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Art and culture

The last Raphael: the restoration of the frescoes of the Sibyls and Prophets in the Chigi Chapel

Thanks to the restoration carried out by Antonio Forcellino and carried out with our support, today the work acquires new importance and interpretations

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The virtual journey of art at the time of the lockdown

During the emergency, the museums have reached thousands of visitors
in homes around the world: let's find out how art has found new ways for
interact with your audience.

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The artistic experience as a show

For students of Culture Generation, the interesting case study of Marco Balich's work. Read more…

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Technology as a new frontier of art

A training day dedicated to innovation for Generation Culture kids

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Italian museums, value generators

Culture produces value, a value that is not only immaterial but also monetizable, just think that state museums in Italy generate 117.000 jobs, a number recently confirmed by MiBACT. But what is the real value of the museum system on the economy of our country?

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New professions of culture

Art and culture are professional sectors coveted by many young people but they are also key strategic assets for the growth of our country. With an estimated assets of 180 billions of euros of movable assets, Italy is the ideal setting for growing the cultural talents of tomorrow.

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When art becomes eco-sustainable

Culture and Nature for a long time represented two opposite poles and in some ways irreconcilable. Today, climate change and the ecological emergency have awakened people's attention to the environment and a new ecological awareness is spreading.

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Science and technology are the future of museums

Information, amuse, amaze, these are words that have entered the vocabulary of the most innovative museums, who are not afraid to transform. Thanks to digital technologies, the innovation of cultural heritage can explore new paths, aiming at audience growth and conquering a younger audience.

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The museum as a cultural hub

Italian museums are renewing themselves: starting with the Maxxi in Rome, a look at the changing museums

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Culture Generation: looking for talent for cultural heritage

Lottomatica, for some time engaged in the enhancement of the artistic heritage through a full program of restorations and interventions in support of institutions, returns with the fourth edition of Generazione Cultura, the call created to accompany the entry into the world of work of fifty young graduates.

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With culture you eat?

The challenge of Italian cultural institutions to ride the digital transformation and enhance our artistic heritage is made up of lights and shadows: on the one hand it is bearing its first fruits, on the other hand, there remain important delays, such as the scarcity of sites suitable for mobile browsing ...

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The restoration in Italy: a high-tech story

Italy is a country as beautiful as it is fragile, this is why technology comes to the rescue of the restoration sector, where Italy boasts a tradition of excellence and is the key ingredient of a recipe that combines expertise, innovation, sustainability.

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Youth and the future

JoyPoint: we support the new generations in the recovery towards normality

Together with Sport Senza Frontiere we support the JoyPoint project: a social path, training and sports towards a new normal after Covid-19

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I will want: a crush on integration

Our project for the support of young people through volleyball

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Educating to invest in the future of the new generations

We follow the Comet is the Lottomatica project designed to support the children of the Oliver Twist School during the entire training cycle. A partnership that combines Lottomatica know-how and Cometa's thirty years of experience.

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The new chapter of Vincere da Grandi starts from Marcianise

After years of grinding victories in the world rings, the boxer Clemente Russo has taken the boys from the Marcianise gym under his wing, inaugurating a new stage of the Vincere da Grandi project and giving local children the opportunity to practice the noble art of boxing.

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Parenting as a master

Scientific studies show that taking care of a newborn, helps to enhance different types of skills: relational, organizational, and all those soft skills in which companies invest a lot, both in economic terms and in terms of time.

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Appointment with the Career Days

Promote the meeting between companies and candidates in a dynamic and stimulating environment for the youngest: this is the main objective of the Career Days; a unique opportunity to make yourself known and get in touch with companies through speed interview, colloqui one-to-one e job orientation.

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SuperAbilities: transform diversity into skill

This year Lottomatica promoted the creation of a spontaneous group of employees to break down the cultural and architectural barriers within the company that limit the ability to express people with disabilities. Here is the SuperAbilities project ...

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The new professions of the future

Tomorrow promises to be more and more tech, also for companies

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Winning from Grandi arrives in Norcia

The Norcia initiative is part of the "Winning as a great" project, which offers young people from disadvantaged neighborhoods or areas of some Italian municipalities the opportunity to play sports for free, also through redevelopment of existing structures. Discover the project!

