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Viking lotto - Viking lotto

Number lottery Viking lotto, originally from Scandinavia, has been operating for over twenty years, and is familiar to many in Europe. Today Viking Lotto unites eight countries: Finland, Iceland, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.

Lottery number formula contains two fields: the main 6 of 48 and additional: 1 of 8. The winning combinations are those, which correctly guessed 3 main ball, guessed extra ball increases the winning amount. To win the jackpot, you need to correctly guess all the numbers from both fields. According to the lottery rules, the jackpot amount can be up to 30 million euros.

Viking Lotto Winning Odds
Viking Lotto contains 8 categories of winnings

Win category Probability of winning
3 major 1:61
3 major + additional 1:427
4 major 1:1 085
4 major + additional 1:7 601
5 major 1:55 653
5 major + additional 1:389 571
6 major 1:14 024 585
6 major + additional 1:98 172 096

The Viking Lotto draw takes place weekly on Wednesdays.

El Gordo Navidad – The Fat Christmas

It is by far the most famous and popular lottery in the world.. The Spaniards call her a fat man for the huge prize money. The name of the lottery can be translated "Christmas jackpot", the draw is drawn annually 22 December in Madrid.

El Gordo lottery is famous for its huge prize pools, which also grow from year to year. So, during draws in 2012 and 2013 years he made absolutely incredible 2 billion 520 million euros. Thanks to this amount, we can say, what is this lottery – the largest lottery in the world. Sure, in terms of the sums of the main prize, she cannot be compared with the American mega millions and powerball. But for such parameters, as the probability of winning, number of tickets and, as already said, to the total prize fund, she is certainly the most.

Try your luck, participating in this El Gordo v can not only Spaniards, but also residents of other countries.

Win category

Number of prizes



First prize


1 to 100 000

4 million euros

Second prize


1 to 100 000

1 million 250 thousand euros

Third prize


1 to 100 000

Five hundred thousand euros

Fourth prize


1 to 100 000

Two hundred thousand euros

Fifth Prize


1 to 100 000

Sixty thousand euros

Dropped out of two lottery reels (they are called bombos) balls with numbers from 0 to 9 children bring to the commission members. The drawing of the draw is a colorful performance, which is broadcast live for several hours.

Lotería de Navidad is not only a unique lottery, but also a good tradition, beautiful holiday, bringing a good Christmas mood. Not infrequently whole settlements, teams unite to play, and in case of victory they divide the winnings.

Available 100 000 predefined numbers, in each of which a five-digit code from 00000 to 99999. It could seem, that a lottery of this scale cannot have only one hundred thousand tickets. but, each ticket is printed in one hundred and eighty copies. You should also consider, that tickets consist of 10 parts, which are sold separately. In this way, actually 100 000 combination of 180 copies in ten parts – this is 180 million tickets.

El Gordo Navidad Lottery offers truly unique chances of winning very large prizes in the lottery market. So the chance to win the first prize of four million euros is only 1 to 100 000. In other lotteries, the probability of hitting a jackpot is one in ten, or even hundreds of millions. Read more in the article lottery probability.

Important: when buying tickets you must understand, that usually not the whole ticket is sold, and its tenth is Decimas. She is standing 20 euros

Respectively, when winning, You will get a tenth of it. Basically, you can buy a whole ticket - but it will cost you accordingly 200 euros. Websites - intermediaries,, allows you to buy shares of tickets online without overpayment - at a cost price in 20 euros. Read more in the article online lottery. The only inconvenience is, that these sites buy a large number of tickets in advance, but of course not all 100 000 options. In this way, You will have to choose from that range, which is already available on the indicated sites.

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