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How to Play France Lotto

France Lotto draws take place every Monday, Wednesday and Saturday. The winning numbers are drawn at 20:35 THIS, but the draw schedule according to local time in South Africa may change, as France observes Daylight Savings Time. See the on this page for the exact times France Lotto is drawn throughout the year.

Tonight’s France Lotto Jackpot

€7 MillionWednesday, 30 September 2020

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It’s a 5x Rollover!

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The aim is to match your numbers with the winning ones randomly selected in each draw. Six numbers between 1 and 49 are drawn, plus a Chance number from a separate pool of 1 to 10. The Chance number can be the same as one of the main numbers.

Playing from South Africa

You can participate in France Lotto online from South Africa, as well as from locations around the world. Follow these instructions to enter online:

  • Visit an online lottery provider that offers France Lotto.
  • Choose your five numbers from between 1 and 49, and your Chance number from between 1 and 10 – alternatively, select ‘Quick Pick’ for a random selection of numbers.
  • Enter as many sets of numbers as you would like to play.
  • Choose whether or not you wish to enter multiple draws.
  • Select ‘Add to Cart’.
  • Pay for your entries.

Any prizes you win will automatically be transferred to your online lottery account. You may need to register for an account before you complete your first ticket purchase.

France Lotto Raffle

The France Lotto Raffle is an additional game played alongside the main draw. A nine-character raffle code is generated along with your lottery numbers; if you match your code with one of the ten raffle codes randomly picked on the night of the draw, you win a €20,000 prize.

Note that the France Lotto Raffle may be unavailable to some online participants entering from outside of France.

Calculate your Loto winnings

The calculation of Loto winnings since 6 mars 2017

The 6 mars 2017, the FDJ has proposed a new version of the Loto without affecting the probability of winning. However, the whole of the usual report has been modified to move to a fixed table of earnings, these are more readable and easier for players to understand, here are the new earnings reports to calculate your French Loto income.

From 5 good numbers, you have : Your CHANCE number is a winner ?
Yes Non
5 good numbers Jackpot (2M d’€ minimum) 100’000€
4 good numbers 1000€ 500€
3 good numbers 50€ 20€
2 good numbers 10€ 5€
0 or 1 correct number 2,20€ (refund)

The calculation of Loto winnings between 2008 and the 6 mars 2017

For both Loto and Super Loto draws, here is how the winnings are distributed according to the number of good numbers present on your grid according to a table provided by the FDJ :

From 5 good numbers, you have : Your CHANCE number is a winner ?
Yes Non
5 good numbers Rang 1 (jackpot) Rang 2
4 good numbers Rang 3 + Stake * Rang 3
3 good numbers Rang 4 + Stake * Rang 4
2 good numbers Rang 5 + Stake * Rang 5
0 or 1 correct number Rang 6 (Stake *)

The famous lucky number, which did not exist in the first versions of the Loto, is therefore necessary to obtain the Jackpot. Apart from this utility, this will only be used to reimburse your initial investment, but will be useless ranks 5 at 2.

The winnings of the different ranks differ for each draw, depending on the number of entries and winners for previous draws, and this until the last roll-over of the jackpot. We can still calculate the average earnings at the different ranks, here is a table (calculated on the draws made between 2008 and 2014) :

Rang de gain Result Probabilities 1 luck on Average gain (06/10/08 at 28/02/14)
1 5 numbers + Chance n ° 0,000 005 % 19 068 840 5 443 038 € (3 times on 4 no winner)
2 5 numbers without Chance number 0,000 05 % 2 118 760 103 230 €
3 4 numbers + Chance n ° 0,001 % 86 677 1 079 € + bet
3 4 numbers without Chance number 0,01 % 9 631 1 079 €
4 3 numbers + Chance n ° 0,05 % 2 016 10 € + bet
4 3 numbers without Chance number 0,45 % 224 10 €
5 2 numbers + Chance n ° 0,69 % 144 5 € + bet
5 2 numbers without Chance number 6,25 % 16 5 €
6 1 number + Chance n ° 3,56 % 28 2 €
6 0 number + Chance n ° 5,69 % 18 2 €
Sum 16,71 % 6,0 6 €

See Loto odds in detail here.

Calculate your Super Loto Friday winnings 13

Since the implementation of the New Loto formula, the 6 mars 2017, special Friday prints 13 are not as before and several rules change, including the earnings report which is more provided than before, like the Christmas Grand Loto.

