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How to play the American lottery powerball? can i play powerball lotto via internet?

The jackpot has increased to $ 650 million dollars!

This is the second largest Powerball grand prize. As usual, when the main lottery prizes reach such high levels. We can expect, that the grand prize will grow even more, due to increased demand for Powerball tickets.

The table shows the details of the distribution of prizes. For the Powerball lottery on 19.08.2017

results Number of winners Prize for the winner
bird £ 415,534,500.00 € 455,713,000.00 $ 535,000,000.00
Match 5 8 £ 776,700.00 € 851,800.00 $ 1,000,000.00
Match 4 plus PB 99 £ 38,835.00 € 42,590.00 $ 50,000.00
Match 4 2645 £ 77.67 € 85.18 $ 100.00
Match 3 plus PB 6763 £ 77.67 € 85.18 $ 100.00
Match 3 166736 £ 5.44 € 5.96 $ 7.00
Match 2 plus PB 144290 £ 5.44 € 5.96 $ 7.00
Match 1 plus PB 1114767 £ 3.11 € 3.41 $ 4.00
match PB 2652465 £ 3.11 € 3.41 $ 4.00

The next jackpot is estimated at 640 million.

Date of next Powerball lottery.
Wednesday, 23 August 2017

American date format

22 February 2017 r.

There is one Powerball main prize winner.

The next jackpot drops to the baseline
and is estimated at $40.000.000 USD

Watch the video below, which shows:
Powerball results today 22 February Working 2017

Powerball winning numbers for 18.02.2017 (Saturday)

The main prize for the next Powerball from America is estimated at $ 403,000,000 USD

Don't miss your chance to win such a big prize. Play today!

15 February 2017 r.

Powerball winning numbers for 15.02.2017 (Wednesday)

The main prize for the next Powerball is $ 349,000,000 USD

click numbers below, to see the breakdown of the prize

Powerball results 11-02-2017
click numbers below, to see the breakdown of the prize

The short video below shows Powerball lotteries.
USA Powerball lottery results: 19 November 2016

Modern USA Powerball numbers:
17 / 09 / 2016, Wednesday

USA Powerball numbers: 14.09.2016, Wednesday

USA Powerball numbers: 10.09.2016, Saturday

Modern USA Powerball numbers:
7 / 09 / 2016, Wednesday

USA Powerball numbers:
3-09-2016, Saturday

USA Powerball numbers: 31-08-2016

USA Powerball results: 27-08-2016

American Powerball Lottery Today Winning Numbers:
24 August 2016

How exactly does this PowerPlay variant work?

Powerball American lottery, there is an extra ball, which is randomly selected for, to determine the multiplier level.

Details and examples below are based on rules prior to October changes 2015.

For, to give you an overview of the function “PowerPlay”.

Because, we don't know for sure, until, how many extra balls (represent each factor) after the last changes.

There are 30 additional balls, each representing a different coefficient.

15 balls with 2x multiplier, (Chances to choose 1: 10)9 balls with 3x multiplier, (Chances to choose 1: 10)3 balls with 4x multiplier, (Chances to choose 1: 3)3 balls with 5x multiplier, (Chances to choose 1: 2)

One ball is chosen at random, with the corresponding multiplier. Then, the selected multiplier is applied to the Powerball winnings.

for example, fifth prize, $ 100 can be converted, in the final payment $ 500 (given that, what number 5 suitable as a multiplier), if the number the factor is 4, $ 100 winnings turns into $ 400, etc, the factor is 3 = $ 300 and 2 = $ 200.

You are welcome, keep in mind, that the PowerPlay feature does not apply to the main jackpots in the American Powerball lottery!

The second prize remains always fixed at the level $ 2million, regardless of the actual multiplier level.

Because it can all be a little confusing at first..
In this way, we, answering the next question.

Current rules of the game. For, to play Powerball American lottery.

Currently, lottery players for, to play Powerball lottery you must select a number 5 from the set 69 main numbers. (Also called white balls)

Besides, lottery players need to pick one extra Powerball number from the pot of numbers 26. (Also called Red Balls)

Besides, for an additional fee Powerball players can purchase a special parameter “PowerPlay” (factor). To learn more about the Powerplay feature click here. In a walnut shell Powerplay function allows you to increase your winnings all 2, 3, 4, 5 or 10. (Except for the main prize)

To win the grand prize, the player must choose all numbers correctly 5 plus Powerball number.

