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Prize Total Online
Up to €500 Small prizes are added to your lottery account, although they are paid directly to your bank account instead if they would take the lottery account balance over €500.
Between €500 and €25,000 Prizes are paid directly into your bank account.
Over €25,000 Prizes must be collected from National Lottery headquarters in Brussels.
Prize Total Authorised Retailer
Up to €1,000 Prizes can be claimed from any official lottery retailer. Should the retailer not have the required funds on the premises, you will need to return at a later date.
Between €1,001 and €2,000 These prizes can be paid by authorised retailers, however, if the money is not available you will be required to visit any regional lottery office or lottery headquarters in Brussels.
Between €2,001 and €25,000 Can be claimed by visiting any regional lottery office or lottery headquarters in Brussels.
Over €25,000 You must make an appointment to meet a representative at lottery headquarters in Brussels. The number to call is 02 238 45 54 or 0494 10 99 67.

EuroMillions players in Belgium have 20 weeks to claim any prizes.

What are the rules of EuroMillions ?

The rules of EuroMillions couldn't be simpler. For each validated EuroMillions grid, you have to choose two sets of numbers :

  • 5 main numbers of 1 at 50.
  • 2 Good stars 1 at 12.
  • Discover the 7 numbers selected in the draw to win the jackpot.

Of course, playing online is no different, same selection of numbers, jackpots or similar secondary prizes ... In reality there are even more online gaming options than through an official reseller ! Online, you can play in a group, subscribe, opt for multiple draws ... Many options to significantly increase the winning odds of the European lottery.

Which countries are participating in EuroMillions ?

EuroMillions is a European lottery featuring 9 participating countries : Austria, Belgium, France, Ireland, Luxembourg, Portugal, Spain, Switzerland and United Kingdom. The jackpot and similar prizes (in euros) in every country.

However, it is possible to play online and this, no matter your geographic location !

When will the next EuroMillions draw take place? ?

You can play EuroMillions online twice a week, Tuesday and Friday. Take a look at the banner to find out when the next draw will be !

How much is the EuroMillions Jackpot currently ?

If you need motivation to play EuroMillions, just take a look at the banner. You will find the next jackpot there, in play during the next draw !

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How to play EuroMillions around the world ?

With theLotter platform, tourists can play EuroMillions online ! Operation is simple : a local representative takes care of the formalities for you and goes to an official lottery dealer to purchase lottery tickets on behalf of the player (see the section "How to play online ? »). The ticket is then scanned on the player account, while the paper version is kept carefully. For the player, nothing's easier, he must :

  • Open theLotter account
  • Deposit funds
  • Choose the EuroMillions lottery
  • Choose your preferred method of play : In Group, individual or combined
  • Choose your number selection mode : According to his lucky numbers, or according to an automatic number generation option.

And There you go ! The grid is validated and all that remains is to wait for the results of the draw !

For more questions about the possibility of playing or winning EuroMillions abroad, take a look at our Frequently Asked Questions below !

€ 29 Millions


FAQ EuroMillions

Can a foreigner legally play EuroMillions ?

Yes, knowing that the ticket is purchased in the country where the draw takes place and does not leave the territory, it remains valid.

How to collect your EuroMillions winnings while playing online ?
Are the EuroMillions raffles accessible online from abroad ?

It is true that EuroMillions raffles offer an undeniable advantage, allowing you to win a prize regardless of the draws. In the recommended platform, theLotter, it is possible to participate in the raffle for the Spanish and Austrian version of EuroMillions !

Are EuroMillions Super Jackpots available online for foreign players ?

Of course ! The Super Jackpots, beginner at 100, 120 or 130 million euros are perfectly accessible online !

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