Proton therapy

"Children save children"

Buying a charity card "Help and Win", you purchase a drawing, созданный для спасения жизни и здоровья больного ребенка. The authors of the drawings were young artists, воспитанники нескольких образовательных учреждений страны: Center for extracurricular activities "Academic", St. Petersburg, Pension of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation (r. Moscow), educational center "Sirius" (r. Sochi). IN 2019 sales of a new series of postcards "Help and Win" with pictures of children with severe diagnoses started, including those with drawings, whom our project has already helped!

These drawings are symbols of a good deed.. Collect the entire collection!

[edit] Fundraising programs

The Foundation raises funds from private and corporate donors through direct collection, holding charity events, attracting individuals and companies to ongoing programs. At the same time, Life Line tries to simplify the donation process as much as possible and make it accessible to a wide range of people with different financial capabilities. You can transfer money to the fund through almost any payment system, by bank transfer from a card or account, by sending SMS to a short number 3242, indicating the amount of donation. Aeroflot and JSC “Russian Railways” give the opportunity to share the accumulated miles or bonuses, which will be spent on the delivery of a sick child to the place of treatment. Private donors of large sums can receive a Child Keeper certificate.

«Чья-то жизнь — уже не мелочь

Акция «Чья-то жизнь — уже не мелочь!» (collecting small coins on the streets and in offices) became widely known in large cities of Russia. It is held in May with 2009 of the year. General partner of LLC "Alfa-Bank". Fundraising is carried out by volunteers from Moscow, St. Petersburg, Perm, Nizhny Novgorod, Irkutsk, Novokuznetsk, Rostov-on-Don, Sochi and other cities. За это время собрано более 24 million rubles, this money was enough to provide assistance 86 children.

Charitable "Race 5275" and "Ski track 6250"

Distance race 5275 m (eighth part of the classic marathon) and cross-country skiing 6250 m (eighth of 50 km) held in Moscow. Participants' contribution goes entirely to pay for the treatment of children. Ski 6250 was first held in 2015 year. The races have already taken place 8 time (annually from 2012 of the year). Число участников ежегодно растет — в 2018 year, more than 3000 person.

"Reaching the goal!»

IN 2016 year, the Life Line Foundation became a social partner of Russian Railways. Thanks to this collaboration, our basic projects have taken on a completely different scale.. For the fourth year in a row, the charitable race “Achieving the goal!», the general partner of which is Russian Railways. IN 2016 the event took place 7 August in Moscow on the territory of VDNKh. IN 2017 the race took place 5 and 6 August all over Russia. Sports festival was supported in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Murmansk, Saratov, Yaroslavl, Rostov-on-Don, Voronezh, Bologoye and other cities. IN 2018 a thousand-year race took place on Poklonnaya Hill 5 August, in 2019 year – in Luzhniki.

"Winter holiday of life"

Every December at the GUM skating rink or skating rink in the garden “hermitage Museum” festive tree is lit up, symbolizing the beginning of the charitable winter holiday of life. A good family holiday has already become a tradition, and annually brings together young and adult lovers to have fun and usefully spend a day in the fresh air. Rich entertainment program, ice games, delicious treats, sweet gifts and, of course, Santa Claus are waiting for you at the charity matinee. All proceeds from tickets are sent to help the wards of the Life Line Foundation.

"Kindness candy"

The project is carried out with 1 june 2014 of the year together with X5 Retail Group (retail chains "Pyaterochka", "Crossroads" and "Carousel"). «Конфетка доброты» — леденец стоимостью 15 rubles, of which 5 rubles go to the fund for the treatment of seriously ill children.

Corporate program

A company can become a corporate member of the Plus One Life club, annually transferring a contribution of 200 thousand rubles. The objectives of the corporate program, except for direct fundraising, are mutual promotion of brands, development of joint charitable programs, popularization of charity.

The project "Charity instead of souvenirs" is promoted in the corporate environment, when products are purchased as corporate gifts, implemented by the fund (toys, T-shirts).

registration? Easy!

To take part in the games and compete for cash prizes, You need to register on the site. Для этого зайдите в раздел Регистрация, fill in all the fields provided and confirm your mobile phone number with a code, sent by SMS.

After registration in your personal account you will be credited 500 game points. Participation in the games costs a certain number of points from the "Help and Win" project ("Locomotives"). You can choose one of the offered games:

  • Crossword puzzle - participation is worth 25 points
  • Sudoku - worth participating 20 points
  • Quizzes - worth it 25 points
  • "Locomotives" (three in a row) - participation is free

Alpha Bank

Proton therapy

Cooperation between the Life Line Foundation and Alfa-Bank began in 2004 year since the creation of the Life Line charitable program, later in 2008 the year the program grew into a charitable foundation of the same name. IN 2019 the Life Line Foundation celebrated the fifteenth anniversary of its work. By this time, more than ten thousand children have been cured.. We are proud of the fact, that with the constant support of Alfa-Bank we were able to achieve such impressive results. One of our tasks is to raise funds as positively as possible, we strive to instill in people a culture of charity, we offer to become participants in various charitable projects, spend time for the benefit of yourself and your family.

Faina Zakharova Foundation President: "Alfa-Bank always actively supports the Life Line Foundation". We have several joint projects, that help raise funds and treat seriously ill children. for example, individuals can make donations to save children's lives using the Alfa-Click Internet Bank, by regular bank transfer and through ATMs. All these operations are carried out without bank commission..

Charitable deposit for individuals "Life Line" operates in Alfa-Bank from 2011 years and allows clients not only to securely and profitably save their money, but also help children. It works very simply: of interest, paid on deposit, Alfa-Bank transfers monthly 0,05% of the amount of the deposit to the Life Line fund. You can open it in any branch of Alfa-Bank, via the Internet bank "Alfa-Click" or by calling the telephone center "Alfa-Consultant".


send an SMS with the amount of donation to this number

Business card "Alfa-Cash Ultra", launched by Alfa-Bank in 2016 year, which immediately acquired the status of an "affinity" card. Entrepreneurs, using it in their daily activities, help seriously ill children: for each purchase made, Alfa-Bank transfers from its own funds 0,39% to the Life Line Foundation. From the start of the project, 54 baby.

"Donate to the fund" directly from the Internet bank "Alfa-Business Online". IN 2017 year Alfa-Bank organized another convenient, technological and safe service, allowing entrepreneurs to donate funds to charity "in three clicks", directly from the current account, without leaving the familiar Internet banking interface. It allows you to quickly transfer money to charitable foundations.

Alfa-Bank always cares about the convenience of its customers - and individuals, and legal entities. And if they are willing to donate funds to help children, the Bank provides them with simple and reliable ways to do this.

Alfa-Bank annually holds Summer Days in Moscow and in the cities of its presence throughout Russia. The proceeds from each ticket sold for this family holiday goes to the Life Line Foundation.

During all the years of the largest music festival Alfa Future People, the Life Line fund has been its partner. IN 2019 year, users could make a donation to the fund online when buying tickets and use QR codes to make a transfer directly on the site.

Thanks to the employees of the Bank, who participate in the program "They need your help" is a program of private donations of employees through a subscription to recurring payments.

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