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The Oliver Twist School for a possible future

Conceive, design and enhance individual talent for a truly possible future: these are the objectives of the Following La Cometa project, which supports the Oliver Twist School children in acquiring skills and abilities in a professional contest.

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If diversity and inclusion make the company grow

In the corporate vocabulary, the words diversity and inclusion have gradually gained importance and today represent a reality capable of transforming organizations from within, a positive virus that can rewrite its genetic code.

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Sport Team Lottomatica: together to do good

The adventurous mountain bike tour of Dolomiti for Duchenne

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Technology and Innovation

Cities become smart and transform citizens' lives

Smart City, or better, the most evolved and intelligent form of the cities we live in. Here's what it is…

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High-tech trends 2020

Faster connectivity for smarter devices

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We bring ultra-speed to L’Aquila

L'Aquila smart city of Italy thanks to an agreement between Lottomatica and the University

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Innovation and culture: sustainable growth passes through a good economic plan

Idee Vincenti is one of the initiatives in support of the community conceived and supported by Lottomatica, in collaboration with Polihub, the university incubator of the Politecnico di Milano and some prestigious Italian universities.

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The transparent revolution: welcome to the era of Omnichannel

The change has already begun

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Tech Well Being

Technology is increasingly indispensable and has made us more efficient, simplifying and improving life at home and at work. But it can be a double-edged sword, also becoming an inexhaustible source of distraction

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Phygital workshop

It all began in the seventies with the invention of the mouse, first attempt to bring machines closer to man. Back then it was called Human Computer Interaction and it was stuff for a few super-specialized engineers. Today, we landed at Phygital

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Big Data: five facts to understand this phenomenon

When we talk about Big Data, what is the real scope and what are the implications of this word? Here are five facts that can help you understand the phenomenon and the reasons why it is destined to change the way we live and work.

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Artificial intelligence to map the territory

To give a narrative sense to an immense digital heritage, CityOpenSource aims to collect the stories that speak of the territory, allowing anyone to create interactive maps with multimedia content and geo-localized data.

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The 12th IGT Sustainability Report

A strategy focused on the objectives of the United Nations

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The fixed odds bet is a bet in which you have to predict the result of an event to which predefined odds have been associated. The winning of the bet is then calculated by multiplying the amount bet by the odds assigned to the predicted event. In this way, player, when purchasing his bet, is already aware of the winning amount in case, the event he predicted, should come true.
In sports betting, the schedule is defined as the set of sporting events, decided by the concessionaire with the complementary schedule and validated by ADM (Customs and Monopoly agencies), on which bets can be accepted. Each schedule is defined with a numerical code.
In fixed-odds betting, the object of the bet is defined as an event.
The event can be a match between two teams (it is. Football, Basket), a match between two individual competitors (it is. Tennis), a single team or single competitor competing for the final victory of a sporting or non-sporting event (it is. A cyclist, a singer), or a match between a single competitor and a team (Fantasy betting). Each event is marked by a numerical code.
In fixed-odds bets, the outcome is any possible outcome of the bet (it is. in football betting “Final result 1X2”, the possible outcomes are 1, X and 2).
In the single bet you have to predict the result of a single event and the potential win is obtained by multiplying the odds associated with the event by the amount bet.
In the multiple bet you have to predict the results of two or more events (up to a maximum of 30). The overall odds of the multiple bet is given by the product of the odds of the individual predicted events (plus any bonuses) and for the ticket to be a winner, all the predicted outcomes must be successful.
The antepost bets have as their object the prediction of an event whose conclusion will take place in the future (for example the Serie A Winner, Vincente Champion’s League).
The minimum binding indicates the minimum number of events that must be included in a ticket, and for all events it is equal to 1.
Example: Roma – Lazio (Minimum binding 1). The Roma match – Lazio can be played in both single and multiple
The maximum binding, on the other hand, indicates the maximum number of events that can be inserted in a ticket. Example A: Roma – Lazio (Maximum Binding 30). The Roma match – Lazio can be inserted in tickets containing 30 events Example B: Winning Cycling Stage 1 Tour of Italy (Maximum Binding 1). The Winning Stage Event 1 Giro d’Italia can only be played in single.
Each event is characterized by a minimum and maximum binding.
For example, if Lazio-Roma has min-max binding 1-30, it can be inserted in tickets containing only that event (single) or in multiples containing a maximum of 30 happenings.

For more details on the types of Sports Betting click here

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