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How to play the lottery "Russian Lotto"

In the "Russian Lotto" lottery, the rules are quite simple and about the same, as in regular lotto. The bag contains barrels with numbers from 1 to 90. The presenter takes kegs out of the bag and calls their numbers. The game is played in several rounds.

IN 1 round Russian Lotto win tickets, in which five numbers in any horizontal line coincided with the numbers of the pulled out kegs earlier than others.

In 2 round with the numbers of the pulled out kegs, all 15 numbers in any of the fields.

By the rules of the game, if these numbers match already on the 15th move, with this option, the ticket receives jackpot. He is not won in every draw, therefore, it grows from circulation to circulation and can reach tens of millions of rubles.

In subsequent tours win tickets, in which all 30 ticket numbers.

Those tickets, who win in the first two rounds, allowed to participate in the further drawing.

How to choose a ticket to the stoloto to win

Usually an experienced player has some kind of strategy, which he plays all the time and, respectively, wins. The more often you play, the more likely it is to get a big prize. It usually happens like this, that you may fail at first, but later luck itself will come to you.

Someone likes to buy tickets with lucky numbers. But if you look at the statistics, then mainly those players received large sums, who bought tickets by accident or as a gift. Experienced players also consider, what is the best way to participate in lotteries, where they promise to increase the chances of winning, eg, will win every third or fourth ticket.

In this article, we have sorted out important questions: how to play and what tickets most often win. I would like to add, that Stoloto is not a source of income. This is the company, who wants to bring you pleasure during the game and is considered the guarantor of honesty in its draws.

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