Tour operators have published entry rules for Russians in the uae, egypt and maldives

The megalo - European official lottery | stop cheating

European Official Lottery

Luckily for us, the scammer published a user agreement on the site. In such documents, there are often moments, talking about the dubiousness of the project. We see here its creator writes: “After completing all necessary payments, You will receive informational and introductory material for further independent work on the Internet without technical or any other support from the administration of this Site ". It's about, that the site is trading information, and does not play pranks.

The winning sum for all checks is exactly
22 700 dollars. We believe in our luck, but everything should have
limits! And chat messages from people, who have just won others
large sums, show the absurdity of the situation. No real lottery
will give such a great chance of winning.

The crook thinks, that the European official lottery MegaLoto
powder your brains and turn off all caution. Never forget about her!. How MegaLoto scam lures users' money:

How MegaLoto scam lures users' money:

  • After the drawing on the internal balance
    every time it turns out 22 700 dollars, what already says about cheating;
  • They offer to choose a way to receive money. it
    transfer to a card or in cash at the bank's cash desk;
  • Instead of the card number, we write "This is Deception". System
    did not notice the error;
  • We order the payment of finance;
  • Requires payment of a duty in the amount of 19 dollars
    or 1308 rubles. Pay nothing!

The creator of the MegaLoto divorce repeats the scheme of many other dishonest projects. Only crooks have a requirement to pay for something before withdrawing money. be careful.

To make money on the Internet use Proven Rates. They don't promise easy money out of thin air, but they help those who are ready to learn and try new things. Make up your mind!

Travel between emirates

Now moving between emirates (inside the UAE) allowed. You can travel everywhere by private transport or taxi. Dubai-Ajman routes operate from public buses between the emirates, Dubai Sharjah and Dubai Ras Al Khaimah, and the rest of the buses do not run temporarily.

The rules for entering Abu Dhabi are now complex. Ordinary tourists still cannot get directly to Abu Dhabi. But you can enter Abu Dhabi from Dubai. The rules are as follows:

If a person enters Abu Dhabi from abroad directly. Then you need to get a special tracking quarantine bracelet at the airport. Further, the person must self-isolate on 14 days.

If a person enters Abu Dhabi from other emirates, but in these emirates he stayed LESS 14 days. Then you need to get a special tracking quarantine bracelet at the border. Further, the person must self-isolate for a period 14 days minus the number of days, held in other emirates.

If a person enters Abu Dhabi from other emirates, but in these emirates he stayed MORE 14 days. Then entry according to standard rules.

According to the standard rules, you need to present a negative test for COVID at the border no more than 48 hours. It can be either a PCR test (stands in the UAE from 200 to 370 dirhams), or DPI (rapid test, stands in the UAE 50 dirhams).

DPI test can be done right at the border of the emirates of Dubai and Abu Dhabi in the suburb of Gantut. BUT!!! Only residents can use the services of this center., as in the center you need to present your Emirates ID, and passports are not accepted! Tourists need to do the test somewhere else.

Recall, that earlier tourists were allowed in according to the usual rules without quarantine. But now no longer. You just can't get to Ferrari World or Louvre.

Is it worth it?

Dubai authorities declare, that they strictly control the Gold Souk, and there are no fakes in official stores.

But even if it's true. You will receive a product with a carat mark, and most likely, without manufacturer's mark. Sell ​​such a product, if the need arises, can be problematic. Not every jeweler will buy. maybe, expertise will be required, which now stands from 3000 rubles and above.

And if you still bought a fake? Where will you go with complaints? Go to the UAE? After all, the easiest way to "shove" a fake is to a tourist, which in a week will fly far, far away, and then it is unlikely to return.

Think, are low prices worth the risks?

Are the rules actually followed??

Observed in the vast majority of cases. This is monitored by the park guard, shopping centers and other public places.

For the UAE, the COVID threat is especially relevant. Urbanization in the country (percentage of urban population) exceeds 96%. Almost all people in the country live compactly in cities, and they just have nowhere to hide from the threat of the virus, if you want. That's why they are afraid, therefore they monitor compliance with the rules and restrictions, that's why the fines are gigantic.

Interesting, that the UAE has a very low mortality rate from COVID - total 0,6%. There are several reasons for this..

First of all, there is a very young population, because 90% of the country's population are migrant workers from other countries. And only the young and healthy are invited here. Details in our article "Population of the UAE".

