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Mexico lottery information

In Mexico, lotteries are managed by two organizations:

  • The National Lottery for Public Assistance (Lotenal), commonly referred to as the National Lottery. It is an institution belonging to the Mexican government.

This lottery has some similarities to the Lottery National from Spain.

  • In relation to the prizes, in both cases a sheet is issued with all the prizes, direct, hundreds and endings
  • In both cases the most important draws are at Christmas, in Spain the Christmas Draw that is held on 22 December and in Mexico the Gordito de Navidad which is celebrated on 24 from December.
  • The numbers are recited by children with a special accent, in Spain the children of the San Ildefonso school and in Mexico the Screaming Children who make one of the most striking characteristics in both draws.

Forecasts for Public Assistance, It is a decentralized public entity of the Mexican State.

The exact start of Forecasts was in June 1978, with the sports betting of the soccer world championship held in Argentina. Later, with the start of the soccer league, the Progol draws began to be held weekly.

At ten years the name was changed to Forecasts for Public Assistance and from that date to the present, Forecasts has been incorporating more products so that Mexican players have the current games offer.

On this page we provide you with the latest results of all the raffles held in Mexico. There is a menu option for Lotenal games and another menu option for Prediction games.. You can check the last result of each game as well as access the historical results in the form of a list or through a calendar.

In the information of the results we offer you the winning combination and the breakdown of the prize categories.

Special lottery receipts

The Spanish lottery has special draw categories:

  • special editions - the price of one tenth of the ticket is 12 euros, draw takes place on Saturday, prizes are within 1-3 million;
  • extraordinary draws - the price of one tenth of the ticket is 15-20 euros, runs in the presence of extraordinary events, the amount of the likely prize for each case is determined on an individual basis.

Besides, the founders of the lottery game provide players with the opportunity to compete for a special prize. He is called Reintegro in the game.. The one, who managed to get such a prize, claiming a refund for the ticket - 3-20 euros.

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