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Legislation from 1698 the year indicated, that all lotteries in England are illegal, other than directly approved by the state. Act 1934 of the year, as well as subsequent acts 1956 and 1976 years, legalized some small lotteries. The state lottery in Great Britain was founded by the government of John Major in 1993 year. The British National Lottery is operated by a private organization, Camelot Group got a lottery under its control 25 May 1994 of the year. The first draw has passed 19 November 1994 years in a television program with host Noel Edmonds. The first winning combination was the following numbers: 30, 3, 5, 44, 14, 22 + bonus ball 10. Seven winners split the jackpot of £ 5,874,778.

Tickets are on sale on the Isle of Man 2 December 1999 of the year.

IN 2002 The British National Lottery underwent a major update to boost ticket sales. The main game has been renamed to Lotto (Lotto), and National Lottery Extra was renamed to Lotto Extra (Lotto Extra). The crossed fingers logo has also been redesigned. However, the entire gaming community is still known as National lottery. It is one of the most popular types of gambling in the UK.

In November 2009 of the year "Camelot" has updated its lottery machines. The new devices are called Arthur, Ginevra, Lancelot and Marilyn, like their predecessors. At the same time, new devices were presented for the game Thunder ball (Thunderball). All new devices correspond to the Magnum II model manufactured by SmartPlay International Inc., новые аппараты игры Громо-шар — модели СмартПлэй Галоген II.

Moon phases and their meaning in zodiac signs

First, let's figure it out, what are the phases of the moon and how are they characterized. The phases of the moon are a cycle of changes in the state of the moon, depending on the level of illumination by the Sun. There are eight phases of the moon:

  • New moon is a stage, when the moon has already risen, but the lighted side is far from us.
  • Full moon is a phase, when we see the full lunar disk at maximum brightness.
  • The crescent is the first, an arc appearing in a faded sky.
  • First quarter - moment, when exactly half of the moon is visible.
  • The arriving moon is when more than half is already lit.
  • Waning moon - the process is waning, but the lighting is more than half.
  • Last quarter - we see 50% waning moon, while the illuminated half is already on the opposite side.
  • Disappearing Moon - when the illuminated half decreases and completely disappears from the firmament. Completion of the lunar cycle.

Within one month, the moon passes from one zodiac sign to another. And there is no more in each 2-3 days. If you associate your specific actions with the position of the moon in a particular sign, then the more likely you will achieve success and can safely start the idea of ​​winning the lottery. The main thing is to set a goal for yourself.

  1. Moon phase in Aries. At this stage, many people notice these qualities., how haste, impulsiveness, impatience. In this case, you should not do much business., where precision and meticulousness are required. Best numbers to win: 5, 13, 38, 40, 44. Happy Days: 1 and 27.
  2. Moon in a Taurus. Fast lottery draws give great chances of winning. Most often, non-professional players are lucky here., who already do it masterfully, and so, who plays just for fun or for fun. Suitable numbers: 9, 10, 22, 27, 30. Better buy a lottery ticket: 14, 16, 24.
  3. Moon in twins. It's better to avoid excitement these days.. Better to postpone this for later. You don't need to play games. Good numbers: 12 and 16. Auspicious days: 5 and 16.
  4. Moon in cancer. Here numbers can bring luck 1, 14 and 33. And days: 1 and 26. This is a good time to win the lottery. Try to play lotto.
  5. The moon in the lion. This is the right moment, to win at slots. The lucky numbers to win during this period will be: 1, 22, 33. Happy Days: 8 and 11.
  6. Moon in Virgo. Here the lucky numbers will be: 10, 29, 41, 42. And days to win: 1, 21, 30. But it's a pretty bad time to buy lottery tickets.. At best, try to avoid it..
  7. Moon in scales. Also negative span, when you shouldn't count on luck in money. When to buy lottery tickets: 2 and 22. And the numbers are so only 10, 31.
  8. Scorpion moon. Period, when you shouldn't waste your finances, even to buy or participate in draws. Auspicious day 9 numbers.
  9. Moon in Sagittarius. On the lunar calendar, this is a good time to play cards.. You're in luck here. Lucky days: 4, 12, 16. And good numbers will be: 1, 11, 30, 44.
  10. Moon in capricorn. Better not buy lottery tickets these days. It won't do you any good, no pleasure. The best days will be: 5 and 25.
  • Moon in Aquarius. Successful days: 10, 15, 20.The lunar calendar promises good luck in slot machines or roulette. Favorable numbers: 3, 12, 18, 32.
  • Moon in fish. Good time, to win at cards. Use your lucky items. The best days: 22 and 30

General information, among all zodiac signs there are the luckiest ones. For instance, fish. Very often they get everything just like that.. And all thanks to their magical charm. But only with support, they most often break the jackpot. Also, the lunar calendar tells the moments for winning the lion lottery. Intuition itself tells them, what to try. And even a clear understanding and desire to win plays into their hands, that even the stars themselves cannot resist it.

