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How to get winnings from a lottery ticket, bought in "Pyaterochka"

Lottery tickets can be purchased:

  • by SMS;
  • on the official website of Stoloto;
  • in lottery salons;
  • in mobile salons;
  • in payment terminals.

The most convenient way is to buy a ticket on the official website., as it saves a lot of time. To do this, the following procedure must be followed:

  1. Go through the registration procedure.
  2. Select lottery, the ticket the user wants to buy.
  3. Further, there are two options to choose from: 1 - place a bet, 2 - choose a ticket.
  4. Make payment. This is done in several ways., therefore, each user chooses a convenient.

To receive winnings up to 2000 rubles from tickets "Russian Lotto", purchased at points of sale are subject to such rules (depending on the amount of the win):

  • Winnings up to 1000 rub. you can get in any branch of the Russian Post.
  • Winnings up to 2000 rub. is paid by the "Balt-Lotto" lottery network. If you played in the office on
  • Tverskoy, 7 (Moscow, st. Tverskaya, 7, Central Telegraph building) - here you can get a prize.
  • Transfer to your personal account. To do this, you just need to send a set of documents by regular or express mail..

Invest in an envelope:

  1. statement;
  2. original receipt with a unique key and receipt number;
  3. win code, which you received by SMS, and phone number, for which the ticket is issued;
  4. a copy of your passport or other document, identity (2,3 pp. and the page with registration);
  5. Bank details.
  1. Winning ticket.
  2. Passport.

The Stoloto company has signed an agreement, through which tickets are distributed in the Pyaterochka chain of stores and many Russians buy lotteries there.

How are the draws going

And then we will consider, what are the rules of the game, and how not "" your happiness.

Video broadcasts

The video broadcast is carried out on Sun at 8:20 in Moscow. You can watch the video broadcast on the NTV channel. Also on the Stoloto website there is an archive of all video programs, earlier.

Time in each specific region of Russia may differ depending on the time zone. Well, to track the results, need to track a TV program.

Control of the fairness of the lottery

The video draw is carried out in the TV studio, and this is closely monitored. There is also a commission here, and TV viewers, who monitor the fairness of tours. Responsible persons check, are all the kegs in place, if at least one of them is missing. After verification, the responsible persons confirm, that everything was really fair, and sign the relevant documents.

Winning the "Russian Lotto" lottery

Where are the results published?

There are several ways to find out the winning lotto ticket.:

  1. Publication and announcement of results on the Russian Lotto website.

To do this, you need to go to the website and go to the "Checking tickets and drawing results" tab.

Upcoming draws will appear on a new page or you can find a category yourself using the search bar. To do this, you need to click on it, and then the options will appear. Choose "Russian Lotto" from all categories. In this case, a search is performed by ticket number.

After the selected category, a transition to a new page occurs. Here you will need to indicate the circulation number (1) and ticket (2) lotto. If several coupons participated, then you can add them using a special button below the field "Ticket number". When everything is entered, you need to click on "Check" (3).

If you search through the "Archive of Draws" of the Russian Lotto, then you will need to indicate the date of the drawing. Besides, you can enter a range. In this case, all dates of the Russian Lotto for the last period will be issued. It is required to choose from the given results, which is necessary for the winner or participant.

  1. Publication in the circulation archive on the mobile version of the lotto page or in the application.

You can check the lotto winners through the app or the mobile site. On the main page you will need to click on the button "Check ticket ...".

Then a new page will appear, where to find the winning lotto ticket by number or combination. There is a special field below, where data is entered.

  1. Directly, where they sell coupons for draws.
  2. In the newspaper "Arguments and Facts".
  3. By special phone.
  4. On our portal check the lotteries "Golden Key".

To find out about the win, you need to call the single support number of the lotto center: +7-499-270-27-27. From a mobile phone, you can dial *777. The short number is free. However, it can be used by mobile subscribers, without withdrawing money from the account.

How to get prizes

Depending on the amount of the win, gifts are given at different points. Поэтому призы в пределах 2 тысяч рублей выдают, where you can buy lotto tickets. To clarify, you can call the support service using a single number. If the win in the Russian Lotto reaches five or six figures, then it can be transferred to an electronic wallet in the lotto account. Prizes are awarded on any network, where coupons for editions are sold.

When a participant wins more than one hundred thousand rubles, then they receive a prize by transfer to a bank card. To do this, you need to send a set of documents by mail. When the winning amount reaches a million rubles or more, then the payment is made by bank transfer. To do this, you will need to draw up documents. To receive a prize, you must visit the central office of the Russian Lotto lottery company.

Is winnings taxable?

For Russian participants of the Russian Lotto, the tax is 13%. If the participant arrived from another country, then the collection comes to 30% from the sum. IN 2018 year since 1 January it was decided that, if the amount is equal to or greater than 15 thousand rubles, then the tax will be withheld immediately. Otherwise, at the prize in 10 thousand rubles an individual will need to pay a fee in a special institution.

Is it worth it to conduct such promotions?

  • user,
    to the site, immediately offer to get a lottery ticket and choose
    multiple numbers. Then he is told, that he won a large sum of money.
    Offer to get a prize;
  • when a person
    agrees to the offer, expresses a desire to collect the won money, him
    report, that for this you need to pay a state fee and a bunch of
  • on the next
    stage, sure, no one dared to transfer money to scammers, after all
    understandably, that this is a classic divorce.

As for reviews, then they are only negative. People managed to spot scammers in time and protect themselves from losing money. Many lose from 400 to 18 000 rubles!

It is important to note one thing - such a free lottery is not the first, and not the last. Be carefull! Don't trust the pretty promises of valuable prizes and gifts!. Most of these promotions are organized by scammers, to extract money from gullible users

Take care of your savings and never pay such commissions!

Most of these promotions are organized by scammers, to extract money from gullible users. Take care of your savings and never pay such commissions!

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