Lotto superenalotto

Italian lottery superenalotto - regulations, history, etc.

Why Lotto Agent?

Lotto Agent has relatively low ticket prices, which already includes service services: sending notifications, translation of the prize and technical support.

Other dealer benefits:

  • tickets are available on the website for more than 20 famous world draws
  • tickets for all draws are collected in one tab, which makes tracking results more convenient
  • technical support in Russian, operating in mode 24/7
  • пополнение счетов по доступным для России каналам — Webmoney, Qiwi, Yandex money, cards of any Russian banks and accounts of mobile operators MTS, Tele 2, Megaphone and Beeline
  • bonuses and discounts when subscribing, system or multi-circulation
  • notifications of results by e-mail and through your personal account
  • affiliate program, within which you will receive 5 dollars for each attracted friend

What a Superstar?

SuperStar is a ball, which is removed from a separate drum with numbers from 1 to 90,

If it matches the SuperStar number, you are guaranteed to receive a prize. If you have already won the main draw, your prize will increase.

Tickets with the SuperStar option cost approximately 50% more expensive than usual. A separate prize fund is formed from the sale of such fields., which is distributed among the players in the following proportions:

Combination Increase the prize Average Prize
Superstar (further - S) € 5
S + 1 € 10
S + 2 € 100
S + 3 X 100 € 2700
S + 4 X 100 € 34 500
S + 5 X 25 € 1 060 694
S + 5 +Jolly + €1 000 000 € 1 574 051
S + 6 jackpot + € 2 000 000 € 79 733 584

In categories 0-2 the prizes are fixed, and in other combinations the amount will depend on the prize pool and the number of winners. main numbers.

What is SuperEnalotto?

SuperEnaLotto is the Italian national lottery. Every 3 draws are held once a week, on Saturdays, Thursdays and Tuesdays at 22:00 by MSC, in Rome. The live broadcast can be viewed on the official lottery website -

Presently, the lottery is included in the TOP-10 lotteries in the world, by the size of the prizes provided. The biggest win for the entire period of the drawing was - 178 million. euros. And this is not the biggest jackpot, since it cannot be limited and can accumulate over 10 months not without stopping.

A share of the prize fund is transferred to the Italian budget, since the lottery is considered state. That is why the winners receive a lower percentage., compared to other lotteries, played out only 34% from the sum, received from ticket sales.

Super Lotto

Described site:

The essence of the lottery is as follows: each participant is given a ticket, a
then the system selects random numbers. If they are on the ticket, to the account
money is credited. The more matches, the higher the amount. Just have your own

Remember: free lotteries are organized only for advertising
or other benefits. Nobody will just share finances with the participant.
We think, this is understandable ... But that's why then you stubbornly bite at scams,
promising fabulous profits for nothing?!

Super Lotto project is a typical cheat, almost a clone of RosLoto and SuperLoto services. Even the names are almost the same. The cheating scheme is simple:

  • Give out a free ticket;
  • Conduct a "draw". Every time one falls out and
    the same numbers, coinciding with those drawn on the ticket;
  • Offer to receive a prize after payment
    certain services.

Why are people being led? Because it seems, as if cherished
the award is practically in your pocket. Only a small payment in a pair separates from it
hundreds of rubles. Only in the end does the scammer make money here, not you! In a scam
Super Lotto has no money at all, which are shown on the screen.

During and after the draw, Superloto links are blocked. We cannot go to social networks or other pages. They just don't exist. The crook bluffs outright, do you believe him! Take a look at the first stage of registration: write, that the system itself determined the user's first and last name, and this is complete nonsense.

Compare what you see with Proven Courses, where it is clearly stated: what work do you get paid for, how much, what you have to learn for this. All in your hands. Try it yourself!

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