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???? Housing

Living in Montenegro is cheap compared to Europe or Moscow. There are many hotels and apartments here, they are searched on Booking and Airbnb. In early November, we filmed a studio in Tivat with a separate entrance, own kitchen, shower cabin, washing machine and a large balcony behind 20 € (1380 Р) in a day.

More expensive to live in Zabljak. There the apartments cost 25 € (1725 Р) in a day, but it was a private house with all the amenities. In Budva, a double room in a hotel with a pool and a private kitchen in mid-October cost 30 € (2070 Р) per day.

In summer on the coast and in winter in the mountains, housing prices rise 2-3 times. I was planning to go to Montenegro in July. The same number in Tivat would cost me 50 € (3450 Р) in a day.

The balconies in the apartments in Montenegro are large - two people fit without problems

Gambling establishments in Montenegro

Gambling in the country became legal in 2006 year. Before that, there were semi-underground casinos and slot machine halls.. With the creation of the E-Gambling Montenegr commission, the gambling business became official. The department is responsible for issuing licenses for those organizations, which have casinos in Montenegro - hotels, villas, night clubs.

Rules for conducting gambling business in the country:

  • Separate betting licenses, casino, card games, live casino. Copies are provided to customers upon request..
  • Licensing - 20 000 euro for one type of activity.
  • Renewal of the permit once a year. Income tax - 9 %.
  • Problems with the payment of winnings to the current account. It needs to be collected in cash.

The country's establishments are not whitelisted by the UK Gambling Commission. This does not affect the issue of winnings or the likelihood of receiving it during your stay at the casino.. There are small halls with machine guns in the country, where only the local population is.

Montenegro – this is a paradise for players

So for some reason, many players prefer Montenegro, than more famous gambling establishments? Like all shiny, the secret is pretty simple. And that's that, that no matter, which casino do you visit, you will be provided with a high quality elite level of service, comfortable atmosphere, in which you will have a great opportunity to disconnect from all problems.

The assortment on offer at Montenegro casino is impressive. In their free time, all players will find interesting jobs. This journey, sightseeing, swimming in the sea, outdoor activities and more. Lots of wealthy people book charter flights once a week, to go to Montenegro, to play at local casinos.

  • Book your accommodation
  • Rent a Car
  • Transfers
  • Flights
  • Insurance

Language and people

Montenegro uses two equivalent alphabets - Latin and Cyrillic. Languages, spoken in Montenegro, Serbia, Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina, - related and very similar to each other. Many words in Montenegrin and Russian have common roots and origins.

In summer, in most tourist places you will be understood in Russian., and in English. I still haven't learned Montenegrin, but I speak English fluently and for two years I have never faced an insurmountable language barrier. In the bank, at the post office and in stores they understand me perfectly in English. On visa issues, I go to the police with an interpreter.

There are many jokes about laziness - "polako" of Montenegrins, who prefer to sit in a cafe, instead of working. As in other Mediterranean countries, the rhythm of life in Montenegro is very different from Moscow. Even during business hours, a bureaucrat is easier to find in a cafe., than in the workplace. I do not see anything wrong with this and I just take this feature into account., when I plan my business.

More than seventy percent of the population of Montenegro consider themselves Orthodox Christians. Church holidays play an important role in the life of Montenegrins. Main Holidays - Christmas, Easter and Glory holiday. No pressure from religious people on those, who leads a secular lifestyle, no.

In recent years, they have tried to bring the legislation of Montenegro into line with the most liberal and tolerant norms of the European Union.. They strive to allow gay marriage and take domestic violence seriously.

Montenegrins love children. You can come with children to any institution, and they will be treated like full members of society. For two years of my life in Montenegro, I have not seen a single scene, when the locals yell at their children.

They like to smoke in the Balkans. 35% adults in Montenegro - smokers. Even a doctor in a polyclinic can sit with a cigarette in his own office.. Last year, Montenegro passed a law, non-smoking indoor. Many doubted, that it will work. But the threat of high fines affected the establishments, and inside the restaurants they really stopped smoking. Individuals can be fined 30-1000 € for violation of the ban on smoking in premises. (71 815—2.39383e + 06 Р.), and legal - by 500-20 000 € (1 436 306—5.74522e + 07 Р).

Unfortunately, the smoking ban does not apply to open verandas yet.

