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Features of the gambling legislation of Norway

The age limit for gambling is 18 years old. Topics, who is under this age, only scratch cards allowed. Interesting, that citizens are allowed to hold gambling parties at home - until then, until it turns into business.

The government is systematically trying to oust foreign companies from the Norwegian market. In June 2010 years, the authorities approved the law, according to which all Norwegian banks are not allowed to service credit and debit cards, used in land-based and online casinos around the world.

Players are required to submit tax returns on winnings, received outside Norway.

How Norwegian lotteries are regulated?

Lottery and other gambling in Norway has always been very strictly regulated. According to the Norwegian code from 1902 of the year, only those games were legal, which were offered by holders of special licenses of competent organizations. Consequently, in fact the games were banned, and illegal operators were punished harshly.

Legislative acts, which followed later, slightly softened the situation:

  • IN 1927 the Totalisator Act was released;
  • IN 1992 – Gaming Act;
  • IN 1995 – Lottery Act.

These laws gave the state a gambling monopoly. Act 1927 years laid the foundation for the legalization of horse racing, controlled by the Ministry of Agriculture. Normative act 1992 granted Norsk Tipping exclusive lottery and football betting rights. The Ministry of Culture and Church acts as a supervisory authority..

Act 1995 was more generalized and described all types of lotteries and games. He allowed social institutions to organize gambling, for the benefit of society.

How slot machines are controlled?

Total revenue from slot machines grew at the following pace:

  • 1990 - ENOUGH 200 million (USD 24,32 billion);
  • 2001 - ENOUGH 9 billion (USD 1,09 billion);
  • 2004 - ENOUGH 26 billion (USD 3,16 billion).

IN 2004 year, slot machines brought 64% revenue "on the ground" and 43% online revenue. This growth was due to the fact, that slots were poorly regulated by law. The Lottery Act gave only charitable organizations the right to gamble. But, wherein, he did not forbid private companies to cooperate with these organizations, place slot machines and share the proceeds.

Beginning with 2002 years, the Norwegian authorities began to take action. They began to limit the number of machines, since along with the growth of the industry, the number of gambling problems has also increased, eg, gambling addiction. The Norwegian government has completely banned slot machines in 2007 year. IN 2009 interactive video terminals appeared – new shape of slots. To play them, special card required.

Rules of the game

Consider the rules of the game. Lotto "6/49" 3 lotteries during 1 circulation. This is the main lotto, where to guess 6 numbers from 49, next draw 1 000 000 dollars, that is, "Guaranteed Prize Draw" and the drawing of an additional prize from 500 000 dollars to 1 million dollars - "Encore Draw".

Main Lotto

The rules are the same as in other lotteries "6 out of 49". The ticket contains 49 digits ranging from one to 49. From them you need to cross out 6 random numbers.

The more numbers match the numbers, which the presenter took from the lottery drum, the more the winning amount will be. Choosing a hard game, the player must cross out not 6, a 5,7,8,9 digits, the number of winning combinations will be the same.

  • when choosing 5 digits - 44 (the cost of the game - $132)
  • when choosing 7 digits - 7 (the cost of the game - $21)
  • when choosing 8 digits - 28 (the cost of the game - $84)
  • when choosing 9 digits - 84 (the cost of the game - $252)

The main feature of Lotto "6/49": when crossing out 5 digits, combinations that lead to victory, there will be more, than in that case, when the player crosses out 6 or 7 digits. If the player crosses out 5 digits, then the winning combinations will be those, which has everything 5 digits and any third-party number. I speak otherwise, if the player crosses out the numbers 12345, the combination 123456 will be victorious for him.


What are the prizes in the main round?

The Lotto 6/49 prize pool is distributed among the winners as follows:

  • For the winning category 1 need 6 coincidences (the share of the prize fund will be 79,5%)
  • For the winning category 2 need 5+1 coincidence (the share of the prize fund will be 6%)
  • For the winning category 3 need 5 coincidences (the share of the prize fund will be 5%)
  • For the winning category 4 need 4 coincidences (the share of the prize fund will be 9,5%)
  • For the winning category 5 need 3 coincidences, gain 10$
  • For the winning category 6 need 2+1 coincidence, gain 5$
  • For the winning category 7 need 2 coincidences, and the winner gets into the next draw for free.