Secondly, a record number of tests are done in the UAE - 770 000 per million population. With such large-scale testing, they identify almost all cases. Hence the lower official mortality rate.

Flights to UAE for New Year's holidays

The exact date has not yet been decided on which dates will open flights with the UAE, and on the aggregators of air tickets you can already book the date of departure to this country during the New Year holidays.

It will be more expensive to book tickets for foreign airlines: Flydubai – от 41 thousand rubles, Emirates - from 64 000 rubles.

After December 30th and until the end of the New Year holidays (08.01.21 g.) Aeroflot tickets will cost about 30 000 rubles. Pobeda Airlines offers tickets worth 38000 rubles. Airline tickets for UAE airlines 41000 rubles.

Decision, buy tickets for scheduled flights of the above airlines, remains for the tourist. In case of canceled flights, refunds for tickets can be compared to participation in the lottery, since the transfer is carried out by the airline according to its own rules. Aeroflot returns money for tickets within 30 days, and recently in social networks you can find reviews with complaints about this airline, since they are in no hurry to return the money.

Preliminary test for COVID-19

Anyone arriving in Dubai is required to present a negative COVID-19 test. The conditions are as follows:

1. The test must be done no later than 96 hours from the moment of departure to the UAE. I.e, flight time does not count, but only the moment of departure is taken into account. These are the requirements of NCEMA (UAE Emergency Management).

2. The test should only be done in a laboratory, which is accredited by the UAE authorities. Fortunately, there are many such laboratories. Before taking the test, be sure to ask about, Does the laboratory have UAE accreditation.

3. Only paper version with print is accepted. Electronic versions NOT ACCEPTED, SMS messages, antibody tests. Do not accept tests, made by yourself at home.

4. The test result must be in English or Arabic. DO NOT ACCEPT in Russian. Ask the lab in advance, will they give the result in English.

5. Children before 12 years exempt from taking tests.

Despite such strict rules, exceptions are made for tourists. Some tourists say, that they took tests from laboratories without accreditation, expired tests, tests in other languages. But remember! Better to do everything according to the rules! Nobody guarantees, what an exception will be made for you.

Another important point! To 1 August 2020 years you could not take the test in advance, but pass the test at the airport. Now it is no longer possible. FROM 1 August 2020 year you need to have a test for everyone, without exception.

Refunds – Retail Purchases

1. I purchased a collectable from a store, scratched the entry code and either entered the draw scheduled for the 18th of July 2020, registered my entry on the website or app but failed to use such entry or hadn’t gotten around to registering my entry. Do I get a refund?
2. I purchased a collectable from a store and haven’t removed it from its packaging. How can I return and get a refund if I have not used it?

Participants who have unscratched collectables purchased from a store, can get their refunds from any of the locations below (before the cut off deadline mentioned above):

  • Abu Dhabi (Metro Manila Hypermarket in Electra Street and Pinoy Manila Grocery in Defense Street)
  • Sharjah (Metro Manila Hypermarket in Abu Shaghara Street and MetroManila Supermarket in Al Wahda Street)
  • Ajman (Metro Manila Hypermarket in Al Karama Area)
  • Fujairah (Metro Manila Supermarket in Al Qala Street)
  • Ras Al Khaimah (Gulf Hypermarket in Al Muntasir Street)
  • Umm Al Quwain (This is Basheer Supermarket ,Old Industrial Area)
  • Dubai (Sheaar Al Madina Supermarket, 17 – Al Qusais Industrial Area, Damascus street, Opposite Bait Al Kabayel, Al Qusais Industrial Area 2)

3. Can I use my collectable after relaunch?

Dubai's best markets

Dubai markets open much earlier with 8:00 in the morning and finish work by 19:00 evenings with a lunch break from 13:00 to 16:00. This is something like a European siesta - an opportunity to hide from the scorching sun at least for a while.

Any market is logically arranged: at the very beginning of the rows you will find one product group, usually carpets, linens, curtains; in the end, the other - more often it is sweets or children's toys. For convenience, study the market structure, as soon as you arrive. So you won't wander and waste precious time. let's consider, what are the markets in Dubai and what are they famous for.

Gold market (Deira district)

Gold Souk - a symbol and landmark of Dubai. Those who heard about him, who has been to the UAE, and read, who is just planning a trip. What's so amazing about him?

