Bingo loto estonia

Available bookmakers in Estonia

Estonian users are free to use the services as national, and foreign online betting operators, and also freely visit land-based bookmakers and sweepstakes. When online bookmakers first started to appear on the Estonian market, the government banned visits to foreign sites and tried to block the possibility of any transactions with foreign online sweepstakes. However, such efforts have proven ineffective..

Moreover, low tax turned out to be quite attractive for European companies, and they acquired an Estonian license as soon as possible. The same companies, who did not become players in the national market of the country, managed to get around the ban, using the legislation of the European Union, uniting some economic spaces of the member states.

Now Estonian residents legally place bets in the bookmaker:

  • Sports betting;
  • Bet365;
  • Winner;
  • BetVictor;
  • Optibet;
  • Olympic.


The minimum lottery jackpot is 10 million. But it is not possible to win it every time., so, if no one takes the prize, then from circulation to circulation it increases to the maximum value 90 million. euros.

When, when, after reaching this limit, the winner is still not revealed, then the jackpot is distributed evenly between the applicants, who guessed the most number of digits on the ticket.

Others don't have to guess everything 7 values, to win at EuroJackpot. Even those participants receive well-deserved payments, who guessed everything 3 numbers - 2 in the first part of the ticket and 1 in the second fragment of the ticket. Each prize tier has its own share of the fund, depending on the coincidence of numbers:

  • I — 5 major + 2 additional - 36%;
  • II — 5 major + 1 additional - 8,5%;
  • III — 5 main - 3%;
  • IV — 4 major + 2 additional - 1%;
  • V - 4 major + 1 additional - 0,9%;
  • WE - 4 main - 0,7%;
  • VII — 3 major + 2 additional - 0,6%;
  • VIII — 2 major + 2 additional - 3,10%;
  • IX — 3 major + 1 additional - 3%;
  • X — 3 main - 4,3%;
  • XI — 1 main + 2 additional - 7,8%;
  • XII — 2 major + 1 additional - 19,1%.

The jackpot guarantee fund is 12.00%. Therefore, the chance to win a prize in EuroJackpot is 1 of 95 million. But there is so much more, than in a similar EuroMillions lottery (1 of 117) или в German Lotto (1 of 139).

Winners of thelotter

Date Winner Winning at thelotter

Christian L.

40,30 EUR≈ 3 161,74 ₽

Maxim B.

1 487,60 RUBL≈ 1 487,60 ₽

Jonas L.

73,80 EUR≈ 5 789,98 ₽

Novelkeesore R.

44,76 USD≈ 3 157,69 ₽

Francisco Javier G.

40,00 EUR≈ 3 138,20 ₽

Jonas L.

84,50 EUR≈ 6 629,45 ₽

Jonas L.

86,50 EUR≈ 6 786,36 ₽

Torsten R.

49,50 EUR≈ 3 883,52 ₽

Nataliya U.

56,72 USD≈ 4 001,44 ₽

Cyril P.

30,00 EUR≈ 2 353,65 ₽


74,55 GBP≈ 6 486,68 ₽

Peter K.

350,00 EUR≈ 27 459,25 ₽

Adonis S.

68,41 USD≈ 4 826,13 ₽


51,50 EUR≈ 4 040,43 ₽

Cornelia K.

42,68 GBP≈ 3 713,64 ₽

Daniel O.

76,09 USD≈ 5 367,94 ₽

Francisco Javier G.

57,40 EUR≈ 4 503,32 ₽

Francois J.

49,97 USD≈ 3 525,24 ₽

Alexander P.

45,10 EUR≈ 3 538,32 ₽

Krzysztof P.

40,00 EUR≈ 3 138,20 ₽

Mustvee alcoholic, lottery winner over 22 thousand euros, made the life of the townspeople hell

Published by: loarvik 27|01|2015 || Views: 6617

In the past year, in the evening 10 December Bingo Loto has determined the winner of the main prize. The lucky winner bought the ticket from the Ceresus store in Mustvee. The amount of the win was 22 873 euros.