Nonetheless, there are other secondary prizes available to select the correct combination of any others, presented in the table below:

division prize match range Payout for each winner.
(without multiplier)
1 jackpot 5 numbers + Powerball Grand Prize
prize 2 numbers 5 $ 1.000.000
prize 3 4 numbers + Powerball $ 50.000
prize 4 numbers 4 $ 100
prize 5 3 numbers + Powerball $ 100
prize 6 numbers 3 $ 7
prize 7 2 numbers + Powerball $ 7
prize 8 1 number + Powerball $ 4
prize 9 Powerball number only $ 4

Overall, the odds of winning a US Powerball prize are 1 in 24.87 There are a total of nine prize tiers.

Detailed odds of winning the USA Powerball are presented in the table below:

division prize match range odds of winning the US Powerball lottery
1 jackpot 5 numbers + Powerball 1:292,201,338
prize 2 numbers 5 1:11,688,053
prize 3 4 numbers + Powerball 1:913,129
prize 4 numbers 4 1:36,525
prize 5 3 numbers + Powerball 1:14,494
prize 6 numbers 3 1:579
prize 7 2 numbers + Powerball 1:701
prize 8 1 number + Powerball 1:92
prize 9 Powerball number only 1:38

The rules for playing the American Powerball lottery are not always the same. Powerball lottery rules change from time to time.

Previously there were different rules, to play Powerball American lottery. More recently, new changes to Powerball games have been introduced, namely in October 2015.

Everytime, when the rules of the game change, it affects the chances of winning Powerball prizes.

Let's take a look at the history of the change. Plus let's analyze the impact on the odds of winning the Powerball lottery.


What is a syndicate?

Syndicate is a voluntary grouping of players to purchase tickets in bulk and take part in the game. The syndicate allows you to buy many times more lottery tickets, but the resulting winnings in this game strategy are divided equally among all members of the syndicate. The syndicate is also called the "lottery pool". Each member of the pool must make a certain contribution and adhere to special rules, which each syndicate develops for itself.

Syndicate members can be friends, colleagues, relatives and appoint the head of the syndicate, which monitors the results of the game and manages the pool funds. There are syndicates, where the participants don't know each other. Such pools are created for a one-time game in order to save on ticket purchases.

Syndicates were created to increase the chances of winning the game. Known, that the more lottery tickets bought, the more likely you are to win a prize.

How to play as part of a syndicate?

To participate in the syndicate, the player can create his own pool, uniting friends and acquaintances, or join an existing syndicate.

Pool members make monthly or quarterly contributions, fixed size. With this money, a certain number of lottery tickets is purchased for each game.. If the syndicate wins a prize, then the amount of the winnings in equal parts goes to each participant in the pool.

Where to play?

Usually, the opportunity to play as part of a syndicate is provided by intermediary sites. Information regarding participation in pools can be found in the site rules.

How much can you win?

Amounts, the syndicates win range from 4 dollars before the jackpot. According to statistics, near 40 % of all major lottery prizes belong to pool members.

How much more likely to win as part of a syndicate?

Chances of winning are based on the number of tickets purchased by the syndicate. Anyway, playing in a pool means, that the total number of tickets for the syndicate will be 200-300. Compared to the odds of an individual game on 1-2 ticket, then you can see the real picture. The odds of winning with a syndicate are several times higher than playing alone.

Features of the distribution of the lottery fund

At all, lottery – extremely beneficial, from the money side, for organizers action. And since the organizer is usually some state company, therefore, the profit from the sale of lottery tickets goes to improve the social sphere, eg: kindergartens are being built with the money received, hospitals, universities, museums, stadiums, etc.

In addition, a certain payment in the form of tax is sent to the state budget from each major win.. We took the lotteries of America especially for review, because in the USA the tax system is wiser, compared to Europe or Australia. Tax rates in some places can reach the level in 50 percent. Such tax rates naturally alert the player, but remember, that only USA lottery jackpots reach truly outstanding heights (absolute world record, presently, belongs to the American Powerball lottery – 13 january 2016 of the year was played 1,5 billion. dollars). So even after paying all tax deductions, hand winnings remain solid.

It turns out, the state has no reason to restrict foreign citizens' access to national lotteries. However, the founders stipulate one point: the participant is obliged to independently pay all statutory taxes in his country, this responsibility lies with him. You also need to consider, that there are countries, in which gambling is prohibited. This mainly applies to those territories, where the population is Muslim.