I feel completely safe in Montenegro, even when I run late at night along the embankment in a T-shirt and leggings. Montenegrins shake hands with a woman and do not let go of greasy jokes after. For two years of my life here, I have never heard a single rude word addressed to me.

Lodging and bills

The bulk of tourists and a larger rental market are in the Budva Riviera. Business people usually look for apartments in the capital of the country - Podgorica, where there is no sea. We, in Herceg Novi, there is a sea and the price tag for rent is not the highest.

I live in opstina - a Montenegrin community - in the city of Herceg Novi, so I'll tell you about, how are things in this part of the coast. In other parts of the country, the situation may be different.

In my region, the average rental price for a small two-bedroom apartment is 400-500 € (35 908—44 885 Р) per month. For this money, you can rent a house in good condition and with air conditioning. There is no central heating in Montenegro, therefore, a good air conditioner or a fireplace in the apartment is very important.

Property is often searched for by acquaintances, on facebook, in agencies and on the main website for the rental and sale of apartments and houses in Montenegro

Apartment for a long time 300 € per month in Herceg NoviApartment for 450 € per month in Herceg Novi

Lease transactions are usually accompanied by a realtor, who takes a commission from the owner in the amount of 50-100% of the rental price per month. If the apartment is expensive and costs from 1000 € (71 815 Р) per month, then the cost of services can be fixed. It all depends on the realtor.

When renting, a contract must be concluded, and the landlord is obliged to pay taxes on this income. If there is no agreement, then at any time you can be evicted without explanation. I do not recommend renting a house this way, even from friends.

I rent a small one-bedroom apartment - this is analogous to a two-room apartment. She is in a new home. I pay for rent 300 € (21 545 Р) per month, utility bills cost on average 100 € (7182 Р) per month:

  • electricity - 50-60 € (4309—5170.8 Р);
  • the Internet - 30 € (2154 Р);
  • water - 8—12 € (862—1293 Р);
  • garbage collection - about 5 € (359 Р).

The main item of utility costs in Montenegro is electricity. There is more on the street in summer +40 °C, therefore the air conditioner often works for days. In winter, a strong wind chills the house, therefore you have to heat the apartment with air conditioning and electric heaters. Locals often buy firewood for the winter., but not everyone has fireplaces and stoves in apartments.

You can pay for electricity by credit card on the local bank website. I pay for water and garbage collection in cash at the post office.

Usually for electricity I get about 50 € per month, but in january 2020 years have passed already 97 € (6966 Р). For a large house, account and 250 € (17 954 Р) during the cold winter month is not uncommon.

History of my electricity payments for the last 12 months. Screenshot from personal account on

Montenegro landmarks

Our Lady of the Rocks

Our Lady of the Rocks – picturesque church on an artificial island in the Bay of Kotor. The island was created from rock debris and sunken ships, loaded with stones. The current church dates from 18 century and contains many paintings by Tripo Kokol – famous baroque artist 17 century. According to legend, the island was created over the centuries by local sailors, which in 15 century on a rock in the sea found a miraculous icon. Since that time, the custom has appeared to throw stones into the sea.

St. Stephen's Island

St. Stephen's Island – old fishing village 15 century, which is now a prestigious resort. The island is connected to the mainland by a narrow isthmus. It is surrounded by pink pebble beaches and azure waters of the Adriatic Sea.

Old town of Budva

Old town of Budva – atmospheric narrow streets and ancient monuments, which will tell about the ancient history of the main resort of Montenegro.

Kotor from the height of San Giovanni

Kotor – a city with Venetian charm and a beautiful historic center, which is included in the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites. It is still surrounded by walls and contains several ancient churches..

Tara river canyon

Tara river canyon – one of the most striking sights of Montenegro. It is the second deepest canyon in the world after the Grand Canyon in the United States.. The best way to see him – come to the Djurdjevic bridge, which was once the largest automobile concrete arch bridge in Europe.

Skadar Lake

Skadar Lake – huge reservoir, surrounded by picturesque karst mountains, traditional fishing villages, island monasteries and pristine beaches. Skadar Lake is the largest on the Balkan Peninsula.

Ostrog monastery

Ostrog monastery – one of the most valuable cultural, historical and religious attractions in Montenegro. The monastery was built in 17 century and literally cut into the rock.

Cetinje monastery

Cetinje monastery – the main center of Montenegrin education and culture over the past centuries. The monastery was founded in 15 century and was the seat of all Montenegrin bishops.

