Foreign lotteries for Russians online

Popular European lotteries with the ability to play from Russia

What foreign lotteries can you play??

Several types of lotteries are available for playing via the Internet.

The most popular among them are:

  1. American, are the leaders in the size of jackpots.
  2. European are the largest group of foreign games.
  3. Australian ones are gaining popularity among players due to their high chance of winning prizes and frequent draws.

Each of these groups includes several of the most popular games., which have their own advantages and disadvantages.

American lotteries

Among the American lotteries, there are several of the most popular.

These games are:

  • Powerball popular game, is a jackpot size record holder, ticket price 2 dollar, minimum jackpot 40 million dollars;
  • Mega Millions popular lottery, the cost of the ticket is 2 dollar, and the size of the minimum jackpot 10 million. dollars;
  • New York Lotto;
  • California;
  • Superlotto and some others.

European lotteries

Among the European lotteries, the largest number of various games is presented.

The most popular are:

  1. EuroMillions holds the record for the number of participants, who received big winnings. The ticket price is 6 euros. The draw is held every week on Tuesdays and Fridays.
  2. EuroJackpot - analogue of EuroMillions, the draw is carried out on Fridays. The main prize is from 10 million. euros, and its limiting size is 90 million. euros.
  3. Viking Lotto is a Scandinavian game with the main prize from 3 to 30 million. euros.
  4. El Gordo - Spanish national game. Coupon value is 1,5 euros. The jackpot can grow to tens of millions of euros.
  5. El Gordo de Navidad has a prize pool of 2,5 billion. euros.

El Gordo de Navidad is highly likely to receive minor large payments, which attracts many players from different countries.

Australian lotteries

Australian lotteries have gained popularity relatively recently.

The most demanded are:

  • Oz Lotto - draw is carried out on Tuesdays, the minimum jackpot is 3 million. dollars, and the value of the coupon 3 dollar;
  • Oz Powerball - famous for its large payouts and large prizes in other categories, the ticket price is 1,5 dollar
  • Suturday Lotto;
  • Monday Lotto;
  • Wednesday Lotto.

Russian lotteries

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