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Russian lotto 1355 circulation of 27 september 2020: results, ticket verification, video broadcast

How apartments and super prizes are drawn?

As part of the weekly lotto draw, participants have the opportunity to win country houses, apartments, as well as thousands of cash prizes of various sizes.

What you need to know, to get a super prize?

Lotto super prize is given to the participant, who succeeded in the first ten moves, cross out ten numbers, located on any two lines in the lottery ticket.

If you win, the participant can take the money, or get different things, whose final total value will be the sum of the super prize. The prize fund in this case is formed from deductions in 50% of the value of each lottery ticket sold.

How and where to find out the results of the circulation?

The results are published on the state lotto service, and on our website "Golden Key". The publication is posted in the online lotto edition for 10 days after the draw. To find out information about the results, you will need to contact the web resource. On the main page, you need to switch to the Housing Lottery, where there is a button "draws archive" before choosing tickets. In the field you can enter the number of the winning ticket.

An alternative way to get results data is to search by the date of the Housing Lottery.

  1. Use the application program or the mobile version of the web resource.
  2. Contact special kiosks for the sale of lottery.
  3. Use the newspaper publication "Arguments and Facts". Here the draw results are published weekly on Wednesdays.
  4. Call the hotline.

To find out the result, ended lottery, participants can use uniform numbers +7-499-270-27-27. Otherwise, you can use the number for cellular mobile operators *777.

Now let's look at the rules of the game

The rules are very similar to the game "Russian Lotto" . There are two playing fields in the ticket, each of which contains 15 digits. So, just in the ticket 30 numbers. These numbers cross out, when the host of the "Housing Lottery" takes out the number of the corresponding barrel from the lottery drum.

for example, if the leader took out the ball numbered 45, then all players, who have this number on the ticket, need to cross it out. In this way, they get one step closer to victory. In most cases, the presenter gets out of the lottery drum 86 barrels, after that the game ends. But sometimes it can be taken out 87 or even 88 barrels.

In the "Housing Lottery" 3 tour.

  • In the first one those tickets win, who closed one line of the ticket before all others.
  • Tickets won in the second round, who completely closed one playing field before everyone else.
  • Participants wins in the third round, who managed to close the entire ticket earlier than others.

Sometimes in some matches there are special such.

Tour 1.

Called "number". Tickets win in it,and in which the last part of the number coincided with a combination of numbers, which the host took out of the barrel.

For example: the host can announce, that in the tour "number" all tickets win, whose numbers end in digits for example 73, 18. In this case, participant of the "number", whose ticket ended on 7318 wins.

Tour 2.

"Vertical". Here the coupons win, containing vertical, which consists of the numbers of the balls just drawn. Example: in the next game, the presenter did not get balls with numbers because of the lottery drum 23, 27, 29. In this case, a ticket that contains numbers in a vertical line will be winning.

Types of tickets

There are several types of tickets - electronic and regular. As in other draws from Stoloto , Housing Lottery coupons exist in the form of paper and electronic tickets.

1. E-ticket

Can be purchased on the Housing Lottery website. It looks like this: on the left there is a logo in the form of a house in which, there is an image of a square meter, the ticket number is written below (he contains 12 digits), on the right side are numbers.

When buying an e-ticket, you will need confirmation by mobile phone. It will be required if a person wins any prize.. He will need an SMS notification with a code, which he must inform the cashier at the point of sale, to confirm the fact of winning.

2. Paper ticket

They, who are used to a traditional physical ticket, people, for whom it is important to buy and hold something physical, offer coupons with attractive designs

In the center is the house in which the name of the lottery is depicted, on the left is the Housing Lottery logo, draw number and draw time, and also the name of the channel, where the draw will be held.

The right side contains information about the prizes, namely about apartments and their number, which will be raffled. If you buy such tickets, then the phone number is not needed, and the winnings can be received with a coupon (no other documents are needed for this). You can buy it at the Russian Post offices or at the Stoloto kiosks.

How to play and win Russian Lotto

They, who is wondering, how to play and win lotteries, must understand, that there is no winning strategy. If you have lost several dozen tickets in a row, then the chances of winning the next draw remain the same, like newbies. When planning to play lotto for money, this type of gambling cannot be considered as a possible source of stable profit. Here randomness rules, но увеличить шансы на выигрыш все же можно.