So, with a price of 3 € per grid, Friday Super Lotto 13 are now endowed, in addition to a minimum jackpot of 13 million euros of boosted earnings ranks and 50 Loto codes with a unit value of 20’000€.

Find below the full winnings report for the Friday Super Lotto 13 :

Ranks of earnings Gains Boosted earnings
5 good numbers + Chance No. 2.000.000€ minimum 13.000.000€ minimum (x6,5)
5 good numbers 100’000€ 150’000€ (x1,5)
Loto Codes Winners 10×20’000€ 50×20’000€ (x5)
4 good numbers + Chance No. 1000€ 2000€ (x2)
4 good numbers 500€ 1000€ (x2)
3 good numbers + Chance No. 50€ 100€ (x2)
3 good numbers 20€ 50€ (x2,5)
2 good numbers + Chance No. 10€ 20€ (x2)
2 good numbers 5€ 10€ (x2)
1 correct number + Chance No. / Chance number only 2,20€ (bet) 3€ (bet)

Calculate your Christmas Grand Loto winnings

Once a year from 2017, the FDJ offers a Christmas Grand Loto, this is a special draw involving the sum of 20 million euros minimum (necessarily won) as well as 100 Loto codes worth 20’000€, there too guaranteed.

In addition to these astronomical gains, the earnings ratio is also modified by offering boosted earnings from x2 to x5 compared to the normal.

Find below the winnings report for the Christmas Grand Loto draws

Ranks of earnings Gains Boosted earnings
5 good numbers + Chance No. 2.000.000€ minimum 20.000.000€ minimum (x10)
5 good numbers 100’000€ 200’000€ (x2)
Loto Codes Winners 10×20’000€ 100×20’000€ (x10)
4 good numbers + Chance No. 1000€ 5000€ (x5)
4 good numbers 500€ 2500€ (x5)
3 good numbers + Chance No. 50€ 200€ (x4)
3 good numbers 20€ 100€ (x5)
2 good numbers + Chance No. 10€ 30€ (x3)
2 good numbers 5€ 15€ (x3)
1 correct number + Chance No. / Chance number only 2,20€ (bet) 5€ (bet)

All you need to know about the Christmas Grand Loto 22 December 2017

Where can you buy French Loto tickets?

You can purchase France Loto tickets in one of the official stores or online at TheLotter. A ticket usually costs a few euros. There’s a possibility to increase your winning chances, namely by choosing a systematic form with the numbers 7, 8 or 9. A 5-line or 6-line lottery ticket might bring you luck as well. It might also help if you buy a multi-draw package of 5, 10, 25 or 52 draws. It has two advantages, namely a discount and a higher winning chance. A subscription for France Loto is a good idea as well, because in that case you participate in every draw. Besides that you get a free 10th ticket every time. You can choose your lucky numbers manually or with a quick pick. After the purchase it’s time to wait for the draw on Monday, Wednesday and Saturday evening at 20.30 GMT.


Find further information about France Lotto, including a draw schedule, in the frequently asked questions below.

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+ When do France Lotto draws take place?

France Lotto draws are held on Monday, Wednesday and Saturday evenings at 20:35 THIS. France observes Daylight Saving Time, meaning that the time the draw takes place will change in South Africa at certain points in the year. See the table below for when draws are scheduled to take place throughout the year.

France Lotto Draw Schedule
Start Date End Date Draw Time In France Draw Time In South Africa
Last Sunday in March Last Sunday in October 20:35 HONOR 20:35
Last Sunday in October Last Sunday in March 20:35 THIS 21:35

+ Is there a guaranteed minimum jackpot?

The minimum guaranteed jackpot is €2 million.

+ Is there a jackpot cap or rollover limit?

The jackpot can only roll over 34 consecutive times before it has to be won. As the jackpot increases by a fixed €1 million per rollover, the maximum France Lotto jackpot is €36 million. If it is not won after 34 consecutive rollovers, the jackpot is rolled down and shared between the lower prize divisions.

+ What was the largest France Lotto jackpot ever won?

The largest ever France Lotto jackpot was €24 million, won by a single ticket holder in June 2011. The winner chose to remain anonymous when collecting their record jackpot.

+ Why did I not receive a France Lotto Raffle code when I purchased my tickets online?

The France Lotto Raffle may be unavailable for certain international players buying tickets online, as it can only be entered by residents of France or by players who participate using a lottery concierge service. See the page for more information about concierge services.

+ What changes were made in November 2019?

