How much does it cost to live in Sri Lanka

Surfing in Weligama

The main reason, which tourists come to Weligama beach, is surfing. Beach location in a wind-protected bay, convenient entry into the sea, soft sandy bottom without stones, the presence of a constant wave - all this creates almost ideal conditions for surfing. A characteristic feature of the waves on Weligama beach is that, that they are not so huge and violent, like on the famous Hikkaduwa beach, are convenient for learning. An important fact is also that, that there is no so-called "shark threat".

Especially good for surfing the eastern part of Weligama Beach. Several training centers are open on the shore (including courses in Russian), where can I get the necessary equipment, choose the right instructor and even get a certificate at the end of the course.

Generally, Weligama is the best surfing resort in southern Sri Lanka, popular not only with novice surfers, but also among the professionals of this active holiday, coming here from all over the world.

Lahiru Malinda Liyanage

How much is a ticket to Sri Lanka

There are several operating airports in Sri Lanka. Most Popular - Bandaranaike International Airport (Bandaranaike) in Colombo (western part of the island), Ratmalan Domestic Airport (Ratmalana - despite the presence of the word International in the title, it is a charter airport for its own airlines) and in the north of the island in Jaffna - Kankesanturai (Kankesanturai). This airport takes about 5 flights from India, China, Vietnam.

From Russia you need to fly through Bandaranaike airport. Therefore, now we are interested in the cost of a ticket through this airport.. There (Russia - Sri Lanka) and back to Russia.

Airfare to Sri Lanka ranges from 480 euros to 960 euros. Why is there such a big difference?

Everything, of course, depends on the time of year and season. (high Low), air carrier and number of connections. Now I looked at the flight schedule for the New Year and was pleasantly surprised. There are tickets for 488 Euro departing from Moscow. Departure 25 December, back 14 january. The price pleases, however I'm looking for a catch.

Found right away - travel time 23 o'clock, with two transfers, back to Russia 28 hours. The ticket is cheap, but insanely uncomfortable. You can find more expensive tickets for the same dates, but with convenient transfers.

Looking further for other dates. Departure to Colombo 4 february, from Colombo to Moscow 19 february. Air ticket price already 388 euros. Flight time 15-19 hours from 1 transfer in Dubai. I would not hesitate to take this option.

To make it easier for you to find convenient flights, install the plugin from aviasales on your computer. Subscribe to the desired destination and you will receive - a message will appear in the browser window about a reduction in the price of air tickets. Take a convenient ticket right away, until others had time to outbid it.

And also install the mobile application on your gadget. It will help you save time and money on airfare..


  • The earlier you start looking for a ticket, the cheaper it will be
  • In the hot season, prices rise at least 1,5 times

Often you will have to decide what is best for you - a cheap air ticket and a comfortable flight.


PAKS: Cost of a week's rest for two (regular flight, hotel 2-3* without food, transfer, health insurance) – from 65 000 p.

ANEX Tour: the cost of the tour to the hotel 3* starts from 85 000 R. for two (departure 31 Martha, 8 nights, without food); to the hotel 4* (BB, 8 nights) from 94 000 p. for two; hotel 5* (7 nights, all inclusive) – from 130 000 p. for two.

Coral Travel: the cost of a package tour with a direct flight a / to Royal Flight in March-April from 40 671 ruble per person (including flight, group transfer, insurance and accommodation for 10 nights at the hotel 2*).

"Intourist": the cost of tours for March starts from 557 dollars per person for 2-bed accommodation on 10 nights with flight.

ICS Travel Group: prices start from 42 400 p. with double occupancy for one person.

LEAD GROUP: the cost of a weekly tour with hotel accommodation 2* (breakfasts) - from 675 dollars, to the hotel 4* (all inclusive) – from 900 dollars, in 5* (breakfasts) - from 760 dollars per person. The tour price includes flight with baggage, group transfer, health insurance.

TEZ TOUR: the cost of tours with arrival in March-April starts from 44 350 p. per person per package with air travel (excluding airline fees), accommodation 7 nights (without food), medical insurance and group transfers.


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come back

How we delegated "Smena"

Nikita and I immediately decided, that the project should work without us. In the first season, the two remaining races were no longer led by us, and the other guys, who were among the first to arrive at the "Station". We have compiled for them a manual of pages on 10 with answers to various questions and we still use it. for example, it has such chapters:

  • What to do, if one replacement is pissed off by another?
  • What to do, if it rains, everyone is at home and has nothing to do?
  • How to conduct a quality master mind?
  • How to maintain a shared Instagram account?
  • Schedule for every day and much more.

