в режиме онлайн, if there is such a desire.

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