Setting up a lottery syndicate

The easiest way to get closer to victory is to purchase a large number of tickets, calculate mathematically possible combinations and overlap them. Lottery coupons are usually not expensive, but this approach requires hundreds or even thousands of tickets for each print run. It is expensive to spend that amount of money, but if you divide the costs by several people, then spending will not be critical.

It is best to ask friends and describe to them the possible benefits of the plan.. Yes, if there is a winning ticket among those purchased, then the profit will have to be divided among all participants of the "syndicate", but the chances of winning increase tenfold.

Go and play Russian Lotto

More numbers, more chances

Each coupon contains 30 numbers, divided into 2 playing fields. In theory, 3 tickets can be closed by all 90 barrels. Buying cards, try to minimize repetitions. Russian Lotto rules do not prohibit this approach, but the probability of winning with the same financial investments increases.

Don't miss the distribution runs

Some players are helped by a simple tip: you need to follow the news and not miss extraordinary runs ("money box" sign on the "lottery"). If during several issues the jackpot is not drawn, then the probable gain continues to accumulate. One of the conditions for the distribution draw is the mandatory draw of the money pool. As One Person Can Win, and a few lucky ones.

The main thing is not to lose heart!

The lottery doesn't need to be taken seriously

It's just a game, therefore it is important to keep positive. Golden Rule: if a Russian person believes in victory, then the chances of a successful outcome are higher, than a pessimist

For assimilation, how to play loto, we recommend adhering to the following rules:

  1. Think through possible combinations mathematically.
  2. Try to avoid repetitions in numbers.
  3. Create a syndicate with friends or acquaintances.
  4. Follow the extraordinary circulation.

Remember, because the lottery is so called, that the outcome is always random. We recommend to take Russian Lotto as fun, and not as a possible financial asset.

Go to the Russian Lotto website

Winning the "Russian Lotto" lottery

Where are the results published?

There are several ways to find out the winning lotto ticket.:

  1. Publication and announcement of results on the Russian Lotto website.

To do this, you need to go to the website and go to the "Checking tickets and drawing results" tab.

Upcoming draws will appear on a new page or you can find a category yourself using the search bar. To do this, you need to click on it, and then the options will appear. Choose "Russian Lotto" from all categories. In this case, a search is performed by ticket number.

After the selected category, a transition to a new page occurs. Here you will need to indicate the circulation number (1) and ticket (2) lotto. If several coupons participated, then you can add them using a special button below the field "Ticket number". When everything is entered, you need to click on "Check" (3).

If you search through the "Archive of Draws" of the Russian Lotto, then you will need to indicate the date of the drawing. Besides, you can enter a range. In this case, all dates of the Russian Lotto for the last period will be issued. It is required to choose from the given results, which is necessary for the winner or participant.

  1. Publication in the circulation archive on the mobile version of the lotto page or in the application.

You can check the lotto winners through the app or the mobile site. On the main page you will need to click on the button "Check ticket ...".

Then a new page will appear, where to find the winning lotto ticket by number or combination. There is a special field below, where data is entered.

  1. Directly, where they sell coupons for draws.
  2. In the newspaper "Arguments and Facts".
  3. By special phone.
  4. On our portal check the lotteries "Golden Key".

To find out about the win, you need to call the single support number of the lotto center: +7-499-270-27-27. From a mobile phone, you can dial *777. The short number is free. However, it can be used by mobile subscribers, without withdrawing money from the account.

How to get prizes

Depending on the amount of the win, gifts are given at different points. Поэтому призы в пределах 2 тысяч рублей выдают, where you can buy lotto tickets. To clarify, you can call the support service using a single number. If the win in the Russian Lotto reaches five or six figures, then it can be transferred to an electronic wallet in the lotto account. Prizes are awarded on any network, where coupons for editions are sold.

When a participant wins more than one hundred thousand rubles, then they receive a prize by transfer to a bank card. To do this, you need to send a set of documents by mail. When the winning amount reaches a million rubles or more, then the payment is made by bank transfer. To do this, you will need to draw up documents. To receive a prize, you must visit the central office of the Russian Lotto lottery company.

Is winnings taxable?

For Russian participants of the Russian Lotto, the tax is 13%. If the participant arrived from another country, then the collection comes to 30% from the sum. IN 2018 year since 1 January it was decided that, if the amount is equal to or greater than 15 thousand rubles, then the tax will be withheld immediately. Otherwise, at the prize in 10 thousand rubles an individual will need to pay a fee in a special institution.

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