FROM 2017 Years "Station Smena" began to open under the leadership of administrators in different parts of the world without our presence - in Sochi, Portugal, St. Petersburg, Montenegro, Berlin, Thailand, of Bali, Sri Lanka and Malta. Separately organized a family check-in, where can i come with children. As "exotic" we tried to make one run in a Russian village.

How much does it cost to live in Sri LankaPhoto from personal archive

We pay admins a token amount to cover costs, near $ 300 per month. Most often these are people, who already live or have been in that area for a long time, where is the arrival. But choosing the right admin is a whole business.. We collect references, we conduct interviews, and we have a dedicated employee, who leads them. There is also a control system: admins write down their personal check-ins and check in admin chats, where you can also exchange experiences.

To give your loved one to someone, dear, a case created by sweat and blood is very difficult. But it was the right strategic decision.

Now we are opening new locations for Smena either by ourselves, or in partnership with someone else. The biggest challenge in finding a place is the right home. I'm less interested in, what kind of chairs there will be - they will be forgiven, if you create a good atmosphere.

But there are still many requirements:

  • Budget. Homes usually cost several thousand dollars a month. Our formula - rental price, multiplied by two, - must still be "in the market" in terms of the cost of the seat
  • Fast internet
  • Twin beds
  • Distance from the airport
  • Possibility of active recreation (surfing, hiking, mountain walks and so on).

One side, all "Shifts" combine common tools and a program, and people - principles and values. But since the main thing in the community is people, then, sure, all races are different. And if you can't change something, we need to strengthen it. Some "Shifts" turn out to be more creative, some are more working, but the main thing is that on each of them you meet people, that are needed in your life right now. There was not a single arrival, where at least one person would not say: “Right now I needed this acquaintance!»

Differences "Change" is dictated by the location. for example, "Station" in Sochi was created for those, who works full time, many are former office workers, gone to the "remote". The guys need a Moscow time zone, and they work a lot. We edited the program for them and made fewer activities. Everyone in Sri Lanka tries surfing. And in Georgia we collect visual artists.

How much does it cost to live in Sri LankaPlace "Change" in Sochi. Photo from Instagram account @nikitakuimov


Nowadays beauty, abundance, the island's charm attracts numerous tourists. This tropical island is located in the middle of the Indian Ocean, southeast of the coast of India.

Island area - 65 525 sq. km., length from north to south 435 km, from west to east 225 km. The main part of the island is occupied by the plain, whose height rarely exceeds 100 m. above ocean level. In the center of the island is the Central mountain range - Upland. The highest point of the island is Mount Pidurutalagala (height 2524 m). The most famous peak of Adam - 2243 m. Numerous rivers of the country flow down from the mountains. Some of the island's rivers are navigable. The largest river Mahaveli Ganga (335 km) originates near Adam's Peak and flows into the Indian Ocean in eastern Sri Lanka near Trincomalee.

Other rivers of Malvanuna Oya - 164 km, Kelani Ganga - 145 km. The only river, not originating in the mountains, Kala Oya - 148 km, flows out of the ancient giant reservoir Kalaveva, built in the 5th century AD. 212 meter Coslanda Bride Vale ("Bridal veil") - one of the highest waterfalls in the world with a single stream. Waterfall Babarakanda - 241 m. the highest cascade on the island.

Sri Lanka is surrounded by 1600 km of the most beautiful tropical beaches. Due to the seasonality of the rains on each coast, on part of the island you can always enjoy dry and sunny weather. The main beaches stretch from Vakkala to Negombo, Mount Lavinia, Air blowers, Kalutars and Beruwels in the west and southwest, and up to Bentotta, Ahungalle, Hikkaduwa, Dickwells, Tangalle and Hambantota in the south. The pristine beaches of the east coast of Nilaveli, Kuchaveli, Pasekuda and Arugam Bay - stretching north and south of Trincomalee.

IN 160 km from the truly tropical seaport and commercial capital of Colombo, the mountain resort Nuwara Eliya is located (1890 m), where are the cool nights. Here tourists can enjoy freshly picked strawberries and asparagus, and also warm up by the fire. The resort is nestled among high mountain ranges and tea plantations. Queen Anne and King George architecture, charming flower gardens and a golf course with 18 holes remind of British colonial rule. Hakgala Botanical Gardens are renowned for their magnificent collections of subtropical flora. The highlands are the place, where some of Sri Lanka's famous goods come from. Tea plantations occupy about 200 000 hectares, many aromatic spices also grow in the area, especially a lot of them around Kandy.

