Cheating schemes in Russian lotto in 2019 year: the media got information about huge fraud

Lottery scammers and personal experience

Stoloto - exposure

By the way, it was about the holding of draws in "live broadcasts" that a loud scandal arose recently. Russian Lotto accused of cheating, and even provided the necessary evidence, who pointed to him.

So, netizens noticed, what about the New Year's drawing, Where, recall, between the participants of the lottery they promised to draw two billion rubles, some "inconsistency" came out.

The table with the results appeared on the Internet much earlier than the promised "live broadcast".

The discussion was conducted on the popular resource Pikabu: one of the users noted, that I found a table with results "from the future" much earlier, as the promised time of "live broadcast" came - eight in the evening on the first of January.

For, so that other commentators do not doubt that he is right, user provided the necessary links, as well as screenshots of the correspondence with the administration of the Stoloto website.

They did not answer a direct question, because how did it happen, that the results appeared on the network before the "live broadcast", No one knows. But the audience, of course, I didn't get lost in conjectures for a long time.

Some commentators have noted: lotteries are pure fraud, and they, actually, never live. Although the inscription about holding one hangs, as it should be, in the corner of the screen.

My lottery story

I'll start with my story. I first played the lottery when I was a teenager, then the parents decided to try their luck, starting to buy Russian Lotto tickets, Golden Key and TV Bingo, and I checked them, but luck never smiled at us – won only small amounts. There was a case, when we were one step away from a big win in the Russian lotto. In the third round of the draw, we almost won an apartment, only the last digit of our ticket number differed from the number of the winner, the winner himself was listed as sold in Yekaterinburg, that is, in another region. As many people know, tickets are sold in packs with numbers in order, and how part of the pack could get to another region – for a long time remained a mystery to me. I remember this moment in detail only for one reason.: we missed part of the draw on TV, caught only the moment, when the missing numbers were called, and they were all on the ticket, but we deliberately went to check him for winning in the first two rounds. It's been about 15 years old, and only now I understand, that it was part of the scam scheme. How such schemes work? You will find the answer in this article..

Most residents of our country always have an acute question about either their own housing, or about improving living conditions, so the thought never left me to buy my own home, but with the salary of the average citizen, this is simply an impossible task. In the spring 2012 one of my friends bought a lottery ticket “gold fish”, when we passed the lottery kiosk, but I won nothing. But I saw an opportunity in this, started buying tickets too, but only on the Internet. Sure, most of the tickets lost, or won little money. I was almost desperate and wanted to abandon this venture, but, by analyzing circulation tables, found a way to stay in a small minus or in the plus, subject to buying a large number of tickets. To tell the truth, break-even runs pass 2-3 once a year, and not in all lotteries. The purpose of participating in such circulations – this is an attempt to compete for a big prize, and pay off the main costs with small prizes. I want to notice right away, that it was much more profitable to buy tickets on the Internet, since in Interlot (Golden Key) gave bonuses up to 25% from the cost of purchased tickets, in the TV Bingo show every third ticket was a gift, and only in Stoloto there were no bonuses. Of course, if you bought lottery tickets at a kiosk, there could be no talk of any bonuses.

Using this method, I became very rare, but still win pretty good amounts, but no matter how much I play – more 250 000 I could not win rubles for one ticket. In order not to be unfounded and not to give reasons to object, that all this is not true, as proof, I published an article “Examples of winnings”, which contains photos (screenshots) winning tickets.

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