Huseyn Pasha Mosque

Huseyn Pasha Mosque – old mosque in the town of Pljevlja in the north of Montenegro. It was built in 16 century and has rich interior ornaments.

Savinsky monastery

Savinsky monastery – medieval monastery near the town of Herceg Novi. Includes three old churches with frescoes, which are a great example of a mixture of Byzantine icon painting and Gothic.

Gambling establishments in Budva

Budva is a big resort in Montenegro. For the entertainment of tourists there are water attractions, water parks, discos, museums. Gambling travelers can visit gambling establishments. They are in hotels, there are few separate rooms. Montenegro has high stakes casinos for players on a lower budget.

Where to play in Budva:

  • Merit Casino Avala, Mediterranean 2. Located next to the Old Town, in a separate building. There is a guard at the entrance, dresscode not respected, but in swimming trunks and swimsuits will not be allowed. Bets from 20 euros, even on weekends.
  • Merit Casino Royal Splendid, Bechichi. Small hall, which has a card table, slot machines, roulette. Located in the hotel, making it harder to access it. Bar is open, waiters.
  • Aman Sveti Stefan on the island of Sveti Stefan. Closed room for outsiders. Large playground, rates from 100 €.

In summer there is a large influx of players to these casinos, especially in the evening. For a good game, plan a hike in the afternoon or morning. Gambling establishments open from 10:00.

Budva and long trips

Then we suggest to go to the main resort town of Montenegro - Budva. It is quite large and crowded by local standards., it is quite noisy, and in terms of atmosphere it will yield not only to Kotor, but also to others, smaller coastal towns. Nevertheless, there is a noteworthy Old Town., sea ​​and, the main thing, from Budva it is quite easy to get to interesting places "in the interior" of the country. Here we propose to stay for the remaining five nights. But we propose to spend only the first and last of these days on Budva itself: first - look at local attractions, the same old town, at the last - before going home to enjoy the sea again.

The remaining 3 days to overcome very large distances by Montenegrin standards. The road from Kotor to Budva itself is half an hour and 23 kilometers. Accommodation in an apartment with a terrace and free parking in Budva will cost 8,3 thousand rubles for five nights.

Ostrog is an active Orthodox monastery, built in rock at level B 900 meters from sea level. Фото Alexey Komarov /

19 September we offer to go to the Ostrog monastery. It's quite far to go here - about 100 kilometers one way and 1 time 50 minutes. Ostrog is a functioning Orthodox monastery, built in rock at level B 900 meters from sea level.

The next day you can go to Durmitor - a mountain range and a national park. Right there, nearby, there is a canyon of the Tara River and the city of Zabljak. In Durmitor, you can walk in the mountains and take part in rafting, look at the most beautiful lakes. Will you be able to do it in one day - calculate yourself. One way trip will take about three hours - all this 180 kilometers. If you decide to stay in Zabljak, then the hotel can be rented here for 1 065 rubles per day, at this time you can terminate the lease in Budva.

If, nevertheless, one day for Durmitor and the Tara River is enough for you, then on another free day go to Ulcinj - a "distant" city on the coast, where there is a huge beach and few people. The city is located near Lake Skadar, almost on the border with Albania. The distance to here from Budva is 65 kilometers and 1 time 15 minutes drive.

Relaxing one more day at the sea in Budva, we have to go to Podgorica airport in the morning, to fly home. The road here is still 65 kilometers and 1:10 ride.

Accommodation in Montenegro in September 2020 of the year

City Dates Number of nights Hotel The cost Cost per night Notes
Sutomore 10-12.09 2 Guest House Dragomir 2112 1056 2 kilometers from the center, breakfasts for 264 ruble
Petrovac 12-14.09 2 Apartments Jovicevic 3669 1835
Kotor 14-18.09 4 Jokovic Accommodation 7635 1909 Near the village of Dobrota, shared kitchen, near the beach
Budva 18-23.09 5 Apartment Sofija 8327 1665 Budva, kitchen, parking
Frog 20-21.09 1 Guest House Vukicevic 1065 1065 With kitchen and parking
Outcome 21743
Food (14 days * 2000 rubles) 28000
Full cost 119366

Kitchen: prosciutto, porridge, three-leaf clover

Food in Montenegro is a different story, worthy of a whole article. Almost all cafes and restaurants offer tasty and satisfying food.. Feed, what is called, for slaughter, the portions are huge, and it is not always easy for one person to master. The menu is dominated by meat dishes: steaks, soups, chops, meat wrapped in meat

