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Lexus, Earth, vacation: Albert Begrakyan 2009 won 100 million rubles

IN 2009 year Albert won 100 million rubles. Such a huge amount is difficult to spend quickly, but he did it. As is often the case with humans, who used to live modestly, the man began to literally waste money. He bought himself a luxury Lexus, an apartment in St. Petersburg, land in the Krasnodar Territory, gave 10 million in debt to friends and acquaintances, and also went on vacation. This is where the money ran out.

Moreover, Albert even owed the state about 5 million rubles, так как он не выплатил налоги с выигрыша до конца. Сейчас мужчина не может выезжать за границу. In dealing with the media, a man states, what if he had a second chance, then he would have acted with money in a completely different way.

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