Nature lovers will be delighted with the magnificent nature reserves in the mountainous regions of the country: Sinharaja rain forest (included in the UNESCO World Heritage List), Knuckle mountain range, humid mountain forests of the Horton Valley, breathtaking mountain gorges, such as the End of the World, Haputale and Ella, cascade waterfall Dialum, sixth highest in the world, the most beautiful bay of Trincomalee. The foot of the mountains from the southeast side around Ratnapura (City of Gems) rich in gorgeous gems.

Sri Lanka amazes with natural abundance: precious and semi-precious stones, all variety of spices - cinnamon, cardamom, carnation, nutmeg, pepper, 117 orchid species and 242 species of butterflies, 441 bird species. The variety of wild animals is amazing - from huge elephants to tiny lorises, all types of tropical and subtropical fruits and more 500 species of medicinal plants. The rich flora and fauna is preserved in 13 national parks, as well as in over a hundred other protected areas. Among the most accessible nature reserves is Yala (Spirit), Uda Valave, Vasgomuva, Gall Oya, Maduru Oya, Horton Valley, Bundala, Kumana, Viravila, Kalametia and Giant Lake.

Elephants can be seen in the reserves, leopards, bears, wild buffalo, deer, monkeys, boars, wild cats, lizards, giant squirrels. Among the birds you can see - blue magpies, paradise and dark blue flycatchers, yellow-eared bulbul, orange long-tailed larvae, mountain hawk eagles, falcons, black-necked herons. Pinnawala Elephant Orphanage is a unique elephant sanctuary, where little elephants are raised.

Maps and diagrams of Sri Lanka

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Colombo Kandy Galle Hikkaduwa Nuwara Eliya Unawatuna

Dambulla Sigiriya Polonnaruwa Negombo Ella Anuradhapura

"We made a bet on people and created" races ""

so, our first decision was to bet on people. The second is to limit the time of stay, creating "races", like in the camp, 2-3 weeks. Looking ahead, I will say, that we plan to revise this format, but for three years he has been working quite successfully.

We don't just put people together and talk: "Live somehow, here's a pizza party "

We're really building community, and for this it is very important, so that all people come at the same time. Well, and since you tell them, when to arrive, then I need to say, when to leave

The Burning man community had a big impact on the project. we borrowed from there. In general, facilitated communication is at the heart of coliving.. To find out the answer - you need to ask a question. Therefore, the main function of the administrator - the "manager" of the arrival - to ask.

Facilitation is not when you tell the group, what to do, and when you hear, what the group wants, ask the right questions and help to realize these desires.The program is created by the "changers" themselves. And we made a prerequisite for the desire to share something with others. We noticed a pattern: people constantly can't come up with, what to tell. But not because, what they don't want, but many simply do not realize their value. Our task is to help them do this and thereby liberate. It can be a professional investment workshop or a story about an interesting trip - whatever.. This is how we provoke deeper communication within the team.. for example, once we went through the basics of stand-up and learned to "break the joke", that is, to make it more funny. Often we make something with our hands - say, installation postcards.

How much does it cost to live in Sri LankaWorkshop at "Smena". Photo from Instagram account @nikitakuimov

Another working tool is check-in., that is, daily meetings, where we share with each other, what we feel and experience today. This helps people in the team to synchronize faster and understand the reasons for the behavior of the "shifts". for example, don't make assumptions, but to understand why this or that person is in a good mood, what is the reason for this.

We also have Saturday Shabbat, when we are just resting (and we are not ashamed of it). For people, who work for themselves, this is a big problem. There is always an unfinished business or a reason to "stay in touch" with the customer. But you also need to be able to relax. Therefore, on Saturday Shabbat, we usually go with the whole "Smena" on a short trip. Moreover, the task of the administrator is not to organize it., but to facilitate, that is - to understand, how the group wants to spend this day, and assist her in this.

We often cook together. At all, if someone needs a team building tool, then here it is - eating together. Better yet, cooking it together.

How much does it cost to live in Sri LankaPhoto from

A very important point is also, that people live by 2 people in one room. Can you imagine, how unusual it is for adult self-sufficient people to settle in one space? One side, for many of them, this is a way out of their comfort zone, but on the other hand - an interesting and valuable experience. My soul is always happy, when i walk into rooms and see, how recently unfamiliar "changers" sit on the same bed and whisper, like kids in a school camp.


Hindu temple, Colombo


The old city has preserved the bell-shaped stupas of Thuparama with stone statues of Buddha, Isurumuniya rock monastery, palaces, artificial reservoirs. Travel by train

Arugam Bay

A variety of animals live in the lagoons surrounding the jungle, which can be seen during safari. Nearby is the ancient Buddhist temple of Muhudu Maha Vihara. Travel by plane, by bus or train, then by car.