«Guaranted Prize»

Each draw makes one participant of Lotto 6/49 richer by 1 000 000 dollars. Such a drawing is held in each draw, Based on this, twice a week, the organizers make one of the participants a dollar millionaire. Participation in this drawing is free of charge and no additional payment is required.

The winners are determined after the end of the main lottery drawing, the host will announce a ten-digit combination. Participant, who will find such a combination on his ticket, will be the winner. Need to mark, that bonus combinations cannot be selected by players, they are printed before tickets are issued.

You can take part in the additional drawing, I paid 1 dollars. This round is held in each lotto draw "6/49". Inside the lottery drum there is 10 kegs with numbers from 0 to 9. Take turns getting from the inside 7 balls, announcing their numbers then the removed barrel is put back in the lottery drum.

Based on this, the number of winning combinations can be repeated two or more times. Players, who guessed everything 7 numbers in that order, in which they fell, get one million each, and the players, who guessed the part correctly, also expect a reward:

  • for 6 numbers - $100 thousand;
  • for 5 numbers - $1000;
  • for 4 numbers - $100;
  • for 3 numbers - $10;
  • for 2 numbers - $5.

Prospects for the development of the gambling business in Norway

The Norwegian gambling industry has come a long way. If in the 1950s gambling in the country was perceived as something unworthy, then today Norway ranks third in Europe in terms of the development of the gambling business.

Recently, the government has been focusing its attention and resources on combating gambling addiction. This, actually, and such strict prohibitions and laws are argued, regulating the activities of gambling establishments in Norway. However, this strategy was not very effective.

Research data show this, conducted by Norwegian Gaming Board analysts in 2007 and 2010 years. The number of addicted players over this period of time increased from 1.3% to 2.1%.

To all other, Norwegian government planned to start blocking foreign online casino sites by IP. But, given the negative mood of citizens, this idea was abandoned. There is an assumption, that sooner or later the gambling market will still open for foreign operators, which will compete with state-owned companies and replenish the treasury of Norway with tax deductions. In any case, the Norwegian gambling business shows quite good results in its development..

Conditions for obtaining a license in the gambling industry

Almost the entire gambling industry in Norway is a monopoly of two companies: Norsk Tipping and Norsk Rikstoto. However, commercial organizations can also apply for a license to hold the lottery.. In accordance with the legislative act "On the lottery", they can apply for licensing of the following activities:

  • post-draw and preliminary lotteries, compiled by the Norwegian Gambling Center or other public authority;
  • lottery, compiled by a commercial operator;
  • poker tournament organization. The license is issued to host the annual Norwegian championship in three types of tournament poker and to host five regional qualifying championships;
  • bingo;
  • preliminary drawing up of scratch cards;
  • gambling activities on Norwegian ships;
  • slot machines.

Activities, license-free:

  • lotteries with an annual turnover of over 200 000 ENOUGH (Norwegian crowns) given that, that they have humanitarian and socially beneficial goals. However, if organizations use commercial companies, to arrange their activities on their behalf, license required;
  • bazaar, where the sum of the maximum prize is 8 000 ENOUGH, maximum rate - 5 NOK and the total value of all winnings is the maximum 40 000 ENOUGH;
  • private poker tournaments, which are held in private homes between people from the same social circle, provided, that they are not "professional". Participants must be at least 18 years old, number of participants - less than ten, and the maximum bet per player is 1 000 ENOUGH.

Licenses are issued by the Norwegian Gambling Center. Conditions for obtaining them:

  • the company must provide a certificate of no criminal record of the chairmen of the board of directors and the CEO. This certificate proves, that they were not guilty of any crimes, related to violation of the Lottery Law;
  • the company must be solvent;
  • it must be registered with the NCCRLE.