I'll tell, what, in my opinion, cannot be ignored

  • Prshut - smoked or dried pork leg. Most popular place, where is it prepared, - the village of Njegushi on Mount Lovcen. If you are there with a guided tour, definitely try.
  • Njegus steak - beef or pork chop, in which cheese is wrapped and prosciutto.
  • Popetsi - meat rolls in batter with cheese.
  • Telecha chorba - thick rich veal soup.
  • Three years, or "three milk" - the famous Montenegrin dessert. The most delicate biscuit, soaked with a mixture of cream, condensed and regular milk and poured with natural caramel. Perhaps, my favorite local treat, although I do not consider myself a sweet tooth.

And here are some restaurants, where you can taste all these dishes:

  • Giardino on the way from Budva to Petrovac. Sacha meat is cooked here - another national dish. Sach - a large metal skillet with a domed lid. A hoop with coals is placed on top of it, and it turns out, that the heat comes from below and from above. This method of cooking gives the meat a special tenderness.. Besides meat, fish is served here, seafood, soups.
  • Niagara in Podgorica. It is located on the banks of the mountain river Tsievna, and nearby Niagara Falls is rustling - hence the name of the restaurant. The portions are huge, so feel free to take one dish for two. And here they cook deliciously the very same trileche dessert.. I ordered it here more than once, and a local chef with quivering love and pride in his eyes shared with me the recipe.
  • "Savardak" in Kolasin is stylized as a yurt. Be sure to try kachamak - potatoes, baked with cheese - here it is prepared according to a secret family recipe.
  • "Alexander" in Rafailovichi is located on the embankment, you can sit on the terrace and admire the sea, but you can ask for a table inside. Here you can not only dine, but also have breakfast. If you come in the morning, order pancakes - they are magical here. As always, portion is very large. The menu contains European dishes and a separate section with national cuisine. Excellent selection of wines and desserts.

Montenegro – second Las Vegas

The main feature of Montenegro – inexpensive vacation. Many tourists come here not only for this, to relax and enjoy the beautiful nature, see the sights, swim in the sea and sunbathe, but also visit the casino, and there are a lot of them in Montenegro.

In this country, at the legislative level, there are ideal conditions for the development of the gaming business. The Government of Montenegro has provided comfortable conditions not only for operators, but also for the players themselves. There are over five hundred casinos in this country, that's why it's a gambling paradise. This attracts many tourists to the country of mountains., and, hence, state budget revenues are growing. This figure is actively growing every year..

Now let's get acquainted with the most popular gambling establishments in Montenegro. They are so different from others, that they are sometimes compared to city attractions.

Choose a casino in Montenegro

Many travel companies organize special casino tours, the essence of which is, to attract as many players as possible to visit casinos in Montenegro.

Acquaintance with gambling establishments:

Casino "Podgorica"

It is located in the capital of the country.

Feel like an elite and a player in the Avala casino, which works in the city of Budva. Expensive and luxurious atmosphere and service at the highest level and other wonderful moments ensure a great pastime and a unique atmosphere. Casino Kotor will also help you combine relaxation and gambling. This city has another interesting place, for example a hotel complex, who runs the WIN casino.

The city of Budva is not a gambling Mecca, no wonder, since the city has a Spa status. Popular, except for "Avala", are such casinos, as Queen of Montenegro, Saint Stephen and the Maestral, which always have a sufficient number of players. Each gambling establishment has its own style and it is difficult to single out the best one..

Kotor and the entire bay around the perimeter

Staying for a few days in the vicinity of Kotor, the first day we will spend relaxing in the Bay of Kotor. It is very beautiful in here, clear water and you can see cruise ships. Besides, you won't be able to pass by the Old Town - very reminiscent of a city in Italy (from 1420 by 1797 year Kotor was ruled by the Venetian Republic). On the second day, besides bathing, we offer to climb to the fortress walls - the "official" entrance is worth it 3 euros, but there is also "unofficial" - a little aside, free. The path to the fortress consists of about one and a half thousand steps.

Finally, on the third day it is worth a trip along the Bay of Kotor (the bay of Kotor, in Russian it is sometimes called "Boka Kotorska Bay", which is not quite correct, since "Boca" in translation is "bay").