Hundreds of boutiques, where gold jewelry is sold, silverware, pearl, sapphires, emeralds, diamonds, diamonds and other gemstones - usually with Arabic and Indian designs. You can also see the ring here, which is listed in the Guinness Book of Records, as the largest in the world weighing 64 kilograms.

More about the gold market

Where to buy in Dubai?

If your goal is not the Burj Khalifa or the Persian Gulf, but a thorough shopping, then stock up (good memory) paper and pen or take a screenshot. Do not lose the names of stores and names of areas - it will save you time and nerves.

Top shopping areas for tourists:

  • Deira District (Square Banis and Nasser)
  • Bar-Dubai area
  • Al Maktoum Hospital Road
  • Dyyafa street
  • Sabha Street
  • Naif Street
  • Al-Fahidi street
  • Al-Karama District
  • Rick Road

Areas explored, now we will consider stores by product groups and with the name of boutiques.

Jewelry shops

To you at Gold Souk (Gold market) и в «Gold and Diamond Park» (Park of Gold and Diamonds). Choose a golden gift for yourself and your loved ones from a variety of jewelry, believe me, pure pleasure.

Entertainment and attractions


Without a doubt - the main business card of the emirate. Dubai skyscrapers are breaking records one by one, including our own. There are already about a thousand skyscrapers in the city., inspect everything, except for a glimpse, from the airplane window. But some are worth special attention. for example, the first skyscraper in the city - Dubai World Trade Center (website), then, sure, tallest building in the world - 828-meter stalagmite Burj Khalifa. It is better to buy tickets to the observation deck in advance: so cheaper and more reliable. Also list the Emirates Park Tower twins 1 and 2, the tallest hotels Rose Tower and Burj Al Arab and one of the tallest residential buildings in the world - Ocean Heights. The best views of skyscrapers open at night, when the illumination of these incredible buildings comes on.

History and culture

Lovers of ethnography and local culture are advised to visit the old quarters of Deira and wander through the many markets; go to Shingada district, to see the bagdir-windrolls, cooled the dwellings of sheikhs and wealthy citizens due to the hot desert wind. By the way, the work of such wind towers can be personally assessed, after visiting the Sheikh Said House-Museum built of corals. In Bar Dubai find the Bastakiya area, preserving ancient Arab architecture, the old fort Al-Fahidi is also located there, which is a kind of entrance to the Dubai National Museum.

Also in Dubai, be sure to see the country's largest Jumeirah Mosque - one of the few mosques in the UAE, open to non-Muslims.


Travelers with nerves of steel, good health and some experiences of madness await at SkyDive Dubai (website). This company organizes tandem jumps over Dubai, gyrocopter flights and parachuting training for beginners. true, already over the desert. Yes, expensive, a jump with an instructor will cost 2000 AED, but unique and unforgettable.

Topics, who the earth is nicer, it is worth booking an exciting jeep safari tour of the surrounding Dubai desert, ride a camel at the same time, go down on a snowboard from the top of the sand dune, taste local food, and for a fee, race the tops of the dunes in an ATV.

Evening program

In the afternoon, go for a walk around the artificial islands of the Palm, and in the evening, if you have time and energy, drive to Burj Khalifa to admire the famous Dubai Fountain - colored, singing, dancing, musical and tall, its jets reach the mark in 150 m. The show can be watched several times, they won't take money for this, and the hands of the clock are just approaching the opening of the nightlife. She is diverse and fun in Dubai. Basically, there are nightclubs at every self-respecting hotel. The more status the hotel is, the more fashionable the get-together.

If more pointwise, then praise White Dubai, Trilogy, N’Dulge, Stereo Arcade, Zero Gravity, Pacha Ibiza Dubai, Savage Garden, Planetarium, Kasbar and Scarlett's disco. If you suddenly yearn for the Homeland, look for Arbat and Red Square, get ready for karaoke. In Russian, naturally.

  • How much does a cruise from Dubai cost
  • Dubai Clubs

Lottery "Superlotto 6 + 1" («Superlotto 6+1»)

Online ticket sales: not carried out.

Ticket price (one position): 3 000 I am.

Super prize: 1 000 000 000 I am.

Jackpot payout: produced after formal procedures.

Drawing: held 2 once a week, on monday and thursday.