This news marked the beginning of a curious story.. Her moral is, what to win the lottery is, certainly, luck, which can touch you too, but sometimes a lucky break turns into a cruel joke.

The next day, the inhabitants of the small town of Mustvee were very interested in, who is this lucky, lottery winner? It didn't take long to speculate, in the Ceresus store (this store is the only one in the city, where can i buy a lottery) local resident Peeter came, to check your ticket.

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The Michael Larsen incident or How the unemployed person won 110$ thousand

Published by: Leo 10|01|2020 || Views: 1152

When in 1983 year on CBS(american television and radio network) first aired "Press Your Luck" , she quickly caught the attention of Michael Larsen, unemployed ice cream truck driver from Ohio. It was winter, for ice cream – not the season, and all, what could he do – watch, how members from all over the country answer tacky trivia questions and gamble on the Big Board(one of the stages of this TV game)

The Big Board was a randomized grid of 18 squares in roulette style with different prizes: thousands of dollars in cash, dream vacation, free moves and the so-called “Whammies” – square with red devil, if the player hits it – he went bankrupt and lost all the accumulated money. Michael enjoyed watching the contestants win, lose and try their luck. If you're lucky, the participant could take home several thousand dollars. Not bad, thought Larsen.

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“110 000 few. Give more!” RusDelfi readers are outraged because, that Estonia will help American Maryland.

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Lottery history

Published by: Leo 31|03|2018 || Views: 1827

The history of the origin of the lottery leads to the ancient origins of human civilization. According to scientists, one of the first mentions of the manifestation of a peculiar form of the lottery are ancient Greek myths, which says, that the warriors took turns pulling stones from the golden helmet, one of which gave the right to a duel with Zeus, what it meant to be able to live or die with honor.

Almost at the same time, the birth of the first forms of the lottery took place in Ancient Rome and China.. IN 100 a lottery was organized during the reign of the Han dynasty in China, reminiscent of the Keno game. Facilities, proceeds from its holding, were used to defend the country, and primarily to finance the construction of the Great Wall of China.

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Winner of a winning Eurojackpot ticket and almost 850 000 the euro turned out to be a man from Narva

Published by: loarvik 21|09|2019 || Views: 6590

During the 30 August of the Eurojackpot draw, a lottery ticket bought on the Internet won 846 843,80 euros. A man from Ida-Viru County won a lucky ticket, who moved to Narva for work a few years ago.

The man registered his winnings digitally and received money into his account, reported by Eesti Loto AS. The man said on the phone to the organizers of the lottery, that periodically plays Eurojackpot, Bingo и Vikingloto. Before that, the man had small wins, and he never felt, that you must win the jackpot.

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Patriot Media agency will be engaged in attracting new residents to Vaivara and Narva-Jõesuu
Advertising: Christmas LOTTERY at Rahva Raamat!

Advertising: Christmas LOTTERY at Rahva Raamat!

Published by: Cube 02|12|2016 || Views: 2417

We are happy to take care of interesting and beautiful gifts for every taste, which can be found in our store in Narva! Puzzles, toys, educational games, modern gadgets, fiction books and encyclopedias, hobbies and philosophical works, coloring pages for adults - all this and much more you will find here.

But there is more: from 1 by 29 December every buyer, whose check will be 15 euro and above, becomes a participant in the Lottery!

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Winner of a winning Eurojackpot ticket and almost 850 000 the euro turned out to be a man from Narva

New lottery with fabulous winnings will go on sale soon

Published by: fish 12|03|2012 || Views: 3270

Eurojackpot will go on sale in Estonia next week, winnings in which can reach tens of millions of euros.Bingo loto estonia

Tickets go on sale 17 Martha. The first draw will take place 23 Martha. Many European countries participate in the lottery.

For, to win the jackpot, need to guess from 50 five correct numbers, and also from eight two numbers. One lottery field will cost two euros.

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Who will take a pack of tickets…

Published by: Vasilich 11|05|2013 || Views: 7130

Water pump, sure, nobody won, but a lot of nice little things could be obtained for 30 kopecks. About the lucky ones, winning cars, there were legends. And every ticket buyer hoped for a miracle.