The first stop on the way around the Bay of Kotor is Perast - a tiny town in 12 kilometers and 16 minutes drive from Kotor. There are two islands opposite Perast, one of them - called Gospa od Shkrpela - can be reached by boat.

Then you should go to Herceg Novi - this is already the southern part of Boka Kotorska. Ride here - 40 minute and 32 kilometers, but don't forget to stop at all the scenic spots - there will be many along the way.

In Herceg Novi itself, see the Old Town and climb to the Spanjola fortress. Besides, here you can take an excursion on a pleasure boat along the bay.

In Herceg Novi itself, see the Old Town and climb to the Spanjola fortress. Фото Marcin Konsek / Wikimedia Commons / CC BY-SA 4.0

From Herceg Novi, return to the other side of the bay - to Tivat. To do this, you will have to drive back a little and use the ferry crossing in the village of Kamenari. In total, the ride is about an hour and 30 km. Tivat has a botanical garden and a pleasant promenade. The road from Tivat to Kotor is also 11 km and 17 minutes.

We offer accommodation in a hotel near Kotor, near the village of Dobrota - in fact, the main beach area in the Kotor area. Getting to Kotor is very close here, close to the sea and no parking problems, like in Kotor itself, four nights will cost about 7,7 thousand rubles.

Coronavirus cases, deaths and recoveries in Montenegro

11 Martha 2020 of the year WHO has announced a pandemic of coronavirus infection COVID-19 worldwide. On that day, there were about 125 000 person, and on 30 september 2020 already infected 33 920 890 person

In Montenegro, for all the time from the coronavirus infected 10 575 person, died 164 human, recovered 7002 human. Patients with the virus now remain 3409 person, what is 0.03% from all the sick in the world

In the world on 1000 infected person dies ≈30 person, that is, the lethality is 2.99%. In Montenegro, mortality in 1.9 times less than in all countries together, here the mortality rate is 1.55%


There are several mobile operators and home internet providers in Montenegro. The largest are MTEL, Telenor, Crnogorski Telekom. All tariffs are about the same, communication quality too. 4G mobile internet is good and fast: you can work with a laptop, stream music and watch TV series.

I use MTEL services. I pay for mobile Internet per month 9 € (646 Р) for 10 GB. Home wired internet costs 30,99 € (2226 Р) per month. If you conclude a contract with the provider for several years, give a discount.

You can top up your account on your phone in any supermarket or in the operator's mobile application. All applications in Montenegrin, therefore, it can be difficult to understand without translation.

Home wired Internet speed Service connection in the mobile operator's application for iOS

Vacation in Cambodia. Resorts their description

Machine - from 1 300 rubles per day

Car rental for the entire duration of our stay - 13 days - will cost from 188,5 euro - or 14,5 euro per day. For this money, you can rent a car of the Suzuki Ignis class, insured under OSAGO and Casco. That is, any damage will be covered by insurance., excluding the amount of the deductible - about 100 euros. Besides, insurance does not cover damage to glass, wheels and car bottom. Theft insurance will cost an additional 13 euros, super casco (insurance will then cover any damage - including glass, wheels and bottom) still worth 65 euros, and the lack of a franchise is worth 130 euros. There is no sense in the latter, since the amount of overpayment for the absence of a deductible is more than the amount of the deductible itself.

The cheapest car option, the rental price of which will already include a super casco, and no franchise, and insurance against theft (good option for those, who wants to play it safe and not be afraid of accidentally damaging the rental car) — Chevrolet Spark 2014 years for 313 euros, or 24 euro per day. Note, that the price of this option also includes a free green card - it will allow you to travel to the surrounding countries, including, eg, to Croatia (with a visa and a COVID-19 test).

Direction Carrier Dates / Times The cost Note
Kazan - Podgorica Turkish Airlines 10.09, 01:50 — 19:40 Transfer in Istanbul 13:05, there should be a free hotel
Podgorica - Kazan Turkish Airlines 23.09, 09:20 — 00:55 Transfer in Istanbul 9:15
Kazan - Podgorica - Kazan Turkish Airlines 45678
Suzuki Ignis rental 16700 188,5 euro - with casco
Rent a Chevrolet Spark 27700 313 euro - with casco, super casco, lack of a franchise, insurance against theft, green card
Gasoline (1035 kilometers at consumption 7 liters per 100 km and the cost of gasoline in 100 rubles per liter) 7245
Outcome 69623
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