A non-resident of the United States has the right to play and receive winnings

On the Powerball lottery website, in the FAQ section, they ask: “Eligible for non-US residents to play and receive Powerball lottery winnings?”. The answer is yes with the only condition, that the participant is legally purchasing tickets, and he does not need to have a certain citizenship to acquire them. true, in some states, local authorities have adopted regulations, and according to them, the winner must present the papers during the award ceremony, confirming citizenship. If none were found with him, other ways of withholding tax payments are being sought under state law.

Can I play Powerball from Russia?

American Powerball Lottery only allows direct ticket sales in the United States. That is why only Americans took part in the lottery before..

At the moment, the founders of Powerball have given the go-ahead for the participation of residents of different countries, including Russians. If it is not possible to buy a Powerball ticket in person in the United States, then participants from Russia can use the services of reseller sites.

In case of victory, prizes must be paid, regardless of the player's citizenship. The only point is taxes. After receiving the prize, the player will have to pay the tax rate on the prize in Russia in accordance with the Russian Tax Code.

How to play Powerball from Russia?

The scheme of participation of a Russian in the Powerball lottery looks like this.

  1. Purchasing a lottery ticket through an intermediary on the Internet.
  2. The agent of the intermediary purchases the original ticket in the USA.
  3. The intermediary sends the player a scan of the ticket.
  4. The player takes part in the drawing.
  5. In case of a small win, the prize is credited to the participant's personal gaming account on the intermediary's website.
  6. If the player became the owner of the jackpot, then he must visit the lottery headquarters in person. The intermediary must accompany the player and issue him the original lottery ticket.

Winners of thelotter

Date Winner Winning at thelotter

valeriy K.

13 733,43 RUBL≈ 13 733,43 ₽


13 236,16 RUBL≈ 13 236,16 ₽

Johanna R.

157,90 EUR≈ 12 388,04 ₽

Jose Larry A.

328,26 USD≈ 23 157,82 ₽


9 513,76 RUBL≈ 9 513,76 ₽

Thomas S.

765,04 EUR≈ 60 021,21 ₽

school c.

368,44 USD≈ 25 992,40 ₽

Andre Г.

161,38 USD≈ 11 384,90 ₽

Anatoly G.

161,38 USD≈ 11 384,90 ₽

Geoffrey C.

120,02 USD≈ 8 467,07 ₽

That M.

253,77 USD≈ 17 902,76 ₽

That M.

253,77 USD≈ 17 902,76 ₽

Geoffrey C.

226,39 USD≈ 15 971,18 ₽

Geoffrey C.

747,05 USD≈ 52 702,27 ₽

Geoffrey C.

245,56 USD≈ 17 323,57 ₽

Geoffrey C.

385,87 USD≈ 27 222,04 ₽

Geoffrey C.

245,56 USD≈ 17 323,57 ₽

Geoffrey C.

385,87 USD≈ 27 222,04 ₽

Clive E.

223,06 USD≈ 15 736,26 ₽

Geoffrey C.

157,76 USD≈ 11 129,52 ₽

Geoffrey C.

222,23 USD≈ 15 677,70 ₽

Hissa A.

230,64 USD≈ 16 271,00 ₽

Franklin v.

105,42 EUR≈ 8 270,73 ₽

Chih Hao Phoenix C.

157,90 EUR≈ 12 388,04 ₽

Andres P.

402,10 USD≈ 28 367,02 ₽

phizit j.

150,00 AUD≈ 7 048,55 ₽

Dorai G.

31,82 USD≈ 2 244,81 ₽

Sergejs S.

30,41 EUR≈ 2 385,82 ₽

Srinivasu D.

26,60 USD≈ 1 876,56 ₽

Jitender k.

26,60 USD≈ 1 876,56 ₽


It's no secret anymore, that foreign lottery games give odds to domestic, as they offer very large jackpots. In recent years, Russians have been able to freely buy a Powerball ticket and take part in the game, being at home.

Intermediary sites play an important role in such availability of a foreign lottery. To avoid losing your money while playing the USA lottery online, you should be as responsible as possible when choosing an intermediary.

The chances of Russians in Powerball are exactly the same, like players from other countries. It's never too late to take a chance, especially for the sake of such a jackpot - it's really worth doing it!

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