The 2nd tirage was introduced ahead of the draw on Monday 4th November 2019 to give players an additional chance to win prizes up to €100,000. The prize structure for the main Lotto game also switched from giving away fixed awards in all divisions to a pari-mutuel system. It was also announced that more special draws would take place in future, where the jackpot is increased to a guaranteed amount such as €10 million or €13 million.

2nd Tirage (2nd Loto draw)

Players can also take part in a 2nd Loto draw for an extra €0.80 per line. This is a separate draw which sees five numbers selected between 1 and 49 – the Chance number is not used in the 2nd draw. Ticket holders play with their same numbers from the main game, and win prizes for matching between two and five numbers. The winning combinations, odds and prizes are as follows:

Winning Combination Odds of Winning Prize
Match 5 1 in 1,906,884 €100,000
Match 4 1 in 8,667 Estimated €500
Match 3 1 in 201 Estimated €30
Match 2 1 in 14 Estimated €3

The jackpot prize and the Match 2 prize are fixed amounts. The other two prizes are pari-mutuel so the amount varies between draws. The fixed prizes are paid first using money from the prize fund, then of the remaining fund, 28% goes to players in the Match 4 category and 72% is allocated to Match 3.

How to play Loto

To try your luck at the Loto, the participating player now has several options. The first of course, is the one you all know : point of sale participation. As a rule these are the Bar / Tobacco and PMU who his apparatus to record the bets for the Loto, of course these examples are not exhaustive. In point of sale, you have the possibility to play your own numbers, previously checked on a blank grid, or choose the "flash" option letting the machine decide for you. Finally, you can also check multiple options, allowing you to multiply your earnings ().

Second possibility to play Loto : do it directly online. Registering on the Française des jeux site is a difficult step, since you must provide several documents including your RIB and a copy of your identity card, all affixed with your signature, as well as the words "I certify that this copy conforms to the original". A rather crippling step, but which gives you access to multiple services, in particular the email alert in the event of a win, or automatic recurrence of your favorite numbers, so you never miss a draw, even in case of absence.

If you want more advice on how to play Lotto online, see our dedicated page here.

Finally, players now have the option of playing directly from the official FDJ application, accessible free of charge and on many media.

France Lotto 2nd Draw (2nd Draw)

The France Lotto 2nd tirage can also be played alongside the main draw every Monday, Wednesday and Saturday. You have to opt in to take part and pay a small extra fee. The 2nd tirage follows a similar format to the main game as five main numbers are randomly selected from 1 to 49, but there is no Chance number.

If your five main numbers match all five winning numbers, you win the top prize of €100,000. You can also win other prizes for matching two numbers upwards. See the table below for the odds of winning.

France Lotto 2nd Tirage Prizes and Odds
Prize Division Numbers Matched Odds Prize
1 5 1 in 1,906,884 €100,000
2 4 1 in 8,667 Estimated €500
3 3 1 in 201 Estimated €30
4 2 1 in 14 €3

Extra money with the Loto Raffle

One of the interesting things about the French Loto is that it offers several extra’s to win more money, including the so-called ‘Loto Raffle’. It means that you have a unique code on your lottery ticket that makes it possible to win one of 10 prices worth 20.000 euros. The code is made of one letter and eight numbers. So every time you purchase a ticket, it might be possible to win 20.000 euros with the ‘raffle’ option. Besides that, the prize money is tax free. It makes the French Loto even more exciting!

In a lottery you have to beat the odds, because the winning chances for the Jackpot aren’t very high. However, France Loto doesn’t think there is something like ‘bad luck or bad numbers’ because it always has a guaranteed Jackpot at Friday the 13th! The Jackpot is worth at least 13 million euros. So if you win, 13 will be forever your lucky number. Sometimes it takes a while before there’s a Jackpot hit, because the maximum number of rollovers is 34.

France Lotto

Even with the popularity of European lotteries such as the EuroMillions, Viking Lotto, Eurojackpot, the Spanish La Primitiva Lottery and the Italian SuperEnaLotto among others, the French National Lottery (“France Lotto”) has still succeeded in maintaining its grounds in France and in the world as a whole. This can be seen in the number of French people who still play the lottery which currently stands at about 15 million weekly local French players.

French National Lottery – Loto Francaise

The French national lottery also known as Loto Francaise is France’s flagship lottery which was launched in 1976 by the Francaise de Jeux Groupe – whose majority shareholder is the French government. The French Loto like most lottery games follows a traditional draw style which uses a 5/49 plus 1/10 double matrix. This means that during each draw, five balls from a pool containing 49 balls numbered from 1 to 49 are first drawn, then, an additional ball known as the “Lucky Number” is drawn from a second pool which contains 10 balls numbered from 1 to 10.

