How to win the lottery?

What lunar day is it better to buy a lottery ticket, to win?

Some rules when choosing numbers

There are several recognized methods, which players often rely on:

  1. Pick the same numbers. According to the theory of probability, the selected combination must appear at least once. However, the wait will take a long time: some lucky ones were lucky only after several decades of continuous participation.

To hurry things up a bit, you can calculate the probability of getting each number and choose the most probable. You can do this manually or on special sites - the latter help you find happy combinations.

  1. Significant dates: many choose birthdays, weddings and other days, when they are very lucky. One side, this number can "help" one more time, on the other hand, you cannot take only numbers, as they are concentrated in one side of the digital field, which will reduce the chances.

  2. With astrology: each zodiac sign has its own lucky numbers, which can be used. You can find them on the Internet, calculate it yourself or use significant dates, eg, wedding date. Its useful to note, that "clean" dates are less lucky: figures from 1 to 31 is chosen by a large number of people, and therefore the chances are divided among everyone.

You can often find the following combination: to get the first number, you need to add all the digits of the date of birth (eg, 5 july 1994 year - 5+7+1+9+9+4). The second number is the addition of all the digits of the name, if a - 1, b - 2, in - 3 etc. The third number is the sum of the first two.

Accident is not accidental: many gamblers are sure, that only a lucky chance can help to win a large sum. for example, a passing car's license plate, bus number, which they rode the day before, etc.

To test the method, it is necessary to pay attention to minor details on the day of ticket purchase or write down the very first numbers, what come to mind

Surprisingly, but often "unlucky" numbers become happy: eg, after the tragedy 11 september 2001 years, many have bet on the numbers "9" and "11" and won. Car numbers are often used, crashed or exploded the day before.

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