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Similarities and differences between Super Lotto and Megalot

Супер Лото — национальная лотерея Украины и Мегалот относится к категории государственных. In Super, you need to guess the numbers and Mega puts forward the same conditions. Actually, все — сходства закончились… Разве еще вспомнить, что результаты национальной лотереи и МСЛ можно найти на одном сайте по соседству.

Оператор Мегалот предлагает за один раз сыграть в две игры, на профессиональном языке это называется двойной матрицей. First bet 6 of 42, и сразу втора — 1 of 10. Это удобно и выгодно тем, что если игрок в первой ставке угадал малое количество чисел (three) and, respectively, получил право на небольшое денежное вознаграждение, то дополнительно угаданный мегашар (1 of 10) increases the prize by half.

По результатам последнего тиража приз за три угаданных числа составлял 22 hryvnia, а за три числа + мегашар — 44.

А если игроку Фортуна улыбается настолько, что он срывает мегаприз и угадывает мегашар, то к причитающемуся основному призу в полтора миллиона гривен добавляют еще несколько миллионов — за один шарик! — и джекпот приобретает очень и очень солидный вес.

В Супер Лото играть несколько проще: сделали ставку или несколько по своей системе — и ожидайте. First national lottery (а СуперЛото имеет еще и такое название) тоже не скупится на призы, но таких крупных джекпотов, как в Мега здесь нет, although the amounts appear very decent, да и выиграть их проще.

If you look at the latest results of the national lottery Super Lotto, то можно сделать выводы, что чаще всего люди выигрывают мелкие призы — от 8 гривен за два угаданных номера до 500 гривен — за шесть.

Super Lotto

Described site:

The essence of the lottery is as follows: each participant is given a ticket, a
then the system selects random numbers. If they are on the ticket, to the account
money is credited. The more matches, the higher the amount. Just have your own

Remember: free lotteries are organized only for advertising
or other benefits. Nobody will just share finances with the participant.
We think, this is understandable ... But that's why then you stubbornly bite at scams,
promising fabulous profits for nothing?!

Super Lotto project is a typical cheat, almost a clone of RosLoto and SuperLoto services. Even the names are almost the same. The cheating scheme is simple:

  • Give out a free ticket;
  • Conduct a "draw". Every time one falls out and
    the same numbers, coinciding with those drawn on the ticket;
  • Offer to receive a prize after payment
    certain services.

Why are people being led? Because it seems, as if cherished
the award is practically in your pocket. Only a small payment in a pair separates from it
hundreds of rubles. Only in the end does the scammer make money here, not you! In a scam
Super Lotto has no money at all, which are shown on the screen.

During and after the draw, Superloto links are blocked. We cannot go to social networks or other pages. They just don't exist. The crook bluffs outright, do you believe him! Take a look at the first stage of registration: write, that the system itself determined the user's first and last name, and this is complete nonsense.

Compare what you see with Proven Courses, where it is clearly stated: what work do you get paid for, how much, what you have to learn for this. All in your hands. Try it yourself!

Winners of thelotter

Date Winner Winning at thelotter

Surachai T.

142,58 USD≈ 10 058,62 ₽

Elena K.

140,65 EUR≈ 11 034,70 ₽

King R..

207,08 EUR≈ 16 246,46 ₽

King R..

207,08 EUR≈ 16 246,46 ₽

Markus S.

31,66 EUR≈ 2 483,89 ₽

henk s.

22,79 EUR≈ 1 787,99 ₽

Dmytro G.

23,13 EUR≈ 1 814,66 ₽

Tariq A.

28,19 USD≈ 1 988,73 ₽

Ion C.

32,39 EUR≈ 2 541,16 ₽

Jamaal M.

30,55 USD≈ 2 155,22 ₽

Bernd M.

37,86 EUR≈ 2 970,31 ₽

Konstantin V.

34,77 USD≈ 2 452,93 ₽

Joseph E.

37,84 EUR≈ 2 968,74 ₽

Francine W.

28,29 USD≈ 1 995,78 ₽

Luuk N.

36,49 USD≈ 2 574,27 ₽

Bernd M.

25,54 EUR≈ 2 003,74 ₽

Andrey K.

39,89 USD≈ 2 814,13 ₽

Vladimir N.

39,51 USD≈ 2 787,32 ₽

Erdem O.

31,57 USD≈ 2 227,17 ₽

Dimitri G.

35,46 USD≈ 2 501,60 ₽

Lawrence Nsanyi S.

37,81 USD≈ 2 667,39 ₽

fursey o.

29,46 EUR≈ 2 311,28 ₽

"Small" lotteries in Ukraine

Многие игроки называют слишком крупные призы «журавлем в небе» и предпочитают охотиться за «синицами» — мелкими, но стабильными выигрышами.