The processing time for a license application is about three months. The validity period and cost of each license depends on the type of activity, to which it is given:

  • post-draw and preliminary lotteries, compiled by the Norwegian Gambling Center or other public authority, worth 3 000 NOK and is valid for one year;
  • lottery, compiled by a commercial operator, – 30 000 NOK with an annual fee of 20 000 NOK until expiration (9 years old);
  • poker tournament organization - 10 000 ENOUGH. Annual fee - 60 000 ENOUGH. Validity - 3 of the year;
  • bingo - 1 250 ENOUGH, given for one year;
  • preliminary drawing up of scratch cards - 6 000 ENOUGH.

Other fees:

  • organization approval fee - 1 000 ENOUGH;
  • commercial operator approval fee - 20 000 ENOUGH;
  • property owner approval fee - 1 200 ENOUGH.

Lotto Agent advantages

The main advantage of Lotto Agent is the low cost of tickets, constant discounts and promotions. For the purchase of multi-circulation or a system, a discount is given 17 %, and subscribed players receive every 10th ticket for free.

Compared to other dealers, Lotto Agent has cheap tickets. The cost of the service is already included in the price: no need to pay commission for tracking results, notifications or technical support.

Other advantages of Lotto Agent:

  • you can replenish your account or withdraw your winnings through the WebMoney payment system, Qiwi and Yandex.Money wallets, cards of any banks in Russia or from the accounts of mobile operators Megafon, Tele 2, MTS and Beeline
  • there are more than 20 lotteries in the agent's list all over the world
  • messages with the results of the drawing immediately come to the email address after the broadcast, and the secondary prizes will be credited to the account within 3 hours

According to the rules of some lotteries for the jackpot, the winner must come in person. Lotto Agent will help you with your flight and accommodation abroad, and also arrange meetings with the organizers. A service employee will contact you, to tell the details.

How to buy tickets?

With the help of an intermediary site, residents of Russia can purchase tickets via the Internet. To do this, a resident of the Russian Federation must do the following.

  1. Take a simple registration on the site. All steps of registration manipulations are described in great detail during data entry. After registration, the player receives a personal account, in which his game account will be stored, correspond with the site administration, scans of tickets will be sent there.
  2. Select the desired lottery and click "Buy a ticket".
  3. Choose a number combination for the game or use the random number generator to automatically fill the ticket.
  4. Pay for the ticket using the methods provided by the intermediary.
  5. Receive a scan of a ticket by mail.

As you can see, nothing complicated.

In Russia

Residents of Russia can become owners of a Powerball lottery ticket in several ways. The first way is to fly to the United States and buy a ticket in person. This option is very expensive, therefore he is too detached from reality.

To purchase a Powerball lottery ticket, a resident of Russia must choose a reliable intermediary and register on the website. After that, you should select the Powerball lottery from the list and pay for the ticket via the Internet. The middleman buys a ticket in the United States, scans it and sends it to the player in the personal account. If a player becomes the owner of a jackpot or other large prize, which you need to fly to the USA, then this scanned copy of the ticket will be the basis for the payment of the prize.


Each lottery player has the opportunity to purchase a ticket, unless you live in Alaska, Hawaii, in alabama, Mississippi, Nevada or Utah. Participants from these states are not allowed to purchase Powerball tickets. Residents of all other states of America can buy a ticket absolutely free.

There is a way out of this situation - buying a ticket in an authorized state. To do this, players had to go to another state and make a purchase there.

Good, now the Powerball lottery gives players the chance to buy a ticket on the official website. Residents of other countries can also purchase a ticket via the Internet. It is very comfortable, although it assumes the presence of a certain commission. But, anyway, it's cheaper, than flying to the USA for a ticket.

How to fill out a ticket and play?

Filling out a ticket is an easy step. You just need to select a number set from the range presented and add it to the ticket. Each player chooses 5 numbers from 69 possible to create a combination of main numbers and 1 number of 26 possible as an additional game ball.

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