Lottery horoscope 2020 will smile at everyone, you just have to find the right moment. Buying lucky tickets is sure to bring you financial wealth, you just have to take into account all the nuances and, of course, believe in yourself. As we already understood, The moon has and has great importance in all spheres of life. All lunar phases affect plants, on animals, to the seas and oceans. Always refer to the lunar calendar, even if you are just planning to plant a flower. Believe everything in this world is connected. And for big plans and undertakings, always keep an eye on auspicious days in the lunar calendar.. It's not for nothing that we always intuitively think, what date should we make an appointment, or what day to make a large financial purchase. We ourselves wonder for a reason. The universe itself gives us clues. So let's put our trust in her.

The question is very capacious, so let's sort it out in order ...

There is an ancient parable about a donkey. Ordinary such, stubborn donkey, whom all of us have seen, at least within the zoo. So here, this very donkey died of hunger at the end of this heartbreaking story. Do you know why? Because I could not decide, which pile of hay to give preference, because at first glance they are exactly the same.

You and I will not try on the role of a poor donkey.. But the dilemmas we have with him are similar: which lottery to choose - American or European, if they are all equally attractive and good?

To make it clearer, we will assign points to this or that representative of our today's lottery competition. We will compare on the following points:

  • popularity;
  • jackpots;
  • game organization.

so, go!

The first competition will reveal, how diverse are lottery representatives.

First you need to list the US lotteries, and America that Russians can freely play: Powerball (PowerBall); MegaMillions (Mega Millions); HotLotto (Hot Lotto); Lotto 6/49; Ontario 49 (Ontario 49); The swamp (Ballot); Hoosier Lotto; SuperLoto (Great lotto); Fantasy 5(Fantasy 5); Pick 6 XTRA; Cash Pho Life (Cash4Life); Lotto (Lotto); SvitMillion (Sweet Million); MegaBax (MegaBucks); LakiMani (Lucky Money); Double Seine; Lotto (Florida); What; Mega Sena (Mega Sena).

In total, we managed to count 19 major American lottery games.

Next is the turn of European lotteries: Лотто Австрия (Austria Lotto); ThunderBall; UK National Lottery (UK National Lottery); British EuroMillions (UK EuroMillions); 5/90 OtosLotto; HatosLotto (HatosLotto); Lotto 649 from Germany; Lotto Greece Joker (Joker); EuroJackpot (EuroJackpot); European EuroMillions; Lotto Ireland; The Primitive (The primitive); El Gordo (Fat); Extra National Lottery; Superenalotto (SuperEnaLotto); SuperStar (SuperStar); SiVinceTutto; Big aileron 6/49; Lottery (Lottery); Megalot and SuperLoto are from Ukraine; EuroMillions from France; Lotto France; Lotto Switzerland; Viking Lotto (Viking Lotto); Sweden Lotto.

A number of games should also be noted, which can be classified as European, since the founding countries are partly part of Europe: Savisal Loto and SuperLoto 6/54; lottery games RF - Housing lottery, SportLotto, GosLoto and others.

As a result, we have more than three dozen titles.

This list is far from complete.. There are many more smaller games on foreign resources. Anyway, the number of European games still exceeds the American.

How the first lotteries appeared in England?

It was Elizabeth I who introduced many Englishmen to the first lotteries in 1559, that is, just at that time, when the country suffered from many political and economic crises, tearing apart its resources. England was under constant blockade by its enemies, and politicians tried to find a quick and effective solution to this military problem. Of course, many advisers suggested that Elizabeth I simply find herself a worthy and powerful husband, eg, monarch of another country. Elizaveta did not want to take such a desperate step and chose a more interesting and non-standard solution, which she, however, spied on the Italians, that they have already had successful experience in organizing lotteries. In this way, in 1566, the Queen issued a decree to hold the very first official lottery in England, during which participants could win expensive prizes.

To successfully carry out this first draw, было напечатано свыше 400 000 уникальных билетов, moreover, the winning participants in the lottery could collect their winning sum in money, either in gold. As a result, the royal treasury was able to replenish well, and the proceeds from ticket sales went to the most important social needs at that time: repair of harbors and ports in the south of the country. It is thanks to this modernization that in the future England will be called nothing less than the "mistress of the seas" with a very strong fleet., which determined its absolute leadership among all other European states.

Future UK lotteries looking back on first positive experiences, arranged the same in anticipation of large and costly projects, to compensate for losses and attract, in this way, population to participate in government buildings. Here you can remember, eg, large-scale construction of an aqueduct in London, which has advanced greatly since, how in 1627 year in support of this project, a widespread lottery draw was held. Also, do not forget about the large British Museum., which was built, among other things, using the proceeds from the corresponding lottery. Among other similar construction projects: construction of large bridges and water pipes, as well as other socially useful and very expensive objects.

