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The syndicate that bought (nearly) all combinations

The syndicate is also called "pool". It has two varieties:

  1. Own syndicate (it is also called offline). Such a group of people is selected from a close circle - relatives, acquaintances, comrades, etc..
    The indisputable advantages of this type of syndicate include the following:, that in such a group it is easier to agree and establish their own rules of existence. Most often, one member is nominated from the composition of such a syndicate., who takes responsibility for buying tickets for everyone. Respectively, this member of the syndicate will represent the group when receiving prizes. Besides, such a syndicate representative keeps statistics, follows the draws, keeps tickets for the whole group (when it comes to paper copies).

    The syndicate is not limited by the number of members who join it. The group chooses the numbers for the game together or assigns this matter to one representative.

  2. Ready syndicate. It is also called online. In such a group, people are recruited randomly. Often, members of the same syndicate don't even know each other. Online syndicate requires certain rules. Every new member, when joining a syndicate, accepts and abides by these rules. Such associations of players involve a certain fee for participation in them.. Also, the number of participants in such a group is limited.

Lottery tickets are filled in randomly, less often by the founders of the syndicate.

Success story

Here are some of the company's achievements over the past five years

  • April 2013 of the year: starting point - Lottoland starts accepting bets on lotteries, using a gaming license from the Gibraltar government. Компания вошла в Ассоциацию ставок и азартных игр Гибралтара (GBGA), representing operators of online games, таких как Betfair, Bet365, WilliamHill
  • June 2014: Renowned TV personality Chris Tarrant joins the company as a brand ambassador.

Christopher John Tarrant - famous radio- and TV presenter. FROM 1998 by 2013 hosted the popular show Who Wants to Be a Millionaire) - popular show, format sold in more than 100 countries

  • May 2015: The company has a million customers, total prize payouts exceed 100 million euros
  • November 2015: Lottoland wins 'Rising Star' and 'Best Alternative Operator' at EGR Awards in London.
  • December 2015: Lottoland launches in Australia. In the same month, a syndicate of players outside of Spain, made the right bet on EL Gordo's results and won. The win was 4 million ($ 6,4 million)
  • January 2016 of the year: Lottoland предлагает своим клиентам сделать ставку на самый большой джекпот в мире — 1,4 billion euros in the Powerball lottery
  • February 2016: Lottoland — победитель в номинации «Лучшая лотерея » на International Gaming Awards 2016
  • February 2016 of the year: Новый рекорд выплаты — Майкл из Германии получил 14 045 804 euros.
  • March 2016 of the year: Lottoland celebrates passing the 3 million mark
  • April 2016: Еще один крупный выигрыш — 36-летний Матиас выиграл 22 319 383 euros (35,4 million dollars).

December 2016: an unforgettable Christmas for Lottoland players: two big wins at once - 421 000 Euro to El Gordo and £ 343 000 of EuroMillions

  • January 2017: Lottoland празднует Новый год с 5 millions of clients
  • June 2018 of the year. Новый (yet unrivaled) record - Christina from Germany (former) cleaning lady wins by bet on EuroJackpot 90 million euros.

August 2018 of the year: Клиентская база Lottoland достигла 8 million participants!

Big Winner Stories (top 10) можно прочитать на сайте, today already 9 people have won over a million dollars and the company hopes, that the number of winners will grow in the coming months and years

History of Loteria Nacional

The main thing in the Spanish lottery for players is its rules and features. This game is one of those, which have an interesting history, therefore it was decided to include this point in the material.

The founder of the lottery was C. D. Carvajal. At that time he acted as the manager of the economic department of Cadiz.

What were the motives for creating a lottery game? During the organization of the first draws of the Loteria Nacional, the Spanish people defended their independence in wars. Respectively, the country was in dire need of money, as in any war. It was the lottery game that could act as an additional income generator for the country's budget., without prejudice to the population.

Loteria Nacional Espana – такое первое название получила эта лотерея.

The rules for the lottery game were approved at the beginning of winter 1811 of the year. The first draw was held in early spring 1812 of the year.

The first draws were held in that very place, where the idea to create them was born - in Cadiz. IN 1814 year Napoleon's troops gave the Spanish army a little breath. At the same time, the Spanish lottery was moved to Madrid. At the same time, the headquarters of the game was still in Cadiz for some time and only later was moved to the capital.. Now the main office of the lottery game is located in Madrid.