Resort, in demand for a honeymoon or romantic trip. Near the ruins of the Galapata-Vihara complex 12 centuries of construction. Travel by train or car.


A place, in demand among "package" tourists. In addition to surfing and diving, travelers are offered excursions to virgin forests and Yala National Park. Travel by train.

Takes out

Beach resort with related activities - surfing, diving, Ayurvedic centers. Nearby - about 40 Buddhist temples and the city of fishermen. Travel by train, then by taxi.


The Sand Village is located in the bay and attracts surfers from all over the world. Among the sights there is a figure of the God of Death carved from a three-meter block. Travel by train or bus.


Large port city, where European and Asian cultures meet. Here the Christian cathedral is adjacent to Buddhist temples. Turtle farm nearby. Travel by train or bus.


Large religious complex with a monastery and unique cave temples, where the largest collection of Buddha statues is kept. Travel by train or plane.


A resort area with many water sports clubs. The city has preserved the ruins of an ancient fort and Dutch canals, as well as the colossal Gangatilaka Vihara Stupa. Travel by train.


Sri Lanka Capital of Culture. There is an artificial lake here, in the center of which is the Summer Palace, where the king once kept his harem. Travel by train or plane.


Resort with a 5 km beach. The Museum of Folk Art and Culture presents a collection of objects of culture and life of Sri Lankans. Travel by train or bus.


Capital of Sri Lanka with many temples, mosques and cathedrals, museums, galleries and zoo of carnivorous felines. Many European business buildings have also survived.. And the Petta bazaar has existed for more than five centuries.

Mount Lavinia

The beaches of this city have been known since the time of the English colonies.. Nearby - National Zoological Gardens and a huge lake Bolgoda with rich flora and fauna. Travel by train.


Large fishing center, famous for its fish market and sandy beach. Negombo is the center of Catholicism in Sri Lanka, a Dutch church has been preserved here. Take a bus, by train or plane.

Nuwara Eliya

Alpine resort with meadows and valleys, picturesque waterfalls, hippodrome and buildings, left over from the British - the post office, church and villas. Travel by train or bus.


Excursion center with unique Buddha statues, palaces, gardens, museums, archaeological sites and historical ruins. Nearby - two national parks. Travel by train.


Unique city on top of a mountain. It is surrounded by gardens and fountains, the stairs to it are also a full-fledged attraction. The fortress was built in the fifth century. Travel by train.


A resort with four huge beaches. Nearby - Mulkirigala cave temple, built in the third century BC in a rock at a height 200 meters above sea level. Travel by train or bus.


The most famous resort town on the east coast. Occupied by the Dutch at various times, French, the British, what left its mark. Travel by train.


Fishing village with palm groves and sandy beach, which is included in the TOP-10 of the best in the world according to the version of the Discovery channel. It is in the middle of the jungle. Travel by train or bus.


Best dive resort in the country. Not far from the coast in the water - the remains of several sunken ships. Nearby - Coral Reserve with 70 species of coral. Travel by train.



BENTOTA. The beach is not covered by rocks or corals, therefore suitable for high waves and surf lovers.

HICKADUVA. Beautiful long beach 10 km with a very rough sea - from May to November it is prohibited to enter the ocean. But many surfers come here during the season..

UNAVATUNA. The beach in the coral bay pleases with warm water and the absence of waves and underwater currents for adherents of inactive recreation.

SMELL. Beautiful beach with moderate waves - and surfing is possible, and swim is not scary.

DIKVELLA. Not very popular among tourists due to its remoteness from the airport., protected by rocks and coral reef.

PASIKUDA. Summer beach with palm trees and azure water, but without crowds of tourists.


On the world map

Lottery tickets are sold at every turn.

Lottery tickets are sold at every turn.

Electric cabinets are wrapped in mesh, so that they do not have posters and announcements.

Electrical boxes are wrapped with wire mesh to prevent flyering and bill posting.

Traffic light.

A traffic light.


An intersection.

The markings in front of the zebra are made in a zigzag, how in , or .

Traffic lane markings turn into zigzags at the approach to a zebra crossing, like in , or .

curious, that almost every building in the center has tiles with the UNESCO World Heritage logo.

Interestingly, almost every building downtown bears a tile with the UNESCO World Heritage logo.

Moreover, all these houses are disfigured in the most mediocre way by advertising., overhead panels and double-glazed windows.

Yet all of these buildings have been disgracefully mutilated with ads, stuck-on panels and insulated window units.

