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What lottery to play?

Further will be presented 6 the most significant factors, based on which it is necessary to make decisions for choosing a lottery:

Lottery ticket price

The cost of one lottery ticket is one of the most significant factors in increasing the chances of winning.. Really, Let's take a look at one of the most common lottery formats – "6 out of 45". The chance of winning the jackpot with this game format is 1 to 8.145.060. In this case, the cost of the Australian Monday Lotto is 1,10$ and the cost is Austrian Lotto 3,30$. In other words, you can purchase one Austrian Lotto ticket, or 3 Australian Monday Lotto ticket, thereby increasing your chances of winning in 3 times. And then your chances of winning the jackpot will be 1 to 2.715.020. I think, you get the gist.

Jackpot Winning Odds

Next, we will analyze such a factor as "The probability of winning the jackpot". It directly depends on the format of that lottery, which you chose. And at the moment there are a lot of them.. There are all known "6 out of 45" or "7 out of 49", but there are exotic, such as "5 of 60 + 1 of 4 ". To make it clear, what I'm talking about, we will take two lotteries again, in which the size of the jackpot today is approximately equal and is 330 million rubles. The first – Canadian Lotto 649 (6 out of 49 game format) with odds of winning a jackpot 1 to 13.983.816. The second – German Lotto (the format of the game "6 of 49 + 1 of 10 ") with odds of winning a jackpot 1 to 125.854.344. In this case, the jackpot is the same, but so that the chances of winning are equal, need to purchase 9 German Lotto tickets and everything 1 Canadian Lotto ticket 649. I think, here everything became immediately clear.

Jackpot size

Now let's dwell on such a factor as "Jackpot size". This value depends not only on the lottery, but also from the drawing in each lottery. Since there are games with a fixed top prize, but there is a funded system. In the second case, the value of the jackpot grows from drawing to drawing., given that, that in the last draw, the coveted prize was not raffled. As usual, for example, we will take two lotteries. I want to notice right away, that the cost of these lotteries will be the same and at the moment is 5,45$. The first – French Loto, the jackpot of which for the next draw is 3 million euros. The second – Spanish EuroMillions, the main prize of which for the next draw 25 million euros. Probably, everything is clear here.

Optimal lottery range (OLR)

In this paragraph, we will not consider any factors. We will summarize 3 above listed. You, probably, noticed, that at the end of each paragraph there is a conclusion, which begins with the phrase "All other things being equal ..." But often these other conditions are not equal, but a choice must be made. For this, such an indicator was created (coefficient) как Optimal lottery range. OLR (optimal lottery range) – coefficient, showing the effectiveness of the lottery. Calculated by the jackpot, the cost of the ticket and the probability of winning the jackpot. On the page listing all lotteries – lotteries online, this indicator is calculated for each lottery for the current draw. Now it's very easy to choose a lottery. For example, let's take two lotteries again.. The first will be – Spanish La Primitiva, with OLR equal to 111,455. And the second – Italian SuperStar, whose OLR is 0,004. Let me remind you, this is data on 29 july 2015 of the year. The indicator changes every day, from draw to draw. As an example, the "best" and "worst" lotteries were naturally chosen. so, why is there such a huge difference, everything is very simple. Jackpot size: The primitive – 64 500 000 euros, SuperStar – 8 200 000 euros; ticket price: The primitive – 2,75$, SuperStar – 2,75$; chance at jackpot: The primitive – 1 to 13.983.816, SuperStar – 1 to 56.035.316.700. I think, now everything has become very clear.

Combo bets

This type of game has just appeared on the Internet. And the pioneer of course was thelotter. Soon I will devote a separate article to combo bets, to describe in detail all the pros. Now only one thing needs to be noted, combo bets combine two types of games: single player and syndicate play. That is, you buy a so-called "package" consisting of individual tickets and shares in one or more syndicates. At the same time you save, since thelotter offers a discount on such a "package" in contrast, if you bought everything separately. I think, that the prospects for combo bets are very high. Since they combine the ability for a person to single-handedly have a win, and the opportunity to increase your chances of winning as part of a syndicate.

My review about foreign lotto

For me, foreign lotteries are above all about honesty, по крайней мере здесь не обманут.

The whole process went like this: I registered on the site, затем пополнил баланс и приобрёл билет. Затем спустя 10-12 hours a copy of the ticket appeared in my personal account. Type: -«Вот мы реально купили, look ". Basically at that time, everything seemed real to me, and I believed, that in case of a big win I can get my money.

You can even watch, how I did it all in my video, but then I still did not know how to record well:

I have already expressed my position above regarding, Will your Agent Lotto jackpot pay out?

Here is what they write on the subject “Can I be sure, that I will receive all my winnings in full?»:

Believe it or not? The choice is yours.

Jackpots of foreign lotteries

The most attractive link in this chain of happy accidents is the jackpot. More precisely, its size. It's not a secret to anybody, that foreign lottery games provide an opportunity to win millions of prizes. This fact is the main motivation for participating in the game.. For the residents of Russia, several million dollars is truly a pass to a comfortable life and something beyond fantasy.. Statistics invariably show, that a resident of absolutely any part of the world can become the happy owner of the main prize.

Multi-million dollar jackpot

It should also be noted, that some of the lottery games are tax-free. But even if you pay a certain amount as tax, several million dollars as a prize will delight any player. Undoubtedly, negative responses about foreign lotteries appear on the Internet. Their appearance is caused by the fact, that in this field, together with the official sales representatives, scammers are actively operating. To avoid fraud, you should purchase tickets only from trusted and trusted representatives, which can be declared on the official website of the lottery game.

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