Comic birthday lottery for adults with gifts

Birthday lottery for children (6-12 years old) comic

Universal lottery for adults with funny jokes

To hold a universal lottery, a hat or basket is required, leaflets with inscriptions. They are rolled into a tube, the presenter must walk between the guests and follow, so that everyone chooses such a tube.

Inscriptions on the leaves (prizes):

  1. Your wonderful little eyes were awarded .... diaper. The winner is presented with a baby diaper.
  2. We give you a flint substitute. The winner receives a box of matches.
  3. So that your pants do not sleep, we give you a gift of steel. The participant is given a pin.
  4. We use it as directed, find creative use. A roll of toilet paper with instructions for, how can you apply it, eg, make a mask, use for gypsum production, wrap products in it, etc..
  5. You are incredibly lucky, your gift is a cat. A live cat is handed, picture, statuette.
  6. Topics, who wants to live happily, i hand this beer. The winner receives a can of beer with the inscription "Happiness".
  7. Forgive us my friend, but you miss your move. (The participant wins nothing.)
  8. We solemnly present the portrait of the most beautiful and intelligent person. The mirror becomes the prize.
  9. Any little thing is nice. With this and the words, the host hands over a handful of small coins.
  10. Our lottery is not a hoax, get a self-assembled tablecloth. Guest receives oilcloth.
  11. This thing will remind the boys of their bright childhood. Tin Can - Empty. She was played football.
  12. So that you don't get bored at night, we are giving you a barrel of tea. The winner receives tea in a keg.
  13. If you dream of a power like that, what Gene from Aladdin had, you need to drink vitamins. The prize is an ascorbic acid package.
  14. We offer to be silent a little and use a spoon. A plastic spoon with instructions is handed over, in which you need to indicate, what dishes should a guest try with it, eg, jellied fish, sausage cuts, pizza.
  15. We're embarrassed in front of you, but your prize is one carrot. The participant receives a carrot.
  16. If you suddenly decide to marry, this chintz cut will definitely fit you. (I mean a handkerchief.)
  17. Laurel crowns are handed out at the Olympics, and get a packet of bay leaves from us.
  18. So that there are no problems with the skin, get, sign - cream.
  19. Got an empty ticket, but don't cry, don't know troubles, do not swarm in the rooms, drink the juice and calm down. (The participant must drink a glass of juice or a stronger drink.)
  20. Reach out your hand, your gift is a bunch of onions.

If the tickets are colorful, but, eg, you can write edible lottery winnings on pink pieces of paper, but on blue - not edible. Another example is all, who has a pink ticket they drink a glass of juice, a glass of a strong drink. Guests with blue tickets are required to sing or dance, tell a not-so-decent anecdote.

Leading with a serious look: Dear guests, gentlemen, I ask you to top up my wallet on 100 thousand. rubles. If you don't, you are threatened to stay in this apartment (home) all night.

Guests: what?

Leading: Oh, sorry, wrong start. Do you believe in fair lottery?

(Guests can talk, how to", so "no", on it, that they still have to participate in the lottery, the answer will not affect)

As a payment, you can take:

  • alcohol;
  • toast;
  • congratulatory speeches, just speeches, not a few words;
  • a song;
  • autograph in the book of wishes (there is one at the wedding, but on birthday it will also be appropriate);
  • dance striptease or erotic;
  • the guest agrees to be a bartender or help in the kitchen;
  • the guest tells a funny story from his life.

Money is also accepted as payment, true, small amounts. At the end of the holiday, the collected funds can be transferred to the account of a charitable organization.

Comic lottery for a wedding

Prepare in advance: pouch with numbered tokens (balls); lottery tickets in the shape of a pair of swans, hearts, rings; prizes.

Tickets are sold to guests, offering to draw out a happy one with his own hand. All this is done at the beginning of the celebration, with jokes, asked to save tickets, After all, the luckiest one will receive a super prize - for example, a trip to Paris (tour operator brochure) or apartment (key).

Some of the guests are invited to hold the drawing, he is asked to draw tokens (balls). Announce the number, call out the winner, present a prize.

Examples of winnings and comic rhymes to them:

  1. If the farm has a machine, then there will be something to sew.
    We are ready to give it to you with pleasure. (Sewing needle set)
  2. We will not torment you with a long wait, and congratulations on the upcoming fiery date. (Pack of condoms)
  3. So that your shoes do not loosen, strong, reliable laces. (Laces)
  4. Don't sulk, do not grieve, neighbor (neighbor) kiss on the cheek.
  5. To love you anyone, drunk or drunk, unshaven, prickly, just not smelly. (Soap)
  6. Today the fashion for smartphones, on gadgets, yes to iPhones.
    We're not chasing her, stand aside,
    But we will confidently hand over a simple soap dish. (Soap dish)
  7. You have won the grand prize, and that is not our fault.
    Which door will the key open, come in, she is yours. (Key)
  8. You didn't get your ticket to the spa due to pull,
    While dreaming about spa, read the newspaper. (Newspaper)
  9. You, really, lucky.
    In that, right, no doubt.
    You didn't get sweets - candy wrappers. (Candy wrappers)
  10. You got a delicious cake, with vanilla and nuts.
    Forgive us, in fact, it was accidentally eaten yesterday. (Empty cake box, tied with a beautiful bow)
  11. So the main prize fell out, this is not an easy cruise.
    This is not Tuapse, a cool tour to Paris! (Travel agency booklet)
  12. Have you ever dreamed, ride a Ferrari? (Typewriter)

You can compose other options for comic winnings yourself or search on the Internet.

Lottery for a fun company of adults

Option 1. Adults are no less fond of solving riddles than children.. Don't be too complex, but funny and with "peppercorn" - the very thing. Riddles are written on a piece of paper, where to end the line. If the participant guesses, he gets it. If not, others are looking for an answer. The one who guessed it takes the prize. The leaves are folded several times, put in a hat, shake before serving.

Examples of riddles and prizes:

  1. She will warm you on an autumn day,
    And she will save from melancholy.
    The soul will get drunk under bliss
    She - (bottle of wine; prize - a bottle of wine)
  2. It thunders, the earth is shaking,
    Everything is buzzing around, bursting.
    Maybe a hurricane rushes or a swarm of bees flies?
    Everyone is wondering: Oh, who ah,
    And this - (rabbits in the bushes; prize - hare - soft toy)

Option 2. The principle is the same. Write on the riddle sheet, below - the prize. Roll up, put in a hat, stir. Guess - get it, what fell.

  1. What organ of the human body tends to increase tenfold? (The answer is the pupil; the prize is a condom)
  2. What should be done, so that the girl's eyes shine? (The answer is to direct the flashlight into your ear.; prize - flashlight)
  3. The first woman on the planet, mastered flight technology? (Answer - Baba Yaga; prize - brush)
  4. What to do, when a green man appears in front of your eyes? (The answer is to cross the road; prize - a can of beer)
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