Superlotto 6 + 1 lottery rules:

Balls fall out of two reels: from the first, where is it originally 40 balls, appear 6, from the second with 20 balls – one ball. The prize fund is formed as half of the total cost of combinations in sold tickets.

Paytable "Superlotto 6 + 1":

  • 5 000 I am – guessed 3 ball from the first lottery drum and the ball from the second;
  • 50 000 I am – guessed 3 ball from the first lottery drum and guess the ball from the second;
  • 150 000 I am – guessed 4 ball from the first lottery drum and the ball from the second;
  • 5 000 000 I am – guessed 4 ball from the first lottery drum and guess the ball from the second;

Prizes of the highest categories (distributed, except for the superprize, evenly for all winning combinations in the current draw in three categories):

  • guessed 5 balls from the first lottery drum and the ball from the second;
  • small jackpot – guessed 5 balls from the first lottery drum and guess the ball from the second;
  • big jackpot – guessed 6 balls from the first lottery drum and the ball from the second;
  • super prize – guessed 6 balls from the first lottery drum and guess the ball from the second;

Historical reference: the first lottery draw was held 10 february 2020 of the year.

Lottery "Omad Loto" ("Omad lotto")

Online ticket sales: not carried out.

Ticket price (one position): 3 000 I am (to 15.10.2017 – 2 000 I am).

Minimum jackpot: formed based on the number of tickets sold for the circulation.

Maximum jackpot: not limited and accumulates from circulation to circulation.

Max Jackpot Drawn: 1 167 221 550 I am (4 january 2020 of the year, edition No. 482).

Jackpot payout: produced after formal procedures.

Probability of winning the jackpot: 1 to 376 992.

Drawing: held once a week, on Saturday.

Rules of the lottery "Omad Loto":

From a drum with 36 balls randomly drop out 5 balls. Tickets are considered to have won, in which correctly guessed 3, 4 or 5 numbers. The jackpot is evenly distributed among all tickets, in which all are correctly guessed 5 numbers. If there is only one such ticket, then the entire jackpot goes to one participant. The lottery provides for the possibility of a system game, when the ticket is marked from 6 to 10 numbers, the cost of the ticket increases.

Winnings distribution table "Omad Lotto" as a percentage of the prize fund:

  • 27% – guessed 3 event;
  • 18% – guessed 4 event;
  • 55% – jackpot, guessed 5 balls.

Historical reference: the first lottery draw was held in October 2010 of the year. The draw was held on Sundays. Beginning with 333 circulation (February 2017 of the year) lottery is held on Saturdays. To 15 October 2017 of the year, when the ticket price increased from 2 000 to 3 000 I am, the winnings distribution table looked like this:

  • 33% – guessed 3 event;
  • 25% – guessed 4 event;
  • 42% – jackpot, guessed 5 balls.


The UAE doesn't have too many souvenirs, but empty-handed you are unlikely to leave here. Surely you can buy something for yourself and as a gift to your loved ones. Tourists are often brought from Dubai as European goods, and oriental accessories. After all, the Emirates is the junction of two cultures and the intersection of trade routes.

Sets for coffee

It's about cezve (these are eastern turks) and beautiful copper coffee pots. Bring from Dubai, Sharjah or Abu Dhabi is such a gift for coffee lovers, and also grab a local coffee. Every lover of this aromatic drink and Arab culture will appreciate it.

Coffee pots and cezves in the UAE are sold for 15-20 dirhams and above.


As well as from other eastern countries, incense is often brought from the Emirates. The most popular product in this category is bakhur. If you are looking for a simple and inexpensive, but at the same time a nice gift from the UAE for your friends or colleagues, buy them bakhoor or oriental incense sticks. There is a bakhur about 18-20 dirhams per pack, which is easy to split into parts.


We can talk endlessly about the uniqueness and quality of oriental carpets.. If you like Arabic flavor, be sure to bring a carpet from the Emirates. It is most profitable to buy them in the market or at factories.


One of the most popular gifts for a man from the UAE is a local khanjar dagger with a carved handle. Prices for such souvenirs start from 3 dirhams. You can take them home only in baggage and declared. Besides, buy only souvenir options, since real bigots are considered melee weapons.


Looks like, it is the unspoken symbol of the UAE, after all, almost all tourists bring their images from their vacation. Camels on magnets, T-shirts or dishes, Stuffed Toys, keyrings, figurines and other souvenirs - a choice for every taste.