Large national lotteries have really been of great benefit to the state, but at the same time, many small lotteries began to appear against their background, in which too many gambling citizens participated. The government is, sure, didn't like, and they decided to ban all possible lotteries from individuals in 1698. In this way, the kingdom wanted to attract all active population to participate only in its lotteries, so that the profit from them could quickly replenish the treasury of England at the right time. At the same time, the ban on participation in local lotteries lasted until the 20th century and only through the successive adoption of the corresponding Acts of 1934, 1956-th and 1976 it turned out to get permission to hold certain lotteries, organized by private companies.

In the history of lotteries in England there is, sure, and your unpleasant moments. The first serious epidemic of widespread lotomania manifested itself in 1755, when people really went crazy and did everything, to get your coveted ticket. Many acts of vandalism have been recorded, since people in huge queues simply could not stand it and began to break down windows and doors, which caused great damage to urban infrastructure.

In the end, when all these problems became critical, opponents of gambling were able to pass anti-lottery laws in 1825, which completely prohibited the organization of such activities in the UK, because they began to be considered "godless". And yet a fairly large part of the population continued to take part in new sweepstakes, which now began to be carried out unofficially and secretly from the authorities, what caused the corresponding losses.

Half a billion happiness

Grand Prize, размер которого 435 000 000 dollars, managed to pick up the participant, correctly designated 5 the main numbers of the game and one additional. In the Powerball lottery, they are indicated in red and white., respectively.

One player won, therefore there was no need to distribute the prize amount. The founders of the lottery game do not currently advertise information regarding the personal data of the winner, especially his citizenship. It is only known that, that the winning game ticket was purchased in Louisiana from the Lafayette store.

Hearing such news, many immediately wonder: "How to play foreign lotteries in Russia?». And here there is already good news. As they say, who seeks will always find. In our case, we are talking about options for online participation.

If you are interested in the lottery and are already looking for, how to buy a Powerball ticket (Powerball), you should first familiarize yourself with the rules and features of the game. Buying tickets for domestic lottery games on the Internet is very different from buying tickets for American games.. You should spend enough time studying the nuances, so as not to lose your money.

Over the past few years, Powerball has become available online for players in many countries, including Russia. Respectively, the number of foreign participants and the number of large prizes they won began to grow. This fact so outraged the residents of the United States., that they even began to file complaints with the authorities.

Situation, at first sight, seems pretty ridiculous, because Russians or other foreign players cannot turn away Luck from American participants. The main thing is that such complaints do not in any way affect the participation of Russian players..

25 years of English victories

The National Lottery — один из самых известных потребительских брендов Великобритании. Some of her achievements can be mentioned:

95% income The National Lottery returns to the winners and the community

* When compared in comparable numbers, then Russian lotteries return to winners and society about 60-70% (including: 50% prize fund and 5% earmarked contributions to the state)

The lottery made millionaires in a quarter of a century 5 350 person

To understand the scale: Millionaires are players, winners 1 £ million or more (if you transfer to our money, then these are amounts from 80 million rubles!)

Society as a whole benefits from gambling through the grant system: лотерея финансирует проекты в сферах искусства, sports, heritage, charity, volunteering, health care, education and environmental protection.

Interesting, that the players of the National Lottery literally decide for themselves, whom to support with money. Grant recipient (from 300 to 10 000 pounds) any project can be nominated: ranging from community centers in small towns and villages to iconic landmarks such as the Angel of the North or world-class stadiums.

Annually, на BBC проходит National Lottery Awards — национальная лотерейная премия демонстрирующая, that ordinary people do unusual things with funding from the National Lottery.

Только за прошлый год 17 048 charitable organizations received more than 1,3 billion pounds sterling

The money collected by the National Lotteries is distributed 12 funds, guaranteeing, that the funds will go there, where is it needed. Among them:

- Arts Council of England (mission is to provide great art for everyone) - National Heritage Fund (preserving and transforming the UK heritage through innovative projects) - British Film Institute (creating a thriving cinematic environment) - National Lottery Community Foundation (funds for projects and events for people, helping different communities to thrive) — Creative Scotland (government body supporting the arts of cinema and creativity in all of Scotland) - Council of the Arts of Northern Ireland (art projects, initiatives and activities) - Arts Council for Wales

and 5 funds, developing sports

A large number of grants from the National Lottery (На каждый район почтового индекса Великобритании приходится более 200 granted grants) are an important element of the system, as a result of which lottery money benefits communities across the country, in big and small matters, and everyone - can see and evaluate these results.

In just 25 years of its history, the UK National Lottery has helped collect over 40 billion pounds sterling for more than 565 000 projects. This is an amazing result., and a great example to follow.

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