Bingo loto estonia

ABOUT, how many ticket scams, winning cars. Shop directors bought them with pleasure, vegetable bases, foremen, procurers and other crooks. After all, the winnings were not subject to confiscation., when the number matched , but with the series something did not work, then you received a consolation ruble in the savings bank. Remembered?

In Narva, tickets were checked at the main savings bank of the city, which was located on Petrovskaya Square (city ​​government building). There were booths with winning numbers at the entrance (they were printed in newspapers) and there was a trash can for throwing away tickets that did not win. As boys, we collected these tickets in an urn to use them as money in our children's games. Because they looked so much like them. And most importantly, the smell of these tickets was one to one, like real money.

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A resident of South Estonia gave to scammers 150 000 Euro as “tax on lottery winnings”

Published by: Yellow 31|08|2016 || Views: 2687

Recently, a resident of South Estonia fell victim to scammers. The elderly man gave 150 000 Euro for receiving lottery winnings. Previously, such deception took place mainly by email or SMS.. This time the scammers used regular mail, writes Delfi.

Photo: Sven Arbet

For reliability, the rogues were covered with the trademark of the famous electronics company Sony, the names of people associated with this enterprise, and in general were quite convincing: the company allegedly raffled off the main prize in the amount of 1,9 million.

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The fire victims saw the lottery numbers in a dream and won 2,7 million rubles

Published by: Leo 28|11|2011 || Views: 3177

They say, life is like a zebra: then the black bar, then white… Last year for the Yakovlev family from Kingisepp (Leningrad region) turned out to be blacker: first, Sergey's husband was fired, then the house burned down. The car did not survive either, where the unemployed head of the family earned money as a taxi driver. And he and his wife Anastasia have two little daughters…

Well at least an apartment was found quickly, where you could stop for a while. Anastasia got a job as a dispatcher at the Ministry of Emergencies, and Sergey began to restore the house from scratch. But in a year it turned out only to raise the foundation…

…A few days before the win, Sergei had a dream, ad-like. They explained there, how to fill out a ticket correctly in the lottery "5 out of 36".

– It's easy to become a millionaire! – the voiceover was fervently broadcasting. And on the side was a line with numbers, to be crossed out.

Mother, was not – decided to play! In a day, when the results appeared on the lottery website, Sergey was at a construction site at home, Anastasia returned from the night shift…

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Spanish National Lottery – National Lottery

El Nino lotteries are held in Spain in the same way as El Gordo. (kid) and the National Lottery – National lottery. If El Gordo is drawn normally 22 December, then El Niño is played out 6 january. Nacional lottery is held on Thursdays and Saturdays weekly.

Loteria Nacional is also one of the world's oldest lottery projects. As with many other lotteries, it was created to replenish the treasury.

One tenth of the Spanish national lottery ticket (tenths) worth 12 euros. Respectively, if you want to buy the whole ticket – National lottery, you have to pay 120 euros.

On every ticket, ie. share printed his number, that is, a number from 00 000 to 99 9999. During the Nacional lottery draw, five balls with numbers are drawn from five reels. Then the procedure is carried out again for the second prize. Clear, that as in the case of the Christmas lottery, we are talking about very big chances of getting the main prize (which is, depending on the circulation, from 12 to 42 million euros) – 1 to only one hundred thousand.

"I will milk this cow": history of man, who understood, how to win the lottery

Published by: Vasilich 13|03|2018 || Views: 9147

Jerry Selby has always loved puzzles. For him to see something, what escaped the eyes of others, was the best reward. One day he started to buy change, which people handed over to banks in exchange for bills: it occurred to him, that among ordinary coins, valuable collectible samples can be accidentally caught - and as a result, going through a trifle with my son in the evenings, he earned $6000.

As the owner of a small shop in the town of Evarth, Michigan, Jerry came up with, how to maximize profits, trading lottery tickets: he attached a shiny penny to the bundle of tickets and told his visitors, that a coin brings good luck, - and so in a tiny city, where not and 2000 residents, sold tickets for $300 thousand per year, getting $20 thousand profit. This money, However, were nonsense compared to the main puzzle, which Jerry solved: he came up with, how to hack the state lottery and win millions of dollars, without breaking the law.