Lottery name changed by King Fernando VII. During his reign, the game was named "Modern Lottery", which sounds like Lotería Moderna in Spanish. After that, how the king died, the game was returned to its former name, which has survived to this day.

IN 1850 the modernization of the draws. The game began to use special metal baskets. Beginning with 1892 of the year, a special Christmas draw has joined the regular Spanish lotto draws. Он получил название Sorteo de Navidad.

The 20th century was marked by the peak of the development of the lottery. FROM 1940 years, paper receipts for the game appeared, called tickets. Technology allowed to move to a new level of the game. From that moment on, the players had the opportunity to find out the results of the draws on TV and this attracted even more participants..

The beginning of the 90s marked the beginning of charitable activities for the Spanish lottery. For 1994 a considerable amount of money was raised. This money was sent to the Association for the fight against cancer. A year later, the proceeds from ticket sales were used to organize the Alpine Ski World Championship.

In March 2012 the lottery game celebrated two hundred years since its foundation. This event was celebrated with a grand draw, на котором был представлен приз в 15 000 000 euros.

Irish Lotto Review (Lotto)


Options The values
rules 6 of 47
Participants Ireland
Draw time Wed. 20:00
Sat. 20:00
Jackpot Payouts Cash
Tax Requirements Lottery winnings are not subject to local tax.

Chances of Winning

Prizes Conformity Odds
1 Prize 6 1:10 737 573
2 Prize 5+1 1:1 789 595
3 Prize 5 1:44 740
4 Prize 4+1 1:17 895
5 Prize 4 1:917
6 Prize 3+1 1:688
7 Prize 3 1:55

The first debut of the Irish Lotto draw was 1988 of the year 16 april. At that time they wanted to replace the "Irish lottery" (Irish Sweepstakes). The main idea of ​​the lotto creators was to provide charitable assistance to Irish foundations, and they planned to invest the proceeds to improve the areas: health care, living conditions, sporting events, arts.

A special gambling law was created and passed in Ireland for the conduct of the draws.. Today the lotto is organized by the "An Post National Lottery Company" under the supervision and regulation of the Minister of State for Finance.

The plan was to hold a lottery every Saturday with a matrix 6 of 36. But in 1990 introduced an extra game every Wednesday.

Later, Stefan Klintsevich, together with a syndicate from Dublin, discovered a flaw in the system. The ticket price was too low and even after buying all the ballots the person remained in profit. After that, the matrix was changed to 6 of 39.

In winter 2006 the creators decided to increase lotto ticket sales and the jackpot amount. Therefore, according to the innovations, the player had now to guess 6 numbers from 45. A 3 september 2015 the rules have changed again and remain unchanged to this day (now you need to guess 6 numbers from 47).

Lottery bets

Lottoland is one of the largest exponents of the new approach to the lottery business. It doesn't run its own lotteries, but accepts bets on the results of existing, acting as a bookie. Wherein, although participation in the traditional lottery and bets on it are very similar, there are major differences between these two formats. First and foremost, the participant playing through the bookmaker does not receive the original (scan) lottery ticket, there is no actual ticket purchase at all, this is exactly a bet on the outcome of an event.

Lottoland makes small prize payments from the prize pool available to them, recruited from the total sales for the drawing.

To make large payments, the company uses a complex, proven insurance system, which underlies the activities of this operator. It is through insurance payments that Lottoland has the ability to issue large winnings.

The company has a risk assessment team, calculating the requirements for each prize tier and, depending on their results, the operator is ready to make payments of winnings according to two options - No. 1 (lump sum) or option number 2 (installment plan). This system works the same for all lotteries offered by Lottoland.

Lottoland is registered and regulated by the UK Gambling Commission, Gibraltar Gambling Commission and Ireland Revenue Department. In order to retain these licenses, the company must prove, that he can make all the necessary payments to his players in case of winning, and also then, that the operator has the correct procedures, guaranteeing this.

Austrian Lotto FAQ

The Austrian Lotto provides different types of games to their clients implying that you can play a different game every day. You can play any game by choosing different balls and draws each week. The lottery’s customers get the opportunity to play daily and weekly jackpots.