  • Лото Максима — главный приз 420 000 гривен, it is rarely ripped off, но довольно часто случаются выигрыши в 20, 30, 50 thousand hryvnia.
  • Кено — заявлен джекпот в 5 000 000 гривен, но такую сумму, если мне не изменяет память, срывали один раз за всю историю существования лотереи, намного реальнее выиграть от 100 до 10 000 тысяч гривен.
  • Лото Тройка — самая простая, а потому самая популярная игра. Как видно из названия, you need to guess three numbers (from 0 to 9), Grand Prize - 500 hryvnia.
  • Секунда удачи — необходимо угадать цифры, составляющие «счастливое время» — часы, минуты и секунды. If all categories of numbers are guessed, the winner receives UAH 10,000.

С правилами всех этих игр можно ознакомиться на официальном сайте национальной лотереи Украины (go over), там же и сыграть в режиме онлайн, if there is such a desire.

Lottery fairness conditions

How Superloto works 6 of 45

By mail or with the help of advertising, the user is informed that he receives a free ticket to Superlotto 6 of 45

As a rule, this can be timed to some important event such as in honor of the 25th anniversary of the lotto

Here you still need to pay attention. That the calculation is done, At first, to a consonant name with Russian Lotto, One hundred lotto, Goss lotto and so on

Second, многие пользователи особенно преклонного возраста помнят такую очень популярную лотерею в Советском Союзе как Спортлото в которую играла практически вся страна, and a lottery ticket to Sportloto was worth 1 ruble. This cult lottery was filmed in 1982 year no less cult film Sportloto-82. All this together leads to some associations and gives the user some confidence in the decency of the service..

When you go to the Superloto website 6 of 45 in this case, we continue to talk about one of their https clone sites:// can be seen.

Super lottery 6 of 45 win apartments, cars, millions of rubles
Super lottery 6 of 45 millionth super prizes
Super lottery 6 of 45

That is, the people here in all wins just some simply unreal money. And of course we are offered a Free Superlotto ticket 6 of 45.

Free ticket of the Superloto lottery 6 of 45

Then the fun begins. We fill in the numbers on the ticket from 1 to 45 i put 3,6,9,22,25,28

Choosing numbers from 1 to 45

Then the "drawing" begins.

The drawing has begun
First Number Drawn 11

Number dropped 11. We don't have such a number of Christmas trees. It is understandable because to win and guess the numbers in the lottery 6 of 45 It is not simple, otherwise everyone would already be in millionaires. Okay, nothing to do, let's play next.

Number dropped 6

But what is it! Second number dropped 6. We have a number 6! we win 10 000 rubles. What a twist! Yes we are lucky! Hurrah!

Number dropped 27

By again.

Number dropped 28

And here 28 we have. And the gain is already 30 000 rubles!

Number dropped 22

AND 22 we have! Winning already 91 000 rubles.

Number dropped 3

AND 3 also have. Total winnings 182 000 rubles. This is lucky.

Super lottery 6 of 45 gain 182 000 rubles

What's next?

Super lottery 6 of 45 win chat with operator

And then the operator comes into play. Whose name is Irina. Her name is also and she looks like a pancake, on my ex. I feel there will be a catch In fact, this is an ordinary bot. In short, in the course of all this writing on the part of Superloto. In the end, we automatically find ourselves on this page..

We are offered to pay to receive the winnings 150 rubles (the amount may vary). If the user pays. That's all. You won. That is, they lost their 150 rubles. And the scammers have accordingly become richer at your expense.

Super lottery 6 of 45 registration of a prize

By entering from another browser and choosing other numbers, you will also win 182 000 after which you will be asked to pay 150 rub. At least put the numbers 1,2,3,4,5,6 still nothing will change.

Yes, here are a couple more points. Links on the site are not working, you will not be able to enter other sections.

Super lottery 6 of 45 broken links on the site

Reviews on the site Superloto people, as well, people themselves are fake. There are no such people in the social network VKontakte.

Super lottery 6 of 45 fake reviews

Super lottery

The chances of "winning" in Superloto are equal 100%, yes, only besides
congratulatory inscriptions nothing good the site will not bring. Looking for
justice even tried to call the number indicated on the page, but
he turned out to be inactive.

Single button, which the owner of the Super Lotto scam allows you to click - this is "Go to get a prize". А он будто бы равен 198 965 rubles. We press it ...

  • Request processing in progress. Takes several
    seconds and must convince the seriousness of what is happening;
  • Offer 2 withdrawal option - through
    mail and online. Office pickup is not available;
  • To complete the transfer, you need to pay a commission.

The amount of payment is from 398 to 1098 rubles. Following
the fraudster may ask to pay for other fictitious services. Hopefully, You already
clarified, what is super lotto cheating. Stay away from the site and its clones.

Do you want to learn how to make money on the Internet? Then you have to try, because the button "Loot" does not exist! Go to the section "Proven courses", read reviews on them and learn, if you are ready to change something in your life!

Site addresses "Superloto" 6 out of 45 "

There are actually a lot of addresses, here are just some of them:,,, https://superloto8 / .info,

Links on all these and similar sites are not working. That is, you will not go to Contacts, section About the Company do not look. And so on.

If you check, eg, first domain name то можно увидеть вот такую информацию:

  • IP address -
  • Server location - Ukraine
  • Date Center - Tehnologii Budushego LLC (Tehnologii Budushego LLC)»whoisCreationDate»
  • Domain age - domain, registered total 3 months ago.
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