A request to be decorous.

Please observe propriety at all times.


The city.

Placard at the station.

A passenger information display at the train station.

Tourist Office.

A tourist office.

The most interesting detail in Kandy is a piece of paper of the nightly rounds of shops by security. Eight times a night a vohrovets must sign a piece of paper, glued next to the store door, confirming, that nothing happened.

The most interesting detail in Kandy is the paper nightly security log. Eight times a night, a paramilitary security officer must sign the piece of paper glued on the wall next to the shop door to confirm that nothing happened.

Attractions and entertainment

Same, who wants to know the history of Ceylon, an interesting journey through different cities and villages is ahead:

  • Temple of the Tooth Relic in Kandy. Shri Dalada Maligawa Temple is included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. According to legend, the tooth of the Buddha has incredible power.. The one, who owns the relic, has power and authority over the state. You can see the shrine 24 hours a day.
  • Royal Botanic Gardens. Also located near the city of Kandy. Large-scale, stunning park with outlandish trees, flowers and other plants. Guests are guaranteed an exciting walk among tropical greenery and acquaintance with the amazing flora and fauna..
  • Whale safari in Mirissa. Going out into the open sea in search of whales and a flock of dolphins. A boat safari allows you to see the largest mammals in the world from afar – blue whales, as well as century-old turtles, dolphins and other marine life.
  • Adam's Peak. Climbing the sacred mountain Adam's peak, Where, According to the legend, Buddha's footprint remained. Beautiful bird's-eye views of the surroundings. Meeting the dawn at one of the highest points in Ceylon.
  • Mount Sigiriya. UNESCO World Heritage Site. Hiking to a rocky plateau with a height of 370 meters above sea level. At the top of lion's mountain, in 5 in. n. e., lived the king of the island – Kassapa. The ruins of the world's first fountain with an automatic water supply system remain to this day., as well as part of the royal gardens and a Buddhist temple, which functioned even before the reign of Kassapa.
  • The ancient cities of Pollonaruwa and the Dambulla cave complex. Ruins of ancient villages, stupas with a long history.
  • Jungle Safari – Yala National Park. By jeep, straight to the jungle, in search of wild elephants, monkeys, crocodiles, flocks of deer and leopards. During the trip, you can see the diverse wildlife of Sri Lanka. Interesting excursion for adults and children.
  • Fort Galle. An ancient fort in the city of Galle tells about the history of the conquest of Sri Lanka by three states: Holland, Portugal and England. All this time, The fort stood guard, trying to ensure the country's security.

"We got 900 applications for 60 places "

The first "Station Smena" was born three years ago in Sri Lanka, from our own need for a quality environment. Going there, my husband and I already knew, that we will miss people, sharing our values, and decided to fix this situation. We already understood, that in any journey the most valuable thing is not a place, and people, with whom you travel. And the best way to make quality connections with new people is to do something together..

The slogan of the first "Station Smena" sounded like this: “Live in Sri Lanka for free in the digital nomad community, who share your values ​​".

What did it mean? We rented a big house in Sri Lanka, allocating a budget for it, who were ready to lose, and invited people to live with us for payment through the donation system. We thought: "Okay, even if no one pays anything, we are ready to buy such an experience for this money ".

At that time, most coliving relied on decent living conditions, because for the "remote workers" it is very important, so that it is convenient to live and work in the house. But we were on a budget, so the house turned out to be rather modest, and we relied on people

So that there are no surprises for anyone - each of the candidates was interviewed.

Yoga in "Change". Photo from

Without advertising, we got the order 900 applications for 60 places (6 arrivals for two weeks, during 3 months, 12-14 seats, including admins). I remember our first landing page - people, who responded to this strange, chaotic offer, were definitely heroes.

During those three months, we have not only worked out the community building program (which we still use), but also earned a little. Sure, there were people, who paid nothing. Some left a very modest amount, some are quite large, more $ 1000. On average, many acted honestly and paid the approximate cost of living independently in Sri Lanka.. We did not stand above the soul, to be honest. They just gave the children a questionnaire and an envelope for a voluntary contribution at the end of the race

I did not focus on that, how many people haven't paid, because it was clear: we got a lot from this adventure, as from the project. But it also became clear, that the donation format needs to be changed

The first "Station Smena" in Sri Lanka. Photo from personal archive

Many of our “shift workers” earned good money and did not pursue the goal of living on a budget. For many of them it was uncomfortable to independently determine the cost of living, they needed some adequate amount. We heard them and abandoned the donation system. Since then, arrivals to the "Station Smenu" cost about the same, how much a person would pay for living in this area himself.

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