To play the lottery, you only need to follow three simple steps:

  • Choose your favorite lottery game: You can choose to play the big jackpots or the discounted odds provided by the Australian Lotto.
  • After you have picked the number of your favorite game, you are required to choose the numbers to play. Here, you have the option of choosing the numbers randomly through QUICK PICK.
  • To play the jackpot, you will need to purchase a ticket in a store or online

Austria Lotto clients can draw twice a week on Wednesday and Sunday at 16:30 GMT. The clients will need to purchase tickets, which they can acquire online at the lotter at 08:00 GMT on Sunday and at 13:30 GMT on every Wednesday before the day’s draw is made.

For you to have a winning ticket, you have to match all the 6 lucky numbers drawn from a range of 1 to 45. Your chances of winning are increased through the Lotto’s 9 prize categories and one bonus ball that increases the winning chances. As a player, you can get a bonus if you can guess the bonus number correctly.

Austria Lotto provides clients with different jackpots and you can win each of them in a different way. Winning the jackpots is as simple as matching the numbers drawn for each jackpot. You can check their website for further guidance on what it takes to win each jackpot.

Austrian Lotto does not allow minors to participate in any of their lottery games. The legal age for buying a lotto ticket can differ depending on your country of residence. For instance, the legal age for gambling is 18 years and above in countries like Australia and United State while in United Kingdom, the minimum age limit is 16 years. If minors play the Austrian lottery games and win in any of the winning categories, the prizes won will be declared void.

Depending on the country you are in, taxation of lottery prizes might be applicable. As such, you should go through your local country’s gaming and gambling regulations to determine whether your winnings are taxable. Customers in Australia and United Kingdom are not required to pay any tax on lottery prizes. In United States, however, lottery prizes may attract a federal tax and state tax in some instances.

The Austrian Lotto customers can access gaming services globally through online lotteries that are displayed on their website. The firm provides different global payment options that are available globally and that you can use to purchase your tickets.

The Austrian Lotto customers can access gaming services globally through online lotteries that are displayed on their website. The firm provides different global payment options that are available globally and that you can use to purchase your tickets.

If you are wondering what happens to a lotto jackpot that has not been won, you should know that in most cases, the lottery prize is added to the next jackpot draw through a ‘lotto rollover’.

The firm does not require its clients to put their winnings into specific use or investment. Once you have been declared a winner, they will load your lottery winnings into your online account where it is available for withdrawal. Withdrawing your winnings is as simple as clicking the withdrawal button. You also have the option of converting lottery winnings to play credits and reinvest them by playing in other lotteries that the firm offers.

After qualifying for a lottery prize, the firm will provide you with your lottery winnings as soon as possible. You can decide to use Direct Debit or sign up for other available payment methods. Bank payments require that your bank account details are made available to the lottery firm and in such an incidence; they will transfer your prize money into your account in less than a month. If you win any lottery prize before registering with the firm or sharing your bank details with them, just contact their customer care and they will arrange on how you will receive your payments.

Medieval history

First registered lotteries, offering tickets for sale with prizes in the form of money, were held in the Netherlands in 15 century. Public lotteries were held in different cities, to raise money for city fortifications and help the poor. City records of Ghent , Utrecht and Bruges indicate, that lotteries could be even older. Recording from 9 May 1445 of the year at L'Ecluse concerns fundraising for the construction of walls and city fortifications with a draw 4 304 ticket and total prize fund 1737 florins (worth about 170 000 US dollars in 2014 year). IN 17 century it was common in the Netherlands to organize lotteries to raise money for the poor or to raise funds for all kinds of public needs. Lotteries proved to be very popular and were considered a painless form of taxation . State Dutch State lottery – the oldest lottery. The English word "lottery" comes from the Dutch noun "lot", meaning "destiny".

The first registered Italian lottery was held 9 january 1449 years in Milan, organized by the Golden Ambrosian Republic to finance the war against the Venetian Republic . Nonetheless, it was in genoa , what lotto became very popular. People used to bet on the names of the members of the Great Council, which were chosen randomly , five out of ninety candidates every six months. This type of gambling was called Lotto or Semenaiu . When people wanted to bet more often, than twice a year, they started replacing candidates' names with numbers, and the modern lotto was born, according to which, as modern legal lotteries, so illegal playing with numbers can trace their origin.

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