Hookah and tobacco

For lovers of Arab culture, beautiful hookahs and different types of tobacco may be of interest. In the Emirates, it is most profitable to buy them in specialized shops on the market.. Remember, that hookahs should not be aluminum. If they are made of this metal, they are decorative, they cannot be used for their intended purpose.

Looking for hookahs, as well as interesting pipes, which can be a good gift from the UAE for men, visit the Fish Market in Dubai.


To take all your souvenirs home, buy a suitcase in the UAE, and then two. They are very inexpensive and of high quality here.. Seasoned tourists even specially travel to the Emirates with a bag, to shift everything later, if they know, that they need a new suitcase.


Due to the financial crisis 2008 years in Dubai have made the rental system extremely difficult: then many, going broke, left the country, leaving expensive cars right on the streets and not paying rent. After that, the state decided to insure the landlords.

Absolutely everyone rented housing here, but the state wants to guarantee the landlords financial security. You can officially rent a house for at least one year. Pay rent with bank checks. There can be two checks, three, four, six - how many parts you divide the annual rental cost.

There is also a complex system of deposits. for example, you want to rent a small one-room apartment without furniture for 48 000 dirham (768 000 Р) in year. The owner is ready to divide the payment into 4 check means, that your account will be charged for rent once every 3 months. Then, at the first payment, you will need to give to the owner or agent 23 000 dirham:

  • 12 000 dirham (192 000 Р) for the first three months;
  • 4000 dirham (64 000 Р) - deposit for furniture;
  • more 4000 dirham - commission to the agent;
  • 3000 dirham (48 000 Р) - deposit for utilities, internet and registration.

Another 5000-8000 dirhams will have to be spent on furniture, when you move into the apartment. Not everyone is ready to give such a large amount at once.. Someone takes a loan, someone is looking for neighbors, to share housing with them. There is still a good, but a rare option: rent an isolated room in a villa. I did so.

Every month I pay for the room 4500 dirham (72 000 Р). the Internet, utilities and cleaning are included in this amount. I have eight neighbors, with whom I share the kitchen, but bath, toilet and air conditioning in each room. There is also good sound insulation.. The villa has its own parking, in the neighboring house - a public swimming pool and a gym, many grocery stores nearby.

My area is not by the beach: to the sea I have to go about 20 minutes. Dubai has several city beaches and many hotel beaches. You can sunbathe, lying on a towel, or pay per day on a sun lounger at the hotel, getting also the opportunity to use the pool and spa - it costs 200-400 dirham (3200—6400 Р) per day. There is no place to walk here, but this is typical for most of Dubai: in many areas there are no pedestrian sidewalks at all. Dubai is not the place for long walks.

In this villa I rent a room in Dubai they build anytime, anywhere, you have to put up with it. Sometimes demolished first, and then they build again. Especially nowhere to walk

Rules for wearing masks in Dubai

The rules are very strict, large fines. A fine is imposed for a naked mask 3 000 dirhams. For a repeated violation, the fine is doubled. A third offense may be sentenced to imprisonment for 6 months and(or) fine 100 000 dirhams. For the current dirham exchange rate, see our article "Money in the UAE" or use the dirham calculator.

In fact, the police do not fine violators immediately. First, they require you to wear a mask. And if the mask is not with you or the person starts to argue with the policeman and "download rights", then fined. Police are rarely on duty in the streets, but periodically organize raids to catch violators.

So remember two rules. The first, always have a mask with you. Second, if a police officer made a comment, then dress urgently and no wrangling.

What is the Gold Souk

This is not a separate building, and the shopping district is an interweaving of streets, which have more than 300 shops. The size of this block is about 200x170 meters.

Back at the beginning 20 local jewelers lived and worked here for centuries. Sheikh Muktum exempted foreign traders from taxes and made Dubai one of the main trade centers of the Persian Gulf, we wrote about this in the article "History of the UAE". Gold traders and jewelers from Iran and India began to move to Dubai. Oil boom has made Dubai richer, and the Gold Souk has grown to its present size.

Is considered, what is always on sale here 10 tons of gold, and this is a very realistic figure. Some travel guides and websites even write, what passes through the Dubai Gold Souk 20% world gold turnover, which is a clear exaggeration. In the world, about 3 000 tons, cannot pass through Dubai 600 tons per year.

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