How to Play

French Loto tickets can be purchased online or in person from an authorised retailer at a cost of €2.20 per line.

Loto jackpots are worth a minimum of €2 million and if there is no Match 5 plus Chance Number winner, the jackpot will roll over to the following draw and increase by €1 million. It is possible for the jackpot to roll over for a maximum of 34 consecutive draws and if there is still no top prize winner, the jackpot prize will roll down and be shared between players in the next winning prize tier.

In addition to the jackpot, there are eight other winning combinations and you can even win a prize just for matching the Chance number. The majority of the prizes are pari-mutuel so they vary from draw to draw based on the number of tickets sold and the number of winners, but there is a fixed prize of €2.20 for matching the Chance number with one or none of the main balls.

The Loto winning combinations and odds are as follows:

Winning Combination Odds of Winning Percentage of Prize Fund
5 more luck 1 in 19,068,840 Jackpot
5 1 in 2,118,760 8.44%
4 more luck 1 in 86,677 2.06%
4 1 in 9,631 7.43%
3 more luck 1 in 2,016 4.44%
3 1 in 224 15.98%
2 more luck 1 in 144 12.43%
2 1 in 16 49.22%
1 more luck 1 in 28 €2.20
Chance number 1 in 18 €2.20

The percentage allocated to each prize category is taken after the prize money has been distributed to the jackpot and fixed prize tiers.

France Lotto Results

Monday, 28 September 2020







Jackpot for this draw: €6,000,000

2nd Tirage Draw Results






Show France Lotto Winners 09-28

Prize Division Prize Amount Winners Total Prize Fund
Match 5 more Bonus €6,000,000.00 Rollover 0 €0.00
Match 5 €0.00 €0.00
Match 4 more Bonus €4,863.00 39 €189,657.00
Match 4 €338.00 397 €134,186.00
Match 3 more Bonus €59.00 1,357 €80,063.00
Match 3 €20.00 14,378 €287,560.00
Match 2 more Bonus €13.20 16,923 €223,383.60
Match 2 €5.00 177,626 €888,130.00
Match 0 more Bonus €2.20 243,825 €536,415.00
Totals: 454,545 €2,339,394.60

2nd Tirage Winners

Prize Division Prize Amount Winners Total Prize Fund
Match 5 €100,000.00 1 €100,000.00
Match 4 €721.40 150 €108,210.00
Match 3 €42.80 6,491 €277,814.80
Match 2 €3.00 96,690 €290,070.00
Totals: 103,332 €776,094.80

Biggest france loto winners

Although the France Loto has a fairly modest €2 million minimum jackpot, that does not mean it can’t shell out a significant amount. Each time this lottery will roll over, the jackpot increases in €1 million increments. Additionally for this, the jackpot’s capability to rollover is limited to a fairly generous 34 occasions. The biggest single-ticket jackpot prize won around the France Loto was €24 million, in June 2011. The jackpot had folded over a remarkable 11 occasions from the beginning special draw jackpot prize of €13 million to finish on this amount – nearly double the amount initial prize, because of 11 consecutive rollovers. The France Loto has additionally had its great amount of wonderful results one incredibly lucky lottery player in the south of France required home the jackpot in 1996, and on the other hand this year.

Prizes and Odds of Winning

There are ten different ways you can win a prize in France Lotto, from matching just the Chance number for a €2.20 prize all the way up to matching all six main numbers to win the jackpot. The prizes are not always the same because they work on a pari-mutuel basis, so the value is determined by how many tickets are sold and the number of winners.

Find out more about the different criteria for each division below, including the odds of winning in each.

France Lotto Prizes and Odds
Prize Division Numbers Matched Odds Percentage of Prize Fund
1 5 more luck 1 in 19,068,840 Jackpot
2 5 1 in 2,118,760 8.44%
3 4 more luck 1 in 88,677 2.06%
4 4 1 in 9,631 7.43%
5 3 more luck 1 in 2,016 4.44%
6 3 1 in 224 15.98%
7 2 more luck 1 in 144 12.43%
8 2 1 in 16 49.22%
9 1 more luck 1 in 28 €2.20
10 Chance number 1 in 18 €2.20
The overall odds of winning a France Lotto prize are 1 in 5.99

The percentage shown for each prize division is the figure that will be allocated once the jackpot and the fixed prizes (1 plus Chance and 0 more luck) have been paid.

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