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26 September 2020

  • 7
  • 5
  • 7
  • 5
  • 3

By paying extra 20 crown, can participate in the Joker draw. It can be played in conjunction with the main Norway Lotto and Vikinglotto draws or as a stand-alone game.

You get five random numbers, and to win a prize, you must match two, three, four or five digits in the exact order they appear. The more numbers match, the larger the prizes.

One player is selected at random in each draw - the Joker candidate, - who receives a prize with the ability to play the next game and increase the winnings. Norsk Tipping representative contacts Joker candidate by phone, to play the game.

Numbers guessed in the correct position Probability of winning
5 guessed 1 of 90 000
4 guessed 1 of 2 045
3 guessed 1 of 116
2 guessed 1 of 13


SuperLotto - Special Draws, which take place at certain times of the year with an approximate prize pool 50 million crowns. Every player, who buys a line in a regular Lotto, participates in the next SuperLotto. The more lines you buy, the more tickets you will have. You do not need to purchase an additional ticket to play SuperLotto.

SuperLotto is held in the form of a draw, in which each winning ticket brings the owner 1 million crowns. for example, if in the prize pool 50 million crowns, is played out 50 winning tickets; if in the prize pool 45 million crowns, is played out 45 winning tickets, etc..

A portion of the ticket proceeds from each Lotto draw goes to the next SuperLotto prize pool.

System games and joint banks

System games allow you to cover a wide variety of lottery numbers. Pick eight or more numbers, to play the system game. All possible combinations of these numbers will become a separate line in the Lotto draw. for example, if you are playing an eight number system game, you fill eight lines in a draw, since there are eight distinct combinations of these numbers:

Selected numbers: 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 18
Combination 1 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16
Combination 2 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 18
Combination 3 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 16, 18
Combination 4 10, 11, 12, 13, 15, 16, 18
Combination 5 10, 11, 12, 14, 15, 16, 18
Combination 6 10, 11, 13, 14, 15, 16, 18
Combination 7 10, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 18
Combination 8 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 18

The more numbers you select in the system game, the more lines you fill, however, the price will also rise. Systemic play with selected 12 numbers will create 792 separate lines and will cost 3 960 crown.

Joint banks work in a similar way, except that, that the cost is shared among multiple players. All prizes are divided equally among the group members. Joint banks provide an excellent opportunity to cover many numbers and at the same time not pay a large amount for the game.

Interesting fact

The first Lotto draw has passed 19 april 1986 r. Players had to pick seven numbers ranging from 1 to 34, also two balls were drawn at random. The jackpot was 52 281 € (500 000 crown) for guessing all seven main numbers.

The first millionaire of the lottery was a woman from Harstad, which won 143 024 € (1,3 million crowns) in the year of the lottery release. The ticket holder played a system game and matched the seven main numbers and an additional bonus number. She also won seven other prizes, and all her winnings were 1,3 million crowns.

What's trash for one, then for another treasure

Published by: Leo 06|01|2016 || Views: 3677

IN 1988 year, the US Supreme Court in the case of "California v. Greenwood" issued a verdict, that the United States Constitution does not prohibit digging through trash, left outside the area adjacent to the house, and pick it up. In other words, everything, that some people threw out in a public place, others may be considered "legitimate prey". This solution helped to avoid harassment for poor people and other hobbyists to explore the contents of dumpsters.. Yes, yes, amateurs! There are people, who like to rummage through the trash and find valuable things there. And sometimes their finds are simply amazing.!

Winning lottery ticket for $1 million.

Kevin Donovan, mechanic from Massachusetts, often went to White Hen Pantry supermarket and bought instant lottery tickets. During the year he spent more than 2 one thousand dollars.

One evening Donovan looked into the supermarket again and bought immediately 50 tickets. but, rubbing off the protective covering and realizing, that nothing was won, Kevin crumpled all lottery tickets and threw them in the trash can, near the exit from the store.

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